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   Chapter 123 A Change In The Empress (Part Two)

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However, it couldn't be accomplished in one action.

After considering and weighing all relevant facts, Yun Shang said softly. "I have been thinking about what you said the other night, and yes, I will try to accept you."

Prince Jing's hand paused while in the middle of turning a page. After a long silence, Prince Jing said. "Okay."

What? Yun Shang froze. That was it?

She waited for a while, but Prince Jing made no other statement. Yun Shang looked down and thought, 'Such a cold man.' However, she didn't notice his curved lips and the joy in his eyes.

After about half a day of travel, they arrived at the Imperial City. Prince Jing sent Yun Shang back to the Palace to greet Emperor Ning and then he left.

As soon as she returned Qingxin Palace, she heard a cry. "Her Highness is back! Her Highness is back..."

Then Qin Yi and Qian Yin ran to her. They looked quite unhappy. Before Yun Shang could apologize, she was led into the inner Hall by Qian Yin.

Yun Shang was made to sit on a chair while Qin Yi and Qian Yin stood before her and looked at her. Qian Yin complained. "Your Highness, you asked me to disguise myself as you and pretend to be sick that day, and then you just disappeared. Do you know how worried and afraid Qin Yi and I have been? We almost broke into the Princess Palace! Luckily, I got back my sanity and went to see Ning Qian. She told us you were with Prince Jing. But when we went to look for you, Prince Jing said you had left a long time ago. Are you happy that we had so much fun, Your Highness?"

Yun Shang grinned with guilt. "Sorry. I promise I'll never do that to you. It was rather sudden, so I wasn't thinking clearly..."

Qin Yi sighed. "Please don't do this again, Your Highness. One of us has to be with you no matter where you go in the future, or we'll be really worried."

Yun Shang hastened to nod. Thus, Qian Yin and Qin Yi were finally pacified.

"Your Highness must be tired from the long journey. Let me get some water and help you freshen up." Qin Yi smiled and left.

Qian Yin whispered to Yun Shang. "Your Highness, the Empress has been released."

Yun Shang nodded. "I heard from Prince Jing earlier."

"But Her Majesty seems to have changed a lot this time." Qian Yin frowned.

Yun Shang turned and looked at Qian Yin. "Oh? Like how?"

Qian Yin lowered her voice. "I think the Empress is much calmer than before. The new Lady missed the customary greeting to the Empress because she was chosen to serve His Majesty three nights in a row and didn't manage to get up on time. Even when the other ladies criticized her disrespect, t


The Empress, seemingly not surprised at all, smiled. "If so, you can ask Lady Ya to teach you in your Palace."

Yun Shang covered her mouth as she chuckled. "But Lady Ya has just come to the Palace. I suppose father must care for her a lot now, so I dare not borrow father's sweetheart. What if father became upset with me? That would be terrifying."

"Why would I get upset with you?" Emperor Ning said from behind. Yun Shang was startled and turned around to greet Emperor Ning. "Your Majesty."

"Arise, please." Emperor Ning wouldn't let go of his previous question. He asked Yun Shang again. "Shang'er, why would I get mad?"

The Empress answered calmly with a smile. "Shang'er wants Lady Ya to teach her dancing, but considering she's new to the Palace, Shang'er dare not borrow her from His Majesty."

Emperor Ning scanned the Empress's face and then looked at Yun Shang. "What has Prince Jing taught you?"

Yun Shang blushed at once. Then she stuck her tongue out mischievously. "Why did father mention uncle? He doesn't have anything to do with this."

"You would never say a thing like that before. Who else would teach you this except Prince Jing?" A smile replaced the transient serious look on Emperor Ning's face. "You can learn dancing from Lady Ya. But she gets up late, so don't be there too early. And two hours a day are enough. It would be exhausting if you dance for longer."

"Father is actually worried about Lady Ya rather than me, right?" Yun Shang teased cheerfully.

Emperor Ning couldn't help laugh as Lady Ya blushed. Other ladies also laughed, but there was a perceptible bitterness and jealousy in their laugh. The Empress, however, looked peaceful and calm, with only her lips curving slightly.

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