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   Chapter 113 Fall Into Disgrace (Part Two)

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As expected, Xiu Xin hurriedly made a kowtow before Emperor Ning, "Your Majesty, please don't get angry. I planned the whole thing. It has nothing to do with Her Majesty. Her Majesty asked Princess Hui Guo to celebrate the birthday of Lady Shun Qing, but she was afraid that Princess Hui Guo wouldn't have any presentable gift, so she gave Princess Hui Guo the precious jadeite peach-shaped carving. I have never liked Princess Hui Guo. She isn't Her Majesty's daughter, but you treat her much better than Princess Hua Jing. Her Majesty has been a nice Empress, wife, and mother since she entered the Imperial City, but only I know her suffering, so I felt vengeful. I thought if I eliminated Princess Hui Guo, Her Majesty would be relieved. So I made a decision without authorization, and asked someone to make a fake peach-shaped carving. Then I went to ask Lady Gao for help."

The Empress's palms sweated so much that her handkerchief became wet. Why didn't Xiu Xin think properly at this critical moment? It was obviously a trap. Lady Shun Qing was fine, which shed doubt on the plan. Moreover, the others had no idea of the sachet Lady Gao mentioned just now. The Empress was sure that she had never asked Xiu Xin to do that.

However, the Empress could do nothing to turn the tables now. Lady Gao had pleaded guilty and even Xiu Xin had taken responsibility. What else could she do? What was worse, Emperor Ning would never trust her again. He wouldn't change his mind even if her father interceded on her behalf. Sweat dripped from the Empress's face. She even found it hard to defend herself. After a long time, she knelt on the ground and said weakly, "Please punish me for my negligence."

Emperor Ning closed his eyes and looked pale. How dare his Empress try to harm his daughter? Moreover, Xiu Xin had taken responsibility, and the Grand Councilor dominated the court. Even if the Empress was behind all this, Emperor Ning couldn't punish her. At the thought that he couldn't even protect the daughter of his beloved woman, Emperor Ning felt more helpless.

"Xiu Xin intended to murder Princess Hui Guo. Guards, drag her out and club her to death. As punishment for her negligence, the Empress has to copy Buddhist scriptures in her palace and can't step out without my permission." Emperor Ning closed his eyes in fury.

Some guards stepped forward ready to take Xiu Xin. She calmly made three kowtows before the Empress and said, "I'm sorry, Your Majesty. I will repay your kindness in the next life."

The Empress liked Xiu Xin as she had served her for so many years. Hearing what Xiu Xin said, the Empress was heartbroken. "Farewell, Xiu Xin. I can't bear to see you die." Then she turned and left Qinzheng Hall.

The guards dragged Xiu Xin out. Emperor Ning looked at the sad Yun Shang and sighed, "Shang is stupefied with terror. Prince Jing, take her back to Qingxin Palace. Prince Shun Qing, I will leave Lady Gao to you. This is your family matter. You can deal with her as you like."

Seeing that Emperor Ning raised his hand to rub his temple, the others knew that he was tired, so they left.

At the gate of Qinzheng Hall, Yun Shang turned to look at Prince Jing. "Qingxin Palace is not far from here. I can go back myself. Don't bother to escort me."

Prince Jing raised his eyebrow. "You want me to disobey His Majesty? I dare not. If you don't want me to take you back, just tell His Majesty."

Yun Shang gritted her teeth and decided that she couldn't disturb her father now. She glared at Prince Jing and walked in front of him.

Prince Jing, with a mischievous smile, ke

pt up with Yun Shang while muttering, "What an impressive drama. If I didn't know you, I would think you were a famous actress in the Imperial City."

Yun Shang stopped and satirized, "I am far beneath you in hypocrisy. You pretend to like me though you don't. The others will mistakenly think that we have been in love for long. You are ruining my reputation. It's your old trick, right? However, I'm just 15 years old, while you will soon be 30. Aren't you robbing a cradle?"

Prince Jing was surprised at Yun Shang's eloquence and couldn't help but laugh. "How eloquent you are. However, neither of us can stop our upcoming marriage."

What Prince Jing said left Yun Shang speechless. She stared at him and said nothing.

Prince Jing didn't provoke her further. Instead, he followed her. When they arrived at Qingxin Palace, Prince Jing stepped in without Yun Shang's invitation. Qin Yi and Qian Yin knew Yun Shang was capable, but they were still worried about her as she had been gone for a long time. Hearing her footsteps, they hurriedly came to greet her, "Your Highness, are you okay?"

They were shocked at the arrival of Prince Jing. "Your Highness."

Yun Shang then realized that Prince Jing had entered her palace. She showed him the door, "My father just asked you to escort me. I was not ordered to entertain you. Please leave."

Qin Yi was startled. It was known to all that Yun Shang had been betrothed to Prince Jing. She once told Qin Yi that Prince Jing was reliable although he seemed to be cold. Moreover, Yun Shang didn't refuse when Emperor Ning betrothed her to Prince Jing. It was unexpected for Yun Shang to show Prince Jing the cold shoulder now. What if Prince Jing really got angry?

Qin Yi shot a glance at Prince Jing and found that he was not angry. Surprisingly, he was smiling. Just when she wanted to put in a good word for Yun Shang, Prince Jing said, "Yun Shang is angry with me. It doesn't matter. It is icy outside. Yun Shang's hands are cold. Go fetch some hot water to warm her hands."

Qin Yi caught Qian Yin's eye, nodded and turned to leave, but Yun Shang stopped her, "I'm your master. How can you leave before I make an order?"

Qin Yi and Qian Yin stood still nervously.

Prince Jing sighed and tried to please Yun Shang. "It was just a joke. I didn't expect that you would get angry. Vent your anger on me if you like."

Qian Yin and Qin Yi were taken aback. They usually stayed with Yun Shang all day long. But they didn't know that she and Prince Jing had such an intimate relationship. It occurred to Qian Yin that Yun Shang slept in Prince Jing's tent at the frontier some time ago. Yun Shang was Prince Jing's junior, and Prince Jing had slept somewhere else, so Qian Yin didn't think it improper. Did they get close with each other in those days? This thought astonished Qian Yin. Furthermore, Yun Shang was terribly worried upon hearing that Prince Jing was in trouble that day and personally gathered as many as people she could to save Prince Jing.

Emperor Ning approved of their marriage soon after they came back. This was indeed a wise decision as Yun Shang's reputation would have been ruined as many people in the camp had met her.

Prince Jing obeyed Yun Shang in every way. Qian Yin didn't know why Yun Shang was angry, but she felt relieved as Prince Jing made an abject apology.

Yun Shang didn't notice that Qian Yin was lost in thought but felt sick of Prince Jing who had no shame. She gave a brittle laugh and said to Prince Jing, "There are no other people here. Don't pretend to be nice. Qian Yin, show Prince Jing out."

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