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   Chapter 119 Hua Jing Is Released From Prison (Part Two)

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On the way, Emperor Ning suddenly asked, "Why did you intercede for your sister?"

Yun Shang gave a smile, "It was Uncle Jing's idea. He asked me to tell you that the third Prince of the State of Yelang entered the Imperial City secretly. Today, I took Uncle Jing's carriage to the countryside, but a man suddenly ran into the middle of the road and was hit by the carriage. He deliberately prodded me and my servant girl so that we would get off the carriage. That's how he learned of my identity. Uncle Jing said he was the third Prince of the State of Yelang."

Emperor Ning furrowed his brows upon hearing her words. He understood why Prince Jing asked Yun Shang to intercede for Hua Jing. The third Prince of the State of Yelang had asked to marry Hua Jing. After he entered the Imperial City, he would have learned of Hua Jing's imprisonment. However, he managed to see Yun Shang after he got the news. He might have changed his target to Yun Shang.

Emperor Ning looked at Yun Shang and shook his head, 'Yun Shang is Lady Jin's daughter. I've already hurt Lady Jin. I can't hurt her daughter.'

Emperor Ning had made his decision. He said, "Yun Shang, don't leave the Imperial Palace for a few days."

Yun Shang agreed, "Uncle Jing said the same to me. I won't leave the Imperial Palace. Father, don't worry."

Emperor Ning nodded, "Why did you ask to bring Lady Qingya into the Imperial Palace. Was it Prince Jing's idea too?" Emperor Ning suddenly became wary of Lady Qingya. If she was Prince Jing's hired spy, he couldn't sleep with her.

Yun Shang shook her head and looked a little shy, "She performed such a wonderful sword-dance. Uncle Jing is a military general, and I guess he might like sword-dance. So I want to learn it."

Hearing her words and seeing her shy expression, Emperor Ning laughed out loud, "Yun Shang, you've grown up."

They talked with each other for a while before Yun Shang said goodbye to Emperor Ning and went back to Qingxin Palace.

The next day, Emperor Ning issued a decree which stated that the conspirator that poisoned Li Yingying on New Year's Eve had been found. It was Li Yingying's sister who was born of the same father but a different mother. The lady's mother was a servant girl, so Grand Councilor Li's eldest son was unwilling to admit to the lady's identity and made the lady Li Yingying's servant. The lady harbored resentment toward everyone in the Li Clan, so she poisoned Li Yingying.

No one wanted to figure out how a servant girl from the Grand Councilor's House was able to put poison onto Li Yingying's Pipa at the heavily guarded Imperial Palace.

Hua Jing was then released. Soon after, Emperor Ning issued a second decree to declare the divorce of Hua Jing and her husband. As Emperor Ning deliberately concealed the fact that Zhao Yingjie was still alive, there were few discussions about it. In people's mind, a distinguished Princess should not be reconciled to widowhood. In the State of Ning, being a widow was unlucky. If she divorced her husband, there would be fewer objections for her to remarry.

Yun Shang gave a wee smile as she heard the decree, 'Hua Jing, did you think you got a lucky escape? The best part of the story has just begun...'

"Your Highness, rumor has it that Princess Hua Jing returned to the Grand Councilor's House today. She will return to the Princess Palace after having supper." Qian Yin whispered in Yun Shang's ear.

Yun Shang raised her eyebrows, "Really? Then I have to get out of the Imperial Palace now. Have you told Qian Qian the news yet? Remember to wear the skin mask and go to bed later."

Qian Yin nodded, "Qian Qian said she had everything prepared."

The sky gradually darkened. Yun Shang changed into an inconspicuous dress and jumped out from the window. Qian Yin wore the skin mask prepared by Ning Qian and lay in Yun Shang's bed, feigning illness.

Although it was already spring, the sky still darkened quickly. By the time Yun Shang left the Imperial Palace, the sky was completely dark. Yun Shang met up with Ning Qian and several other companions, all of whom had been waiting on the opposite side of the Grand Councilor's House.

Hua Jing's carriage left the Grand Councilor's House after a while. Yun Shang and her companions followed the carriage for a long time, but nothing happened. Yun Shang frowned. She went ahead of the carriage and quietly placed a large stone on the road without being noticed. When Hua Jing's carriage ran over the stone, it bumped heavily and stopped. Hua Jing's unhappy voice came from within the carriage, "What's going on?"

