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   Chapter 120 Prince Jing's Purpose (Part One)

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That night, there were more guards outside the Princess Palace than usual. They patrolled back and forth and left no gap in their shifts, which made it impossible for anyone to sneak into the Palace. Yun Shang worried that bringing too many people with her would get them caught, so she only brought Ning Qian. When they arrived, she realized that she had worried too much. The guards were just normal servants whose Kung Fu knowledge was only enough to protect themselves from an attack, but not enough to keep dangerous people outside the Palace.

Yun Shang and Ning Qian found a place to hide. They stayed on the roof right on top of Hua Jing's bedroom, which was coincidentally located on a corner. There was no way that they could be found under the cover of the night.

After they settled on the roof, Yun Shang quietly lifted a tile from the roof. While the tile was above the middle of the bedroom, which made it convenient for Yun Shang to observe what was happening in the room, it's placement also put her at risk of discovery. So she put it back and left a small gap.

Hua Jing was sitting on a chair and seemed fidgety. After sitting for less than fifteen minutes, she stood and paced back and forth. Her mind was filled with thoughts about Prince Qingsu. She wondered how he had arrived at the Imperial City so soon, and how he had found out that she was not Princess Hui Guo. 'Should I pay a visit to the Grand Councilor's Mansion and ask for help from grandpa?' Well, she intended to ask for her mother's help. But since her mother had been grounded, her grandpa told her not to make too much trouble and worsen the situation.

So she had to seek her grandpa's help. But if grandpa asks how she met Prince Qingsu, what would she tell him? Should she tell him the truth that she was captured by him at the border, and stayed in his camp for a very long time, and was even forced to have sex with him? This was something that she would definitely not tell anyone. Besides, if the secret was exposed to the public, she and grandpa would face the accusation of treason. That was too much for them.

But thinking back on what Prince Qingsu had offered, it seemed that he actually wanted to marry her. Hua Jing bit her lip and pondered. Indeed, being the Empress of Yelang was a huge temptation, but since Yelang State was not at all comparable to the State of Ning in wealth, she would not go to that barren land by any chance.

Hua Jing subconsciously placed her hand on her belly. She felt a little annoyed. What's inside her belly was also trouble. She had planned to drink a decoction to abort the fetus without being noticed, but somehow the prescription hadn't worked and she was still carrying the baby. What's more bothering is that she couldn't see a physician or seek any medical advice. So this issue had been dragged out to this date. Hua Jing was well aware of methods to get rid of the fetus. She could have just arranged for a terrible fall. But in that way she would make a scene and probably draw other's attention. Moreover, this method was risky for her health, too. She couldn't convince herself to do it.

Thinking about that, Hua Jing became more irritated. As time went by, her belly was getting bigger and bigger, and she still couldn't figure out a good way to deal with it. It was also getting hotter these days, which made it harder for her to hide her belly.

Suddenly the window slammed open. Hua Jing was stunned. All color from her face drained away at her fright. She quickly asked, "Who is it?"

The window was pushed open, and a face appeared. It was a face that Hua Jing did not want to see at the moment. Prince Qingsu. He had still come for her.

Panic flashed in Hua Jing's eyes. She took two steps back. "How dare you come to my Palace? Aren't you afraid that I will shout for help? Everyone in the Princess Palace works for me. You cannot come and go as you please.

Prince Qingsu laughed at her words. "If you want to shout, do it. But I hope that you save your strength and shout for me later. Or to be more specific, moan for me. Maybe I'll be pleased by you and make it easier for you." Then he locked his eyes on Hua Jing's body greedily.

Alone in her bedroom at this time of the night, Hua Jing was only wearing a tunic, which shaped her body well. From a distance, she looked appealing. Prince Qingsu complimented, "Even though you've stayed in prison for some time, you've treated yourself well. You've become plumper. And your breasts seem larger than last time. If your waist were slimmer, you would be perfect."

Hua Jing heard his words and panicked. She darkened her face and changed the topic. She asked with surprise, "What have you done to my Palace guards?"

Prince Qingsu raised his eyebrows, "The guards? Come on, they are completely useless. I drugged them and the other servants as well. So it will be pretty quiet in your Palace tonight.

You can shout whatever you want, baby." Then he smiled ambiguously.

