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   Chapter 126 The Woman Who Covets Prince Jing (Part One)

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Confusion reflected on the faces of everyone present at the banquet. After all, the marriage edict issued by the Emperor during the New Year's Eve feast was well known. However...

They all looked at Prince Jing who seemed to be aloof. He calmly sipped from his teacup without so much as a glance at Yu'er. As for Princess Yun Shang who always kept to herself, she seemed to be calm as well. There was a faint smile of amusement on her lips.

Emperor Ning contemplated before replying, "Lady Yu'er has good taste in men. But, I have already permitted the marriage between Princess Hui Guo and Prince Jing. Although the wedding ceremony hasn't been held yet, the marriage edict has been issued and is well known. An Emperor's words should be taken seriously. Are you asking me to contradict myself?"

Yu'er didn't seem to be surprised. She did a small curtsy and blushed scarlet, "It's fine. I want to be with Prince Jing, even if it means serving him as his concubine."

Emperor Ning stopped smiling and spoke seriously, "When the deceased Emperor was alive, he promised that Prince Jing could make his own decisions. And the Prince asked me to issue the edict allowing his marriage with Yun Shang. Lady Yu'er, if you want to be his concubine, you have to ask his permission. If he is comfortable with this proposal, I will respect his wish."

When Yu'er heard these words, her eyes sparkled. She smiled and handed a cup of wine to Prince Jing, "Prince, I have admired you for a long time. Can you help me to achieve my dream?"

Yu'er was confident. She was aware that polygamy was common in the State of Ning. She also knew that she was beautiful enough to enchant any man she met. Nobody would refuse her proposal.

Prince Jing raised his head but didn't look at Yu'er. He looked across the Hall at Yun Shang. Yun Shang raised her eyebrow wittily and proposed a toast to Prince Jing.

Prince Jing sensed the slyness in her glance which seemed to convey that he was a ladykiller. Prince Jing couldn't help smiling when he thought of Yun Shang saying this in her unique tone and voice. However, his smile surprised Yu'er and increased her confidence.

As she mused over the possibility of such an attractive man becoming her husband, she heard Prince Jing speak. His hoarse voice made her heart throb. At this moment, however, Prince Jing said, "I was thinking about other things, and didn't hear what this lady was talking about. But..." Prince Jing turned, looked at Emperor Ning and asked with doubt, "Your Highness, I have no idea how a dancing girl can talk to me in this way."

Everybody in the Hall was surprised by his words. Prince Jing was thinking about other things and completely ignored Yu'er

great honor to entertain all envoys that come to the State of Ning. Three days from now, a celebration will be held in the hunting grounds east of the Imperial City to celebrate the friendliness and peace between our three countries."

Qingsu and the Prince from the State of Xia replied, "That is very kind of you."

Stringed instruments began playing in the Hall, and the warm atmosphere continued.

Yun Shang smiled faintly as she saw Grand Councilor Li gesticulating under the table. Then, several officials came to propose a toast to Qingsu and the Prince from the State of Xia. Sounds of laughter echoed through the halls. Without being noticed, Yun Shang left with Qin Yi and Qian Yin.

"Your Highness, Prince Jing is awesome. A few words from him frightened Yu'er to death." Excitement was evident in Qian Yin's voice.

Yun Shang smiled and said nothing. Then, Qin Yi whispered, "I saw Princess Hua Jing was angry."

Princess Hua Jing? Yun Shang stopped and figured out what happened a moment ago. It was likely that the farce was planed by Hua Jing. Rumor goes that Hua Jing had a love affair with Qingsu at the Princess Palace. It is possible that Hua Jing talked Qingsu into plotting something. However, she must feel disappointed today.

As Yun Shang stood contemplating over the possibilities, footsteps were heard coming in her direction. Yun Shang and her maids stopped talking. Qian Yin looked back and said with excitement, "Your Highness, it is Prince Jing."

Huh? Yun Shang turned and saw that Prince Jing was walking toward them. He asked, "Why are you here?"

Qin Yi and Qian Yin stepped back and left them alone. Yun Shang smiled, "The party is boring. Besides, nobody will miss my presence. But, somebody might propose a toast to you. If you are away, everyone will know."

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