The carriage driver immediately answered, "No big deal, Your Highness. It's just a rock." When he was about to drive the carriage, he saw a man standin

g in front of them, "Who...who are you? What are you doing?"

The man sneered, "Me? I'm an old friend of the Princess. Princess Hua Jing, how have you been?"

The person in the carriage remained speechless for a long time, then she pushed open the door and stretched out her head. She was startled when she saw the man. "What...what are you doing here? This is the Imperial City of the State of Ning..."

The man stared at Hua Jing. His smile became even colder, "Princess Hua Jing! Are you going to talk with me here or in a quieter place?"

Hua Jing turned to her servants. Her hands rested on her abdomen. After a long time, she bit her lower lip and said, "Over there."

Then she got off the carriage and walked to a place far from hearing range. She stopped in a place where the servants could see her but were unable to hear what she said, and then opened her mouth, "Cangjue Qingsu, are you out of your mind? I didn't know you were in the Imperial City. Did you come here secretly?"

The man was Cangjue Qingsu, the third Prince of the State of Yelang.

Qingsu sneered, "If I had not come here, I would not know that you dared to fool me. You said you are Princess Hui Guo of the State of Ning. When did you become Princess Hua Jing? I was too stupid to have trusted you. After all, Princess Hui Guo is only 15 years old. She couldn't have the same buxom body like you."

Hua Jing bit her lower lip for a long time, and then murmured, "I dared not tell you my identity under such a circumstance..."

Qingsu snorted, "You are a married woman. It explains why you acted so... skilled in bed... How dare you fool me and instigate me to write a letter to tell Emperor Ning that I want to marry Princess Hui Guo? What punishment do you think you deserve?"

Hua Jing grunted as she heard his words, "I know that the Princes of the State of Yelang are all fighting for the position of Crown Prince. If you marry my sister and win my father's support, you will stand a good chance of wining it. You must have the same idea, otherwise, you would not come here secretly."

Qingsu laughed out loud as he heard her words, "She is only 15. I'm not interested in an adolescent girl at all. Moreover, she looks sick. Are you sure she will be able to arrive in the State of Yelang alive? If she got sick and died on the way, Emperor Ning would not help me. Instead, he would do everything to avenge his daughter. Besides, you father has already appointed the marriage between Princess Hui Guo and Prince Jing. I don't want to fight against Prince Jing."

Hua Jing bit her lower lip, "Are you sure you are not interested in the lady that even Prince Jing is fond of? Don't you want my father's support?"

"I have a better option here. Your mother is the Empress of the State of Ning. Your grandfather is Grand Councilor Li who has rights in his hand. If I marry you, I would have the support of Emperor Ning, the Empress, and Grand Councilor Li. That's a better deal! We had a wonderful time together. Aren't you going to help me? Besides, you have been married before. Who dares marry you in the State of Ning? If I become the Crown Prince of the State of Yelang, you would be the wife of the Crown Prince. After I become the Emperor, you would be the Empress. Don't you want to be the Empress?" Qingsu raised his eyebrows as he stared at Hua Jing with gleaming eyes.

The Empress... The word excited Hua Jing. After a long time, she eventually shook her head. "I'm the beloved daughter of my father and mother. They are not willing to send me far away to marry you. As for my marriage, it's none of your business..."

Qingsu gave a vicious look as he heard her words, but then he changed to a smile, "That day in the military camp, you and I were perfectly matched in bed. I have missed you so much. Did you miss me? I finally managed to arrive at the Imperial City. Hua Jing, what about we revisit that wonderful experience tonight?"

Hua Jing was taken aback. She bit her lower lip for a long time, and then murmured, "You are insane."

Qingsu put his mouth to Hua Jing's ear, "I am insane, but it is only because I missed you so much. Hua Jing, you can go back to the Princess Palace first. I'll call on you later."

Hua Jing frowned and wanted to refuse him, but Qingsu turned and left.

"Your Highness, are you okay?" Hua Jing's servant ran to her when she saw the man leaving.

Hua Jing stamped her foot and stated viciously, "I'm okay. Ask the butler to ask all the guards to be on patrol tonight. If they meet any casual visitors, just kill them."

The servant didn't know Hua Jing's intention, but she answered in a low voice, "Yes, Your Highness." Then she helped Hua Jing get in the carriage, and the carriage began moving again.

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