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   Chapter 111 Wrath Of Lady Shun Qing (Part Two)

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Although Yun Shang felt relieved, she had nothing to say, and the silence in the carriage became awkward. Yun Shang remembered Emperor Ning's words from a few days ago, so she gave a little cough and said, "I'm going to send my mother to the Fenglai Palace* for recuperation. My father said you would tidy up the Palace first. We are going there in a few days. Uncle Jing, is the Palace already prepared?"

(*TN: Fenglai Palace is a temporary imperial palace.)

Prince Jing nodded, "The Palace is ready. You may rest assured. Please be careful on your way to the Palace and do not let others discover Lady Jin's secret, otherwise you would get in trouble."

Yun Shang nodded, and Prince Jing continued, "It's not a good idea to conceal Lady Jin's pregnancy. What if the Empress asserts that Lady Jin had an affair with someone else and got pregnant? How are you going to deal with that?"

Yun Shang was taken aback by his words. After much deliberation, she admitted that she hadn't thought consummately. Although Lady Jin was in her third or four month of pregnancy, the Empress could invariably stir up trouble. Yun Shang nodded, "Thank you for reminding me of that, Uncle Jing. I hadn't thought of it before. I'll deal with it as soon as I return."

Prince Jing nodded, and closed his eyes to rest.

Yun Shang had been thinking of her mother and rehearsing what she would say in the upcoming meeting with the Emperor. Prince Jing and Yun Shang had no other conversation during the rest of their journey.

As soon as they arrived at the Imperial Palace, Prince Shun Qing asked to see the Emperor. After a while, Emperor Ning sent a eunuch to escort Prince Shun Qing and his family in. Yun Shang was about to follow them, but Prince Jing grabbed her sleeve to stop her. Yun Shang went blank for a while, and didn't go in.

"Lady Gao is the daughter-in-law of Prince Shun Qing, and it is their family affair. It is improper for you to go in now. Let's just wait. The Emperor is sure to call us in later." Prince Jing explained to Yun Shang as he saw the doubt in her eyes.

Yun Shang went blank again and then nodded. She blamed herself for being hasty and decided to be more careful in the future.

Prince Jing saw her reaction and knew she was not vigilant against him now. So he asked, "Have you thought about the Xiu Xin situation? Where is the real one?"

Yun Shang gave a murderous look, "I've hidden her in a secret place and given her some medicines. I'm sure she will say whatever I want her to say."

The Empress relied heavi

ore convinced and was fuming. He banged his tea cup on the table and shouted, "Bitch!"

At this moment, the door opened. The newcomer seemed to be startled and muttered, "Your Majesty, what's going on here? Who makes you angry?" The voice belonged to the Empress. Although she voiced her concern, she sounded bland.

Emperor Ning snorted, "Look at what you have done! Wonderful! I have such a virtuous wife!"

The Empress then realized Emperor Ning was mad at her. She looked around with a frown. She thought to herself, 'They are all here. Aren't Prince Shun Qing and Lady Shun Qing here to convey their grievances about Princess Hui Guo? Why is Emperor Ning mad at me?' Though she had doubts, the Empress had to take the blame, "Your Majesty, why are you so angry at me? What have I done? Yun Shang, I thought you were at Prince Shun Qing's Mansion. Why are you here? Prince Shun Qing, Lady Shun Qing, you are both here as well. What is going on? If Yun Shang did something wrong and offended you, I apologize for her. Please pardon her."

The Empress asserted Yun Shang's mistakes without knowing what had happened, and even gave an apology. Yun Shang sneered in her mind and wondered if the Empress would still be smiling in a while.

"Li Yiran, why isn't Xiu Xin with you? I remember she is your right hand." The stern-looking Emperor Ning raised his head and asked the Empress coldly.

The Empress didn't know why Emperor Ning asked about Xiu Xin. She said, "Your Majesty, Xiu Xin is sick. I was afraid she might communicate the disease to you, so I asked her to rest at Qiwu Palace."

Hardly had her voiced faded away when the door was pushed open, "Your Majesty, Xiu Xin is here."

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