Hua Jing was shocked. She thought for a while and knew that she couldn't get away tonight. She clenched her hands in her sleeves and blamed herself. How could she have been so stupid that day in the camp? What was she thinking when she decided to mess with this demon? But at the moment, she had no time for regret. She was worried that Prince Qingsu would learn of her pregnancy.

Thinking about that, Hua Jing ground her teeth and forced herself to put on a bright smile. "Well, since you are already here, I cannot get away. If Prince Qingsu really wants me, then just do it."

Then she tightened her stomach and unbuttoned her tunic with her fingers. Her rouge Dudou* was exposed to the air.

(*TN: Dudou is a traditional Chinese form of sleeveless and backless bodice with a halter neck. It is worn as an undershirt by women.)

Prince Qingsu squinted. He clapped and smiled. "Princess Hua Jing, you are such a judicious woman." Then he walked up to Hua Jing and reached out to her. He squeezed Hua Jing's soft and ample breasts.

"Uh." Ever since she had gotten pregnant, Hua Jing's body had became more sensitive than before. She couldn't bear the sudden squeeze and moaned.

Prince Qingsu's eyes burned with lust. He lifted Hua Jing and threw her on the bed. Hua Jing felt a slight pain in her belly, but she held back her frown. She smiled instead. "Even though my servants have been drugged, we should still act cautiously in case anything happens. Prince, you'd better turn off the lights."

Prince Qingsu smiled. "The lights? That's what on your mind now?" Then he undressed Hua Jing with one finger. With nothing left on her, Hua Jing's breasts jumped out in front of Prince Qingsu. His eyes darkened. Prince Qingsu reached out and put out all the lights in the room. Then only Hua Jing's moans could be heard. They were mixed with pain and joy.

On the roof, Yun Shang sneered slightly. Well, well, well, look at her sister. What an insatiable whore. A leopard cannot change its spots. She was exactly the same as she was in Yun Shang's previous life. The only difference is the man she hooked up with. In Yun Shang's previous life, Hua Jing chose Yun Shang's husband. And this time, she changed her target to the Prince of the State of Yelang.

Lost in contempt, Yun Shang did not notice someone creep up behind her. A hand clamped over her mouth. Her eyes widened with surprise. After the initial shock passed, she calmed down as she recognized the familiar smell. It seemed to be...... Prince Jing?

Yun Shang was afraid to alert the couple who were engaged in intense sex in the room below. So she didn't struggle much and made no noise. When she turned her head, she saw Ning Qian's widened eyes sparkle brightly in the night.

Yun Shang gave Ning Qian a gesture to settle her. Then without being prepared or warned, she was carried away by Prince Jing.

Prince Jing looked really upset. He kept a poker-face and acted as cold as stone. He held her in his arms and leapt away from the Princess Palace. The whole time, he kept Yun Shang's mouth covered. After they had left the Palace, Prince Jing finally removed his hand. He lifted Yun Shang on to a horse, cracked his whip, and galloped to his mansion.

"What are you doing? Qian Qian is still there. If she is found by Prince Qingsu, we are over." Yun Shang couldn't hold back her anger, so she scolded Prince Jing.

But the man behind her kept silent. He galloped to the gate of his mansion, then helped Yun Shang dismount before carrying her inside.

Prince Jing's butler was in shock. Seeing Prince Jing's angry face, he knew something must have upset him. But the girl in his arms...... The butler took a long time to focus and then recognized Princess Hui Guo. And the Princess looked angry, too.

He was in greater shock now. Why did the Prince bring the Princess to the mansion?

But he didn't dare to say anything. He could only look at them as Prince Jing led Princess Hui Guo into the yard.

It was not until they arrived in Prince Jing's room that he put Yun Shang down. Yun Shang was still worried about Ning Qian, so she rushed outside.

"Stop. I hit an acupoint that would only keep her still for fifteen minutes. She should be fine now."

Knowing that Prince Jing wouldn't lie to her, Yun Shang felt a bit relieved. But she was still angry at him. "Uncle, why did you do that?"

Prince Jing said coldly, "Why did I do that? Why don't you ask yourself that question? I specifically told you not to go out of the Palace in case Prince Qingsu noticed you and made his schemes against you. But look at what you've done. Sneaking out of the Palace at middle of the night? Going to Hua Jing's Palace? You even stayed on the roof and watched them do that thing! That filthy scene! Aren't you afraid that it will leave a bad influence on you?"

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