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   Chapter 117 Unwelcome Guest (Part Two)

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Prince Jing held Yun Shang and looked back. When he saw the girls behind Wang Jinhuan, he satirized with wrinkled brows, "You are really a playboy. I left about half an hour ago and you've already made so many female friends."

Wang Jinhuan looked up, smoothed his hair and said happily, "Hey, you left so long ago that I felt bored. When I saw Wen Qingzhu, the third son of the Deputy Minister of Revenue, I invited him. But I didn't expect that he would come here with his sisters. I can't back out."

'Wen Qingzhu? Does that mean that cold girl is here too?' In the distance Yun Shang saw the girl she was thinking about. She was leaning against a tree and looking at them. Her smile was one of ridicule.

'She is indeed a rose with thorns.'

"Your Highness." The girls behind Wang Jinhuan all greeted Prince Jing with shy smiles. Prince Jing nodded indifferently and ordered, "This is Princess Hui Guo. You should also greet her."

Many of the girls had already sneaked a surreptitious glance at Yun Shang and guessed her identity. Hearing the introduction, they greeted her with surprise, "Your Highness."

Yun Shang nodded and said, "It is a festival today. I came here for fun. Relax and behave yourselves."

Prince Jing turned, smiled at Yun Shang and asked, "I made you a kite. The servants will bring it here soon. Tell me whether you like it or not when you see it."

'A kite? No, I would be nearing 40 now if I hadn't been reborn. I am too old to fly a kite.' Yun Shang was nervous as she thought in her mind.

Shaking her head, she replied, "I am weak, so…" When Yun Shang saw Wang Jinhuan smirking, she added with a smile, "It would be great if Wang Jinhuan flew the kite. I saw him flying kites for others. It seems that he is good at it. I can't fly it myself, but I'll enjoy watching him fly it."

Prince Jing laughed and said, "As you wish. I will order him to fly it."

Prince Jing was never seen laughing so happily without restraint. The onlookers couldn't take their eyes off him. After a long time, Wang Jinhuan asked, "Why me? Can't Luo Qingyan fly a kite?"

'Prince Jing?' Yun Shang thought. She turned to check Prince Jing and finally shook her head, explaining, "No, he can't. It's ridiculous for an old man like him to run here and there with a kite."

Wang Jinhuan imagined the scene of Prince Jing flying a kite and felt weird. He coughed and then shouted, "Girls, let's fly kites!"

After the girls left with Wang Jinhuan, Prince Jing moved closer to Yun Shang's ear and enquired, "Yun Shang, do you mind my age?"

Yun Shang furrowed her eyebrows but didn't answer.

"Your Highness." A man standing behind the royals spoke. He greeted both Prince Jing and Princess Hui Guo.

Yun Shang and Prince Jing turned around and saw a man dressed in black. He had rosy lips and pretty white teeth. He seemed to be from a noble family. As per Wang Jinhuan, this man should be Wen Qingzhu.

Prince Jing nodded and said, "I heard you are getting married in a few days. Congratulations."

Wen Qingzhu didn't expect Prince Jing would speak about his marriage. He answered gratefully, "Thank you, Your Highness."

Prince Jing was unaware of the man's reply because he was busy talking to Yun Shang, "Let's go up the hill. We can watch them fly kites from there. I will ask servants to put a carpet on the ground. It would be comfortable if you'd like to rest."

Yun Shang nodded and followed Prince Jing to the hill. It was neither high nor steep, so they arrived at the top easily. On the opposite side, there was a lake on which floated some gaily-painted luxury pleasure boats.

Prince Jing noticed Yun Shang was looking at the boats. He advised, "The meals on the pleasure

boats are not bad. When you are hungry, we can go there."

Yun Shang saw Wang Jinhuan holding a butterfly kite. The butterfly was vivid. However, it was strong and vigorous, rather than graceful. She had seen the style before. When she recalled that Prince Jing had said he had made a kite for her, she snorted with laughter in her mind and thought, 'Maybe this one is a painting by Prince Jing?'

Though she thought it was funny, she questioned his motive. 'Prince Jing, it's impossible for you, an outstanding man to do such a thing for me without impetus. I don't know your intentions.'

Her thought was interrupted by the soft music originating from the pleasure boats. Many people were attracted to the music.

Wang Jinhuan ran up the hill. He seemed furious. He frowned and ordered the servant trailing behind him, "Go, to the pleasure boat and find out whether Ning Ye is on the boat. That bastard, if he dares to meet me, I will beat him to death. The music is so melodious. It must be played by Qian Qian*. No one can equal her talent in music."

(*TN: Qian Qian, a subordinate of Yun Shang is the most beautiful performer in the Imperial City. Her real name is Ning Qian.)

The servant scrunched up his face and begged, "Master, please don't be a troublemaker. The day before yesterday, you fought with Ning Ye over Qian Qian. His Lordship scolded you and forbade you from coming out. If His Lordship knew you provoked Ning Ye again, your leg would be beaten until its broken. And I would be beaten to death!"

Wang Jinhuan kicked the servant and urged, "I ordered you to go. Don't hesitate. If my father punishes us, I will take the whole punishment myself."

The servant made a long face and trudged downhill sourly.

"Who is Ning Ye?" Yun Shang turned and asked Wang Jinhuan.

Wang Jinhuan snorted in disgust, "He is the youngest son of Prince Shun Qing. Hum, you should call him uncle. But, I think he is a rogue. He is always interested in my girl. I liked Liu'er from Luohua Brothel and he scrambled for her. Then I was infatuated with Fei from Qingyun Brothel and he got involved. I recently fell in love with Qian Qian and he is competing with me! He must be using dirty tricks, otherwise she wouldn't have come here with him."

As Wang Jinhuan spoke, he suddenly recalled something. He stared at Yun Shang with a excited look and asked, "Your Highness, Qian Qian is your, well, you know her. Could you please ask her to talk with me and go out with me?"

Yun Shang raised her eyebrows and thought, 'I asked Ning Qian to investigate Prince Jing. According to Wang Jinhuan, she is getting involved with the youngest son of Prince Shun Qing.'

When Wang Jinhuan didn't get a satisfying answer, he felt anxious and held Yun Shang's hand. He begged, "Your Highness, please. Sister-in-law… I have known Luo Qingyan for many years. We are good friends. Please help me."

Yun Shang frowned and snorted. Wang Jinhuan suddenly stared into the distance.

Yun Shang turned and saw a pleasure boat dock. Several people stepped off the boat. A man in a blue robe was at the forefront. He put his arm around a girl's neck. Several good-looking girls with good figures followed them.

"Ning Ye, I knew it was you!" Wang Jinhuan ground his teeth and said.

They soon came closer. The man in front was handsome but looked like riff-raff. The girl in his arms was wearing a veil. But Wang Jinhuan recognized Qian Qian from her bright, attractive eyes.

The girls behind them were also beauties. It was easy to guess that they were not likely from rich families. There was seduction in their eyes.

"Ning Ye, you bastard…" Wang Jinhuan's eyes widened before he rushed forward to punch the man.

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