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   Chapter 127 The Woman Who Covets Prince Jing (Part Two)

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Prince Jing raised his eyebrows and replied, "When you leave the Hall, I must follow you out. Then, everybody will know that I care about you and pay attention to your every movement. In addition, I'm afraid that tomorrow, rumor will spread that Yun Shang was jealous, so she left quietly before the party was over. And that Prince Jing was worried about her and followed her out, and tried to make her happy."

After hearing this, Yun Shang couldn't help laughing. She added, "If those people at Jinluan Hall knew that their respected and cold Prince could crack such a joke, they may be shocked. You are such a good actor. Tomorrow, I will send somebody to ask the owner of Chunhua Opera Troupe whether they need a leading actor. I think you will make a unique and popular actor."

Prince Jing took Yun Shang's hands and smiled faintly, "I'm afraid they are too insignificant to see me acting this way. But you're not satisfied. I'm not acting. Those people at the Hall are boring. I prefer to be here, and to accompany you. Now, it's comfortable to take a walk outside."

This wasn't the first time that Yun Shang had touched Prince Jing's body. However, he had never held her hands before. Yun Shang's heart beat faster. She forced a smile and thought that she wasn't accustomed to intimate contact with a man. When Prince Jing touched her hands, her first instinct had been to shake her hands free. Yun Shang sighed and tried to withdraw her hands. However, they were grasped more firmly. She could feel the calluses on his hands.

"I'm afraid they are not trustworthy. So, you must be careful. I have sent a shadow guard to follow you and protect you. If you don't feel right, just call." Prince Jing kept silent for a moment, and then he whispered, "I didn't tell you this, because I thought you might think I'm keeping watch on you."

Yun Shang nodded. She had realized that somebody was following her, and his or her knowledge of Kung Fu was high. Since this person didn't do anything harmful to her, she didn't give him or her a second thought. Now, she knew the reason for the presence of this shadow guard and Prince Jing's intention.

She nodded and answered, "It's fine."

Prince Jing knew she didn't trust him completely. However, he didn't want to point it out bluntly. He would feel at ease if she knew how to protect herself.

They walked toward the Imperial Garden. Then, Prince Jing escorted her back to Qingxin Palace before leaving. Yun Shang rested and asked Qian Yin and Qin Yi to prepare water so that she could wash her face and rinse her mouth.

Qin Yi stayed calm while Qian Yin was a bit amused. Yun Shang saw their expressions. In no mood to entertain girlish teasing, she left them alone and said nothing.

The second day passed without unexpected incidences. However, on the third day, after breakfast was over, a card was delivered. "Yu'er went to the Imperial City. She talked with the Empress for a while. Then, she sent us a card and wanted to pay us a visit. Your Highness, can I go and tell her that you don't feel well and won't meet her today?"

Yun Shang shook her head. Standing, she replied, "Don't worry. We are in the Imperial Palace. Is she bold enough to hurt us here? If I refuse to meet her, the rumor will say that I'm afraid of her."

Qian Yin meditated for a moment and nodded. Then, she left.

After a while, Yu'er appeared. She was dressed in red. Her attire was commonly seen in the State of Ning, which seemed to be less coquettish than her previously worn dress. She looked beautiful in a subtly seductive and charming manner.

"Your Highness, it's very nice to see you." Yu'er, upon walking inside Qingxin Palace, saw the Princess sitting and drinking tea. She greeted her as per formal protocol.

Yun Shang smiled faintly, "Nice t

o meet you. Please take a seat."

Qin Yi nodded and showed Yu'er to a chair. After she had sat down, Yu'er looked at Yun Shang and saw that she had beautiful eyes. Although Yun Shang wasn't as beautiful as Yu'er, she looked more peaceful and elegant. Those were probably the traits that endeared her to people.

Yu'er bit her lip and hated the Princess more. It was Yun Shang who embarrassed her at the Hall. She had vowed to take revenge.

Yu'er looked at Yun Shang uncomfortably before saying carefully, "That day at Jinluan Hall, I didn't know of your marriage with Prince Jing. So, I made a mistake. Your Highness, please don't blame me."

Yun Shang blinked and wondered whether this was an excusable mistake. She didn't know that the marriage had been granted by the Emperor? Yu'er was good at making excuses. However, if Yun Shang blamed Yu'er, she would be regarded as a narrow-minded woman.

"Don't worry. Prince Jing is handsome and brave. Besides, he's well known and respected as the God of War in the State of Ning. So, its normal for many girls to love him. Lady Cangyang, you are forthright in character and dare express your love. I admire that." Yun Shang looked at Yu'er quietly, and gave her a sincere smile.

When she saw that Yu'er had involuntarily grasped her skirt so as to crumple it, she continued, "However, Prince Jing grew up as a solider and is inexperienced when dealing with girls. So, he might be cold to you. I hope that he didn't frighten you. If he caused you any trouble, I apologize."

Yu'er gave a snort of contempt. If Prince Jing was inexperienced when dealing with girls, how could he take good care of this weak woman? Yu'er hated Yun Shang even more, because she thought Yun Shang was flaunting her relationship with Prince Jing.

"The day after tomorrow, the Emperor will hold a celebration at the hunting grounds. The Empress told me that a hunting competition is to be expected. It's also said that girls in the State of Ning have super talents. So, I wonder if Your Highness will attend the competition. Since Prince Jing is skilled in ridding and hunting, Your Highness must be adept at them as well. So, I want to compete with you." Yu'er looked up, full of expectation.

Yun Shang smiled and ran her fingers thought her hair. She asked, "A riding and hunting competition? I'm afraid you might feel disappointed. I have never ridden a horse. Prince Jing once told me that women should be gentle and soft. Horse-riding and hunting are what men do to protect their country."

Yu'er stopped smiling and asked suspiciously, "Don't you want to ride on a horse with Prince Jing and enjoy the prosperity and beauty of the world?"

Hearing these words, Yun Shang blushed and said nothing. However, Qian Yin, who was standing beside, interrupted, "Prince Jing said that even though our Princess couldn't ride a horse, she would ride with him. Ta Yun, the Prince's horse, is a Ferghana horse. They can ride him at the same time."

Yun Shang frowned, turned and scolded her maid, "Don't be rude. I'm talking with Lady Cangyang, how can you interrupt us?"

Qian Yin's lips pouted slightly. She did a small curtsy and left.

Yun Shang smiled faintly and said, "I have spoiled this girl. Please forgive her indiscretion."

Yu'er shook her hand as she became angrier. She left a while later. Back at the inn, she was so angry that she shattered several teacups. She went to Qingsu and said, "Prince, Yun Shang is really annoying. No wonder her sister doesn't like her. Tomorrow, I will try to embarrass her in public."

Qingsu frowned and replied, "Tomorrow, you should follow my orders and act obediently. If you are not busy now, go and find the information I asked for. If you return without the news I need, you will not return to our country."

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