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   Chapter 118 Hua Jing Is Released From Prison (Part One)

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Yun Shang frowned as she did not know what was going on. She saw Ning Ye dodge the blow. Yun Shang was shocked by his reaction. She had once read through the information kept on royal members and learned that Ning Ye had been sickly from an early age and that he was randy yet weak now. Wang Jinhuan, however, was highly skilled in martial arts. Even if he punched Ning Ye without using martial arts, his movement would be much faster than an ordinary person, and Ning Ye shouldn't be able to dodge...

Was Ning Ye somehow skilled in martial arts too? But why did he conceal the fact?

Ning Ye also seemed to have realized his mistake. He stopped moving and took Jinhuan's next punch to his body.

Yun Shang saw the expression on Prince Jing's face change, and knew that he must have asked Jinhuan to fly Ning Ye's kite. Was Prince Jing investigating Ning Ye?

Yun Shang tipped Ning Qian with a wink. Ning Qian took the hint and turned to the two men fighting with each other and said indifferently, "Your Royal Highness, Mr. Wang, since you are good friends, please continue. I think I'd better leave now."

They immediately stopped fighting and yelled in one voice, "Qian Qian, please don't go."

Ning Qian did not respond, instead, she turned and walked toward the boat. Ning Ye immediately followed, but Jinhuan stayed where he was. He ground his teeth and mumbled, "Ning Ye, you are such a bastard! I don't believe Qian Qian would choose you. Let's wait and see!"

The thunder of horse hooves came from behind them. Shortly after, a man's voice could be heard, "Prince Jing, the Defense Minister has something important to report. He has been waiting for you for about an hour at the mansion."

Prince Jing nodded but hesitated before he turned to Yun Shang, "I'm so sorry. I invited you for an outing, but I need to leave now. Let me send you back to the Imperial Palace first."

Yun Shang agreed. She turned around and walked down the hill with Prince Jing. Together, they got into the carriage.

They didn't speak with each other during the journey.

After Yun Shang returned to her Palace, she asked Qian Yin, "Has Liu Qingya come into the Imperial Palace? She's the girl who was selected to be my father's newest concubine on New Year's Eve."

Qian Yin shook her head. After the New Year's Eve banquet, Lady Jin had nearly suffered a miscarriage, and the Empress had been grounded. It was the Empress who had selected Liu Qingya as a concubine for Emperor Ning. Now, the Empress was busy enough with her affairs, and no one remembered Lady Qingya.

Yun Shang thought about it for a while and said, "Ask Qin Meng to mention Qingya tomorrow when she visits Lady Ming."

Qian Yin nodded. Yun Shang continued, "Help me change. I'm going to Qinzheng Hall."

Yun Shang changed into a green dress and styled her hair in a bun before leaving for Qinzheng Hall with Qian Yin. Lord Zheng was not at the door. Another eunuch who was at the door immediately came up to Yun Shang, "Your Highness, the Emperor is not here. He went to Changchun Palace to visit Lady Ming."

Yun Shang nodded and turned in the direction of Changchun Palace.

Emperor Ning was really at Changchun Palace. When Yun Shang entered, she saw he was eating a bowl of white fungus soup. She said to Lady Ming with a childish pout, "Your Ladyship, you are being partial. I've been here so many times, but you have never served me a bowl of white fungus soup. Only my father has that honor."

Hearing her words, Lady Ming and Emperor Ning both laughed out loud. Lady Ming waved Yun Shang closer. She spoke kindly, "Your father would believe I have mistreated you. Madam Yu, serve Yun Shang a bowl of white fungus soup."

Madam Yu nodded before she withdrew. Soon, she returned with a tray and placed the bowl in front of Yun Shang. Yun Shang sipped at the soup before smiling. "So sweet!"

Emperor Ning chuckled, "I thought you and Prince Jing were at the Spring Outing. Why did you come back so early? Did he upset you?"

Yun Shang shook her head, "Of course not. He is a busy person. When we arrived at our destination, his servant came and asked him to return to his mansion. I didn't want to be alone, so I returned as well."

"Did he send you back?" Emperor Ning narrowed his eyes. He put a bland smile on his face.

