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   Chapter 132 Bloody Revenge (Part One)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 10045

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Emperor Ning fixed his eyes on the Empress. He glared at her coldly. The Empress shivered and bent her body lower.

Yun Shang glanced over the people who were present. She noticed that other than the non-participating ministers, notable ladies from different clans and the contestants who escorted Hua Jing back were also present.

"Shang'er, that's enough." Prince Jing came close to Yun Shang and whispered to her.

Yun Shang pondered. After this moment, Hua Jing's secret was known to all. And even though Emperor Ning would forbid them from leaking the news, word will spread across the Imperial City. In less than two days, the whole City will know that Princess Hua Jing had a miscarriage. But the Royals have to maintain their dignity too. Yun Shang needed to stop before she crossed the line.

Thinking about that, Yun Shang stood and walked to the Empress. She bowed to Emperor Ning and said, "Father, today's competition is to welcome the Prince from the State of Yelang and the Prince from the State of Xia. To show our respect, I suggest we put this issue behind us and deal with it after the competition is over."

Emperor Ning's face changed. He looked at the people present and found that everyone avoided eye contact with him. They all kept their heads bowed low. Emperor Ning felt even angrier. His face turned completely dark. "Shang'er is right. My Empress, why are you still kneeling?"

The Empress bit her lip and said slowly, "My apologies, Your Majesty." Then she stood and walked to the stage.

Prince Jing turned to the participants who escorted Hua Jing and asked, "The men's competition isn't over yet. Gentlemen, would you like to proceed?"

The participants looked at each other before shaking their heads.

Prince Jing nodded. Then he turned to Prince Qingsu who seemed absent-minded and asked him, "What about you, Prince Qingsu?"

"Pardon?" Prince Qingsu shuddered at Prince Jing's question. Then, he regained his composure and shook his head. "No, thank you. Men from the State of Ning are all excellent hunters. I'm not comparable."

Prince Qingsu's abnormal behavior caught Emperor Ning's attention. Noticing that Qingsu had been staring at the blood stains on the ground, Emperor Ning suddenly recalled something. He thought about the proposal for political marriage that was sent from the border a few months ago. Then, his eyes darkened. In the proposal, Prince Qingsu had mentioned that he had already had intimate relations with Hua Jing. So the father of Hua Jing's unborn baby is probably...... Him......

Emperor Ning rolled his eyes. He felt a bit on edge. 'Prince Qingsu, How dare you? I will never forget about the shame you brought to me today.'

Seeing that no one dared to break the silence, Prince Jing stood and smiled to all. "Lady Wang is really good at riding. I am impressed."

Yun Shang heard the praise and raised her eyebrow. She looked at Wang Jinyan with curiosity. "Did Lady Wang win the first place in the game?"

Prince J

n. They had both asked for something ridiculous. A girl asking for a place in the army? Not to mention that the Emperor wouldn't agree. Even if he agreed, no one would dare to marry Wang Jinyan if the word spread.

Minister Wang looked even more embarrassed.

Emperor Ning tapped the table and said nothing. Yun Shang squinted before speaking, "Father, I've heard that there was a female general among the founding ministers of the State. Even though she was a woman, she was wiser and more courageous than most men. And she had contributed a lot to our State. I believe that Lady Wang is really good at martial arts. In that case, why not allow her to devote herself to our State?"

A female general had indeed, helped found the State of Ning. Her name was Ji Yunyi. Despite her gender, she was quite a legend. Ji Yunyi's father was a general, too. Starting from an early age, Ji Yunyi followed her father in wars everywhere. After her father died on the battlefield, she took over her father's responsibilities and followed the founding Emperor of the State of Ning in more wars and won them all. She was truly a legend.

Hearing Yun Shang's words, Emperor Ning nodded at Wang Jinyan. "Well, if that's your ambition, then I'll allow it. I appoint you as a captain. You can follow Prince Jing and work in his army. You may stay in the Imperial City and train your soldiers. If war breaks out, you can go to the battlefield with Prince Jing."

Wang Jinyan felt grateful. She expressed her gratitude, too. "Thank you for your consideration, Your Majesty."

But their joy didn't affect Grand Councilor Li. He sensed that something strange must have happened during his absence. Grand Councilor Li looked at the Empress, who was standing on the stage, and found that she seemed pale and unfocused. Grand Councilor Li had a bad feeling. He recalled that Li Yaoqi was already in his seat although the Grand Councilor had only just returned. And it seemed that Li Yaoqi had been there for some time.

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