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   Chapter 128 Horse Racing (Part One)

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It was March 15th and flowers were blooming on this warm spring day. The State of Ning was holding a celebration to welcome the emissaries of States of Xia and the State of Yelang. Yun Shang accompanied Emperor Ning and the Empress in their carriage to the hunting grounds. A platform was built on the open space outside the forest. Yun Shang walked to the stand and sat down.

The Empress smiled at Yun Shang, "The daughters of many officials in the Imperial City have come. Why don't you talk with them?"

Yun Shang glanced at the girls who were whispering to one another and shook her head. "I met them at Lady Shun Qing's birthday party before. They always talk about clothes and jewelry. I rarely go out and am not very interested in these things, so I cannot contribute. What's more, if I join them, they will fear me as I'm a princess, and thus, they won't talk candidly. I'd better not spoil their day."

The Empress was surprised. She patted Yun Shang's hand and smiled. "Good girl. But you will suffer after you marry Prince Jing. Prince Jing doesn't have much contact with others because he is still single. After you get married, you will have to develop good relations with other people. These girls seem to be common now, but they were born with silver spoons and will marry into influential families in the near future. You have to be friendly with them. Don't underestimate the power of women. They can change many things secretly using only a few words."

Yun Shang felt her body stiffen involuntarily. What the Empress said was reasonable, but Yun Shang felt it strange. By rights, the Empress would be the most satisfied if Yun Shang was ignorant and notorious for messing everything up in Prince Jing's Mansion after she got married. However, the Empress was advising her.

"But I really don't know anything about fashion and jewelry." Yun Shang bowed her head, bearing a grievance.

The Empress squinted and said with a smile, "I wanted you to learn from Hua Jing, but I am afraid that Hua Jing isn't good at these things either. If you make a mistake, I can hardly absolve myself from the blame. Although you are not my biological daughter, I have been fostering you. I don't want you to repeat Hua Jing's mistake and hope that you can be a good wife. I will send two madams to your palace to teach you some things that you need to pay attention to as Prince Jing's wife. I won't force you. If you think that they are right, you can listen to them. Equally, you can dismiss them if they talk nonsense."

What the Empress said relieved Yun Shang. She was surprised that the Empress was so nice to her. The two madams would help her learn all the things she hadn't learned yet. Her grandfather had taught her the Four Arts, military strategies, and even martial arts. However, she had no one to teach her the basic things that girls should learn.

"Thank you, Your Majesty." Yun Shang grinned.

The Empress nodded and said in a gentle voice, "I know that you are wary of me, but it is okay. You have grown up. I believe that you know whether what people teach you is useful or not. You will get married soon. By then you won't live in the Imperial City or pose any threat to me, so I won't take the past to heart."

Yun Shang was buried in thought for some time before she raised her eyebrows. The Empress had really changed a lot. Since she had honestly expressed what she thought, Yun Shang had to accept it. Yun Shang then smiled and said, "Your Majesty, you are being oversensitive. I have been separated from my mother since I was a child, so I know little about these things. Even if you don't send m

adams to me, I may have to ask you about all the things I don't know in a few days."

The Empress looked at Yun Shang and said nothing. With a touch of irony in her eyes, she turned to Emperor Ning who was speaking to Prince Jing.

Emperor Ning stepped onto the stand. After the others prostrated themselves before him, he said with a smile, "We gather here to welcome the emissaries of the States of Xia and Yelang. I have arranged a hunting competition for you. Both men and women can participate in it, but we will have separate teams for men and women. Men will go hunting, and women will participate in the horse riding competition. The winners will be handsomely rewarded. Those who do not participate in the hunting competition can cheer for your favorite contestants or give talent shows. Those who give talent shows will also be rewarded. Go to Prince Jing to sign up for the hunting competition and to Princess Hua Jing for talent shows."

The field became chaotic as people scrambled to sign up for their choice of competition. Yun Shang wore a faint smile. A young lady walked forward and said with a smile, "It is said that Lady Cangyang from the State of Yelang is excellent at horsemanship. It's a pity that most of the young ladies in the State of Ning only like the Four Arts, so few of them will sign up for the competition. It seems that Lady Cangyang will win the first place."

Yun Shang looked up and was surprised to see Jing Wenxi. She spoke like a spoiled young lady at Prince Shun Qing's Mansion. Why did she become so pedantic now?

"Who said that? Who said the young ladies in the State of Ning only liked the Four Arts? Just because you are not good at it, it doesn't mean that others are as weak as you." Someone sneered. Yun Shang followed the voice and saw a young lady in red standing up from the crowd. Others seemed daunted by her heroic spirit and cold smile.

Yun Shang felt that this was an interesting conversation, and said to herself, 'She can go hunting on horseback?'

The Empress seemed to have heard what Yun Shang thought. She looked at the young lady in red and said, "You have never met her before? Her brother always stays with Prince Jing. I thought you knew her. She is Wang Jinyan, the daughter of the Minister of Defense and War."

"Oh?" Yun Shang raised her eyebrows and looked at Wang Jinyan carefully. She did resemble her brother Wang Jinhuan, and Yun Shang liked her. Surprisingly, Wang Jinhuan, who was dissolute, had such a sister.

Jing Wenxi gritted her teeth and was unpleasant to Wang Jinyan. She snorted and said, "I heard that Prince Jing dotes on Princess Yun Shang. Prince Jing is invincible in the State of Ning. The girl that he likes must be extraordinary and good at riding and hunting. Princess Yun Shang, please impress us and get this reward, okay?"

Yun Shang raised her eyebrows and realized that she was the target. However, Jing Wenxi spoke like Cangyang Yu'er. Jing Wenxi had something in common with Cangyang Yu'er. Both of them liked Prince Jing, so they nursed jealousy against Yun Shang. Yun Shang gazed at Prince Jing who was surrounded by the crowd and groaned in her heart. As the saying goes, women are dangerous, but Prince Jing was a trouble!

Yun Shang refused politely with a smile, "I don't know how to ride."

Jing Wenxi opened her mouth wide in surprise and said, "Sorry, I didn't know that you can't ride, but if Cangyang Yu'er wins and asks His Majesty to marry her to Prince Jing as a reward, His Majesty will have to agree in front of so many people. By then, you will be embarrassed. It's pitiful that you can't ride."

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