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   Chapter 116 Unwelcome Guest (Part One)

Eight-year-old Princess: Phoenix Reborn By Lan You Ruo Characters: 9201

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"What's wrong?" Qian Yin opened the door and got off the carriage.

Hearing the squabble, Yun Shang frowned and winked at Qin Yi as a sign for her to get out. Qin Yi complied with the order. The moment Qin Yi jumped off, Qian Yin returned and looked at Yun Shang seriously. She reported in a low voice, "Your Highness, a man rushed towards the carriage. The driver tried to avoid him but the man was still hurt."

Yun Shang replied, "Hum, ask Qin Yi to return. Since the carriage belongs to Prince Jing, the driver must be a smart man. He can deal with this accident."

Qian Yin frowned and said, "Your Highness, the injured man has brown eyes and an emblem on his wrist. I guess he is not a citizen of the State of Ning. Moreover, the clothes he wears are of good quality. They look expensive."

Yun Shang was worried when she heard the description. She said, "I will have a look." She then put on her veil and opened the door. As soon as she got off the carriage, she saw a man in black standing nearby. He looked pale. The driver bowed his head and defended himself, "You pounced on our horses so you are responsible for the accident. It's not my fault that I couldn't stop the horses. There are many witnesses."

The victim sneered, "Judging from the badge, I guess the carriage belongs to Prince Jing. Is he free to do as he pleases? Even kill a person recklessly? Just because he is a prince? If I had died on the spot, would anyone have been held accountable?"

From his accent it was confirmed that the man was not a citizen of the State of Ning. Yun Shang looked carefully at the man. He wore a black robe. He had a snub-nose and deep set eyes. Although he was handsome, she concluded that he was ill-tempered from his expression.

She stared at his wrist and saw a strange emblem. She squinted and thought for a while before she finally recalled his identity. She was astonished, but she hid her surprise.

With a smile she advised in a soft tone, "Be lenient whenever it is possible. It was six of one and half a dozen of the other. We were both at fault. Since you are not hurt, we are now even. What do you think?"

The man looked at the pretty tender girl. She seemed to be 14-15 years old. She had a good figure. Although the man thought highly of her, he satirized, "It's well known that Prince Jing is an upright man and never gets entangled with women. I wasn't expecting to handle an accident with a beauty as pretty as a flower and as pure as a jade. I heard the Emperor has granted Prince Jing's request to marry Princess Hui Guo. What if she saw you in his carriage? Would she be sad?"

His confusion further proved his identity. Yun Shang gave a signal to Qian Yin who understood what the Princess intended to convey.

a query, Isn't the Prince on the way? Why did he sneak into the Imperial City? What was his intention?"

Yun Shang raised her eyebrows and said, "Cangjue Qingsu is an unruly man, but he isn't imprudent. I believe he made some arrangements before he came into the Imperial City by himself. It will not be easy to catch or kill him."

Prince Jing didn't reply. He meditated in silence and then said, "After the spring outing, I will send you back to the Imperial Palace. You'd better stay at your palace for several days. Firstly, Cangjue Qingsu asked the Emperor to marry you to him. He doesn't know the name he mentioned in his letter has been changed to Hua Jing. I am afraid he might hurt you. Secondly, he is in the Imperial City and the State of Xia may take some action. There will be a period of serious disturbances in the Imperial City."

"It's not easy for me to get out of the Imperial Palace." Yun Shang answered and then closed her eyes, leaving Prince Jing alone with his thoughts. When speaking of Cangjue Qingsu, her attitude had become softer. However, it didn't mean she would treat him tenderly and with a smile.

After several minutes of travel, the carriage stopped. Prince Jing jumped off the carriage first. Before Yun Shang got off, Prince Jing had held out his hand to help her.

Yun Shang frowned. She didn't need his help. When she was about to jump off the carriage, a frivolous voice was heard, "Is Princess Huo Guo coming? We have been waiting for a long time."

Yun Shang looked up and saw Wang Jinhuan striding to meet her. Behind him, several girls followed.

Yun Shang sighed and held Prince Jing's hand when getting off the carriage. Yun Shang glanced at the surrounding area. An expansive slope with a smooth surface came into view. Maybe it was a special platform for the spring outing?

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