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   Chapter 129 Horse Racing (Part Two)

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What a good trick to retreat for the sake of advancing. Yun Shang wondered who came up with this idea and instigated Jing Wenxi to say it.

Cangyang Yu'er listened to them quietly and said with a smile, "Princess Hui Guo, I won't force you since you can't ride. I can't bully you like this as such an unequal contest brings no honor to me. Although I am the sworn daughter of the Chief Councilor of the State of Yelang, I know how noble you are as the princess of the State of Ning. Even if you know nothing, His Majesty has found a good husband for you. I am envious of you, but I know my place."

Yun Shang raised her eyebrows. Did Cangyang Yu'er mean that Yun Shang had no strong points and was betrothed to Prince Jing as she was the princess of the State of Ning?

Yun Shang saw Wang Jinyan blinking unhappily. Just as she was about to say something, Wang Jinyan raised her hand and said to Yun Shang, "Your Highness, don't worry. I have the confidence to win this game, and I won't embarrass the State of Ning."

Yun Shang grinned more heartily and said in a soft voice, "I trust you, but Lady Jing and Lady Cangyang are right. No matter whether I win or not, I should show enthusiasm as I am the princess of the State of Ning. Even if I can't ride, I shouldn't shrink back. Since you are in high spirits, I'll join you. I won't take it to heart even if I lose."

Cangyang Yu'er and Jing Wenxi wore smug smiles, while Wang Jinyan blinked without saying anything. Prince Jing, who seemed to be finally free, looked at Yun Shang. "Shang'er, you want to join them?"

Yun Shang grinned. "Everyone is happy. I don't want to ruin their day."

Prince Jing thought for a while and said with a smile, "Okay. Enjoy yourself."

Emperor Ning, who had been watching the drama unfold, finally said, "Shang'er has never ridden a horse. Prince Jing, send some people to protect her."

Prince Jing nodded. "Shang'er, ride my horse, Ta Yun."

Jing Wenxi blinked disapprovingly. "Your Highness, it's unfair. Everyone knows that Ta Yun is an excellent Ferghana horse. How can an ordinary horse run as fast as it?"

Prince Jing frowned at Jing Wenxi. "It is unfair? Lady Cangyang grew up in the nomadic State of Yelang. All the people there learn how to ride horses from childhood. The other young ladies who entered their names for the competition began to learn horsemanship at a very young age. Your family has also hired a martial arts master to teach you riding. However, Shang'er has never ridden a horse. I am afraid she can't even mount an ordinary horse. Do you still think it's unfair?"

Shocked by Prince Jing's pouty face, Jing Wenxi lowered her head and said in a low voice, "No." She didn't say anything else.

Yun Shang raised her eyebrows again as she realized that Jing Wenxi had two faces.

"Your Highness, the contestants of the men's team are ready. We can start the game." An attendant came to tell Prince Jing.

Prince Jing nodded, took the wooden mallet handed over by the attendant, and beat the bronze gong beside him. As soon as Prince Jing ordered the start, the horses galloped away leaving behind a cloud of dust. Soon, the contestants disappeared into the jungle with their horses.

Emperor Ning smiled at Prince Jing. "Prince Jing, why don't you join in the fun?"

The Empress shook her head. "Your Majesty, if Prince Jing joins them, they will suffer a crushing defeat."

Emperor Ning laughed. "You are right. Prince Jing is excellent. Prince Jing, since you can't join them, come to the stand to watch the young ladies' game."

Prince Jing nodded and waved at Yun Shang. Yun Shang stood and walked toward Prince Jing. The attendant had already brought forward a red horse with white hooves. Yun Shang raised her hand to pat the horse's head and said with a smile, "Prince Jing, are you really allowing me to ride your horse?"

Prince Jing knew that Yun Shang could ride, but he still helped her to maintain her cover. "Sure. It recognizes you and will listen to you." He paused for a moment, then said, "Be careful."