Yun Shang was surprised and wondered why her father showed great interest in Prince Jing today. "I asked him to return to his mansion, and planned to come back by myself. But he said he worried about my safety. Public order in the Imperial City is good. So I think he is

way too cautious, " she answered.

"He is right. You are a young lady, and he should escort you back." Emperor Ning said in a low voice.

The conversation between father and daughter reminded Lady Ming of news that she heard earlier. It was said that Emperor Ning decreed the marriage between Yun Shang and Prince Jing on New Year's Eve. Lady Ming felt a bit annoyed and finally opened her mouth after a moment's silence, "Your Majesty, I heard that you decreed Yun Shang and Prince Jing's marriage. Is it true?"

Emperor Ning nodded, "Yes, it is. I watched Prince Jing grow up. He is stubborn and cold, but he treats Yun Shang well. If Yun Shang gets married to him, I would feel assured. Although Yun Shang is his niece in name, and I shouldn't appoint their marriage, he is just the sworn son of father. I don't think it's a big deal. So I support their marriage."

Lady Ming sighed, "Prince Jing is already 28 years old and Yun Shang is only 15. There's a huge age difference between them. Moreover, though Prince Jing is not Yun Shang's uncle, they are uncle and niece in name. People will talk about it. If I had been there that day, I would have opposed their marriage."

Yun Shang raised her eyebrows as she was amused by Lady Ming's words. Her words were dignified in form but insincere in substance. Prince Jing was the strongest rival of the Li Clan, and the last thing the Li Clan wanted was to see the alliance of Prince Jing and another force through marriage. Prince Jing hadn't showed interest in women in the past. Now that Emperor Ning had appointed the marriage between Prince Jing and Yun Shang, Grand Councilor Li was sure to reconsider the situation.

Emperor Ning smiled, "Prince Jing is several years older than Yun Shang, yes. But he has kept his chastity and has never had a relationship with a lady before. I've observed him recently, and he treats Yun Shang very well. As long as they are happy together, we don't need to care about what others think."

Lady Ming remained speechless for a long time after Emperor Ning's declaration. She finally sighed, "Well, they have their own lives to live. Yun Shang, you must not get married so soon, otherwise I would feel lonely in the Imperial Palace. The Empress is grounded in Qiwu Palace, Lady Jin is in the temporary imperial palace for recuperation, even Hua Jing... If Yun Shang gets married, there will be no one left in the Imperial Palace to talk with me."

Yun Shang raised her eyebrows upon hearing Lady Ming's words. She smiled and said, "Lady Ming, it is indeed kind of lonely in the Imperial Palace. Father, how about selecting more beauties for the Imperial Palace? I've heard that Emperors can select women, but have never witnessed it before. By the way, father, the Empress made a lady your concubine on New Year's Eve. The lady performed such a wonderful sword-dance. Father, please bring her into the Imperial Palace. I want to learn sword-dance."

Lady Ming was left speechless by Yun Shang's request. She ground her teeth and spoke after a while, "Selecting beauties is a sheer waste of energy and money, and it's not a good thing to have too many ladies in the Imperial Palace. Since the lady was honored as a concubine, I'll arrange someone to collect her, so that she can teach Yun Shang the sword-dance..."

Yun Shang nodded. A huge smile lit up her face, "Great! Then I can learn the sword-dance and perform it in front of you, Lady Ming. Father, sister Hua Jing has been grounded for a long time. I know she made a mistake, but she must have reflected on her actions while in jail. I heard jail is very frightening. There are mice and cockroaches. She is a weak lady and must feel scared. Father, please release her from prison."

Emperor Ning and Lady Ming were astounded by Yun Shang's plea. Lady Ming stared at Yun Shang for a long time, trying to figure out what she was thinking. But Yun Shang kept a calm face. Lady Ming thought it over in her mind before speaking, "Hua Jing is a Princess. No matter what mistake she made, as long as she knows she was wrong, we should release her. Moreover, I thought that case was weird and Hua Jing wouldn't do that. Your Majesty, please issue a decree ordering the official release of Hua Jing."

Emperor Ning remained speechless for a while and said, "I need to think it over."

Lady Ming was unsatisfied with this result and seemed to pout. Yun Shang finished the white fungus soup in a happy mood. Emperor Ning stood and was about to leave. Yun Shang also got up and said goodbye to Lady Ming. They left Changchun Palace together.

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