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   Chapter 130 Something Happened To Hua Jing (Part One)

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Yun Shang gave a bland yet cold smile, "I can't ride a horse. Sister, why are you behind me? I heard the Grand Councilor taught you horsemanship..."

Hua Jing snorted as she disliked Yun Shang, but she knew if they had a conflict at the moment, she would be the one who suffered. She frowned, "I feel quite uncomfortable today. When my horse runs fast, I feel dizzy. Yun Shang, you are riding Ta Yun, Prince Jing's beloved horse. You should not lose."

"Sister, you know I can't ride a horse. Ta Yun is indeed a good horse, and it brought me here by itself. However, once we reached the dense forest, it didn't follow my instructions at all. We have been here for a long time, but it just doesn't move. It is Prince Jing's beloved horse, and I can neither scold it nor beat it. I can only wait until it moves." Yun Shang furrowed her brows and patted the horse under her, but Ta Yun didn't move at all. Instead, it raised its head and looked somewhat stubborn.

Hua Jing looked at Yun Shang with mockery and thought to herself, 'Good-for-nothing.'

However, she pretended to be sympathetic and gave a tiny smile, "Yun Shang, you can rest here. I'm leaving."

Yun Shang nodded, "Sister, go on ahead. If you win the game today, the Empress and Grand Councilor would be pleased."

Hua Jing narrowed her eyes as she knew her performance would be poor today, and her mother and grandfather would feel ashamed, but... Hua Jing sighed wearily as she rode forward leisurely.

After Hua Jing vanished in the distance, a lady in black appeared in front of Yun Shang, "Mistress, everything's ready."

Yun Shang gave a cold smile saying, "Great! How about Cangyang Yu'er and Jing Wenxi?"

The lady snorted, "Those two are just devious. They wanted to set a trap where Your Highness would pass by. They sprinkled some black beans in the forest. Black bean is the favored food of Ferghana horses. But they mixed narcotics in the beans. I think they still have other plots, but Lady Wang caught up with them. She has stayed around them to keep an eye on them. It will be hard for them to find a chance."

"Really?" Yun Shang gave a little smile, "How did they know Prince Jing would lend Ta Yun to me?"

The lady nodded, "Two days ago, Prince Jing made a list of the daughters of the officials who can ride horses, and prepared the corresponding number of horses. They must somehow know of this and concluded that if they instigate Your Highness to join in the competition, Prince Jing would have to lend his horse to you."

Yun Shang nodded, "Prince Jing cherishes his horse very much. If he knew someone planned to hurt his horse, he would be outraged. Let's take Ta Yun for a feast."

The lady's face convulsed when she heard Yun Shang's words. Yun Shang moved forward, followed by the lady.

Strange noises came from the front. The lady in black was shocked and turned to Yun Shang, "Mistress, it's coming."

"Great!" In a low voice, Yun Shang urged Ta Yun to speed up. In front, Hua Jing was riding on her white horse. In the dense forest, white was the most eye-catching color.

Some weird noises came from the distance. However, only people who stayed in the dense forest for years or martial artists were alert to those noises. Yun Shang narrowed her eyes as she looked at the lady in purple on the white horse. She gave a murderous look and thought, 'Hua Jing, you would lose all standing and reputation this time!'

The strange noises gradually became louder. Yun Shang hid behind a big tree with Ta Yun and stared in the direction where the sounds came from. Even Hua Jing sensed that something was wrong. She stopped the horse and looked around nervously.

But she saw nothing. When she was about to turn the horse around, she froze as she saw something appear in front of her. Hua Jing regained herself after a while. However, she was terrified. She immediately whipped the horse and shouted a command. The horse galloped away.

As soon as she rushed out, a giant black figure arrived at the spot where she had been standing. The black figure roared as if angered and chased Hua Jing. Hua Jing looked back and saw the situation. Her face wa

s as pale as death, and her eyes were full of fear. After a few more whips, the white horse sped up some more. But the black figure was faster than the white horse. After several leaps, it got closer to Hua Jing.

Seeing that Hua Jing had gone so far ahead that she could barely be seen, Yun Shang reflected for a moment and then ordered, "Keep an eye on Ta Yun." Then she jumped up and vanished into the dense forest.

When Hua Jing looked back again, she saw a pair of big, black eyes. She was startled and whipped the white horse again and again. Suddenly, the horse knelt on the ground. Hua Jing was unprepared and fell to the ground. She rolled around before she finally stopped.

Hua Jing frowned, and her face lost its color. She covered her abdomen with both hands and felt a whole universe of pain explode behind her eyes.

The black figure suddenly raised Hua Jing and then threw her to the ground. Hua Jing huddled in pain, but the black figure had no intention of letting her go. Instead, it raised her again.

"Hurry up... give me the arrows..." A voice came from behind. Yun Shang looked back and saw a boy in purple on a horse. He had a longbow. He seemed anxious. Yun Shang narrowed her eyes. The boy was Li Yaoqi, the eldest grandson of Grand Councilor Li.

A boy in black on another horse immediately handed Yaoqi an arrow. Yaoqi took the arrow and shouted to Hua Jing, "Sister, don't be afraid. I'm here." Then he pulled the bow all the way back. An arrow flew toward the black figure and embedded itself into its arm. The injured arm shuddered, and Hua Jing was thrown to the ground again.

Yun Shang curled her lips and thought, 'It's almost done.'

Delighted, she picked a leaf from a tree. When Yaoqi pulled his bow again, she threw the leaf toward the black figure. It fell to the ground. Yun Shang had only hurt the black figure a bit. As it fought to stand up, Yun Shang heard the sound of several galloping horses.

Yun Shang narrowed her eyes as she looked in the direction of the sound. She saw several men led by Cangjue Qingsu heading their way.

Qingsu was shocked by what he had seen, and immediately asked, "What happened?"

Yaoqi had a long face as he explained in a low voice, "A moment ago, the son of the Vice Minister of Defense and War and I were competing against each other to snatch this black bear. Each of us shot an arrow toward it, but we didn't expect it would go mad and run here. After we followed the bear here, we saw this animal attacking Princess Hua Jing."

As the bear staggered to its feet, Qingsu jumped from his horse and pounced upon the bear. He drew a dagger from his boot and stabbed the bear. The bear wailed mournfully before falling to the ground.

Yun Shang curled her lips and escaped from the scene. She returned to the place where she had left Ta Yun. Qingsu's attention was on the bear right now. If she stayed any longer, she would be discovered by him. As soon as Yun Shang returned, she saw the lady in black standing on a tree next to Ta Yun. Yun Shang smiled and mounted the horse, "Well done! Where are the black beans? Let's go there..."

The lady led Yun Shang to the place with the black beans. Ta Yun smelled the beans but didn't eat. Yun Shang laughed out loud, "Those two ladies are so stupid. Even Ta Yun can sense there's something wrong with the beans."

The lady also smiled. Yun Shang scooped a handful of beans and brought them closer to Ta Yun's mouth.

Ta Yun snorted as if it felt sorry for itself before eating several beans, and then turned its face away.

Yun Shang got on the horse and moved forward. The interesting part of the drama was yet to come. She couldn't miss it.

When Yun Shang got out from the forest, Ta Yun seemed a little annoyed. Its movements became rougher and it rushed towards the finish line. Yun Shang tried to behave as if she couldn't ride a horse and was frightened. She almost fell to the ground several times. As she approached the finish line, she saw Yu'er and Wenxi gloating. She patted Ta Yun's neck, and Ta Yun suddenly sped up. Yun Shang had a look of horror on her face as she was sent flying into the air.

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