Yun Shang looked down at the reins in Prince Jing's hand and blinked. She knew that Prince Jing was worried that she would be harmed. Jing Wenxi and Cangyang Yu'er must be up to something as they tried so hard to involve Yun Shang in this game.

Yun Shang nodded and smiled.

Prince Jing handed the reins to Yun Shang and patted her hand before he raised his head to look at Wang Jinyan. "Lady Wang, please take care of my girl, Shang'er."

Yun Shang's face reddened.

With a dazzling smile, Wang Jinyan stepped forward and said, "My brother often mentioned Princess Hui Guo, and I have long admired her. We finally meet today. I'm obligated to protect her."

Prince Jing nodded and walked to the high platform. He sat down beside Hua Jing and turned to look at Hua Jing with a smile. "Princess Hua Jing, you are also the princess of the State of Ning. Why don't you join them? Shang'er has never ridden a horse, but you are different. I heard that the Grand Councilor personally taught you horsemanship. I'm sure you must be good at it."

"Oh?" Cangyang Yu'er raised her eyebrows and asked with curiosity, "Princess Hua Jing, you can ride? Come on. Join us."

Hua Jing bit her lip, and clenched her fist in the sleeve. She then slowly loosened her grip before laying her hands on her swollen belly. "I'm sorry. I'm not myself today…"

Before she finished, Emperor Ning frowned and interrupted, "Hua Jing, since Lady Cangyang has already invited you, just join them."

Hua Jing wanted to refuse but was stopped by the Empress. She gritted her teeth and stood up. "Yes, Your Majesty." Then she stepped off the stand, selected a horse and walked the horse to where the others stood.

"If you are ready, please mount your horse." Prince Jing said aloud.

The young ladies mounted their horses gracefully. Yun Shang was slower than the other ladies, but she was elegant. Emperor Ning nodded. Prince Jing ordered, "Ready, go!"

The young ladies coaxed their horses into a gallop.

Horse-riding competitions were often held in this hunting forest. While some parts of the competitions necessitated going deep into the woods, some were held on the outskirts. In a short while, the crowd marched into the jungle. Yun Shang was neither the fastest nor the slowest, but she swayed wildly on the horse before she could finally sit still. Apparently, she didn't know how to ride a horse. The others thought that she hadn't been left behind because Ta Yun was a good horse.

The jungle became darker as the tree cover got denser. There were many trees, so the riders didn't dare to go faster. Yun Shang had by now been left behind. Wang Jinyan followed her as Prince Jing ordered.

Yun Shang grinned and said, "Don't follow me. You must have learned from your brother Wang Jinhuan that I am not as weak as I look. Ride fast and win the first place."

Wang Jinyan raised her eyebrows and smiled. She was full of vigor and charming, which attracted Yun Shang's attention. "Since I have promised Prince Jing, I can't break my word. I don't seek to prevail over others. I said those harsh words as I couldn't bear Jing Wenxi's arrogance. Your Highness, please don't worry."

Hearing what Wang Jinyan said, Yun Shang liked her even more. She smiled at Wang Jinyan, "If you want to protect me, you should keep up with them. As you saw just now, Cangyang Yu'er and Jing Wenxi intentionally provoked me. Cangyang Yu'er knew that I couldn't ride, but she still insisted on it. I think that they might have set a trap ahead. If you follow them, they won't do anything brazenly."

Wang Jinyan looked at Yun Shang. From Yun Shang's words, Wang Jinyan learned that she shouldn't have looked down on Yun Shang, who was pretending to jolt on horseback. With a sigh of relief, Wang Jinyan smiled, "I will chase them."

Yun Shang grinned, "Just go."

Wang Jinyan cracked her whip and sped up.

Yun Shang pulled on the reins to coax Ta Yun to stop. Soon she heard someone coming from behind. She looked back and saw Hua Jing slowly riding on a white horse.

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