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   Chapter 125 An Exotic Young Woman (Part Two)

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No sooner had Lady Ya gone than Lord Zheng arrived. He told Yun Shang, "Your Highness, the envoys of the State of Yelang and the State of Xia have already entered the Imperial City. His Majesty said there would be a banquet in Jinluan Hall from five to seven tomorrow afternoon. Your Highness, please be on time."

Yun Shang said yes with a smile and wondered, 'A banquet! The banquets in the Palace are extremely interesting, and something happens at almost every banquet. What interesting things will happen tomorrow?'

The next afternoon, after Yun Shang had woken from a nap, Qin Yi and Qian Yin dressed her. She did not leave Qingxin Palace until she was properly dressed in a purple court dress. The maids even adorned her with ample jewelry.

At Jinluan Hall, as Lady Jin was absent, Yun Shang took the second seat, beside Hua Jing. On the table opposite her sat Qingsu. He was frowning and seemed lost in thought.

Yun Shang's gaze flickered over Qingsu before falling on the middle-aged man next to him. He was relatively handsome, but what was most striking about him was his suave temperament, which was in stark contrast to Qingsu's rugged harshness. Yun Shang thought he was the seventh Prince of the State of Xia. As a child, the seventh Prince was hailed as a child prodigy of the State of Xia when he was very young, but due to a severe illness, his health deteriorated, so he was not appointed as the Crown Prince by the late Emperor of the State of Xia. It took more than ten days to travel from the State of Xia to the Imperial City of the State of Ning. Owing to his ill health, and because it was his first trip as an envoy abroad, it took them forty days.

"I haven't seen you in a long time, Yun Shang. You grow more and more beautiful." Yun Shang raised his eyebrows as Hua Jing spoke. Then Yun Shang turned to her with a smile and replied, "You have been having a great time these days, too, sister. You look a little plump."

Hua Jing's mouth twitched slightly, and her eyes dropped as she answered, "Really?"

"Here comes His Majesty..." A eunuch's voice came from outside. Yun Shang rose and fell to her knees. "Long live Your Majesty."

"Hahaha, all rise." At the hearty voice of Emperor Ning, the kneeling people thanked him and got up.

"I am honored to have the State of Xia and the State of Yelang visit our state today, so I am hosting this banquet with the hope that the envoys will have a good time." Emperor Ning looked at the people from the State of Yelang and the State of Xia before laughing exuberantly.

Qingsu and the seventh Prince of the State of Xia immediately raised their cups to thank Emperor Ning, "Thank you for your hospitality, Your Majesty."

Emperor Ning stood with a smile and said, "First, may our three states peacefully coexist and be prosperous."

At the toast, everyone present drained their cups.

Emperor Ning raised his cup again, "Second, may the people live and work in peace and contentment." "Third, may we not return without getting drunk tonight!"

The others quickly drank two more cups to match the toasts.

After that, Emperor Ning turned to the Empress. The Empress smiled and clapped her hands. Instantly the music began, and a group of dancers entered the Hall and danced nimbly. The music was the southern song, Gathering Lotus Seeds. The posture of dancing was very gentle and beautiful.

While enjoying the dancing, Yun Shang felt as thought someone was staring at her. Upon turning, she saw Qingsu raise his cup toward her. Without a pause, her eyes flickered over his face and fell back on the dancers. Qingsu paused, and then a vague smile played on his lips.

At the end of the song, everyone hurriedly praised, but Qingsu suddenly said to Emperor Ning, "Your Majesty must have seen many tender dances over the years. The dance of our state is quite different from that of the State of Ning. Today, our best dancer is here. How about asking her to dance for us?"

Hearing this, Emperor Ning smiled

and said calmly, "Good, go ahead."

Qingsu smiled, raised his hand, and whistled. Several women in bright red dancing skirts walked to the center of the Hall. Everyone present could see the difference between them and the Ning dancers. The Yelang dancers were scantily clad. Their arms, legs, and stomachs were bare. Their posture was extremely enchanting. When the drums began beating, the dancers turned back to back and formed a circle. Slowly, they raised their hands and bent over. A woman in the middle stood and twisted her slender waist. She looked toward the audience. Her stunning eyes enraptured the audience.

At one glance, Yun Shang knew that this woman was the same woman from the carriage yesterday, the sworn daughter of the State of Yelang's Chief Councilor.

Who was she dancing in public for?

Yun Shang picked up her teacup and sipped her tea as she watched the dancer twisting her waist. Feeling embarrassed, she lowered her eyes. The incessant beating of the drum was the only sound in the Hall.

People of the State of Ning had always liked gentle women. This was their first time seeing such a seductive performance. They were enchanted for a moment. Although the drums had stopped, it was a while before the audience came to their senses and applauded.

Qingsu smiled and introduced the dancer, "This leading dancer is the pearl of the State of Yelang's grassland, the daughter of our honorable Chief Councillor, Cangyang Yu'er."

The woman took off her veil with a beguiling smile on her face. "Long live Your Majesty."

Emperor Ning smiled and odered, "Reward her."

After Lady Cangyang thanked Emperor Ning, the Empress smiled and said, "Your Majesty, I've never seen a person as beautiful as Lady Cangyang. She performed such a wonderful dance for us, so your reward for her should be special. Why don't you let Lady Cangyang choose her reward?"

Emperor Ning simled. "Okay, Lady Cangyang, what would you like?"

Lady Cangyang looked at all the people present before she answered with a smile, "Your Majesty, you can't go back on what you have said. To be honest, I've always liked the men of the State of Ning very much. So I want to find a man with whom I could settle. He could either return to the grassland with me or I could live here with him. Please help me to fulfill my wish, Your Majesty."

Emperor Ning was stunned, and then he laughed, "You really are a straightforward woman. Okay, tell me if the man you like is among us?"

Lady Cangyang winked and smiled brightly, "Yes, he is."

Emperor Ning nodded and looked around the Hall. He laughed as he asked, "Who is he?"

Lady Cangyang replied with a smile, "Your Majesty, you have not promised to help me fulfill my wish yet."

Emperor Ning pondered for a moment before he said, "You are the daughter of the Chief Councilor of the State of Yelang. Naturally, you have to marry into a decent family and be the legal wife. If the man you like is not married, I will help you fulfill your wish. However, it would be better if he likes you as well."

The Empress smiled at Emperor Ning's words. She said, "Lady Cangyang is so stunning. How could anyone not like her?"

Emperor Ning nodded in agreement. "You're right."

Lady Cangyang's brows rose with joy, and she said, "It just so happens that the man I like is not married." She walked up to Li Qinglan of the Li Clan as she spoke. Everyone was startled, but she simply grabbed the wine pot in front of Qinglan. Then, she took a cup from a maid's hand, and slowly filled it with wine. With a seductive smile, she put the wine pot back in front of Li Qinglan. She turned and walked around among the male guests before finally stopping in front of Prince Jing.

"Your Highness, I saw your graceful bearing in battle. You are my hero. I have admired you for a long time. Your Highness, please drink this wine, and from now on, I'm yours." Lady Cangyang's clear voice rang out in Jinluan Hall. For a moment, silence reigned over the Hall.

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