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   Chapter 110 Wrath Of Lady Shun Qing (Part One)

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Since there were two voices, one must belong to Xiu Xin, and the other to Lady Gao.

Lady Gao spoke again, "I am determined to live up to the expectation of the Empress. After I saw that Prince Shun Qing and Lady Shun Qing were fine, I decided to kill someone and frame Princess Hui Guo. Although it wasn't Prince Shun Qing and Lady Shun Qing that were killed, Wu Qi, after all, is an official. Moreover, I saw Wu Qi's daughter seducing my husband. She is such a minx! So, I asked you to give Wu Qi two sachets in the name of the Empress. I thought he would give one sachet to his wife, but he gave it to his daughter. Regardless, he solved a big challenge for me. The bitch is unable to seduce my husband now."

Hardly had Lady Gao's voice faded away, Xiu Xin's voice could be heard from within the room, "Before the Empress gave the sandalwood box to Princess Hui Guo as a gift, we tested it many times, and the mechanism did work. I don't understand why it didn't work in Princess Hui Guo's hands. The Empress asked me to do something on the peach-shaped carving made of jadeite. When blood streaks appeared on it, Lady Shun Qing would take the carving to examine it out of curiosity. But I don't understand why she is unharmed. I will report everything to the Empress in detail when I return. Your Ladyship, when you are in the front hall later, please ask someone to check the sachets carefully. The cloth and silk threads used to make the sachets are supplied to the Imperial Palace only, and the embroidery method belongs to a servant of Princess Hui Guo. What you need to do is remind Prince Shun Qing and Lady Shun Qing of these facts. They are clever people and are sure to conclude that it was Princess Hui Guo."

"I get it. The Empress has helped me eliminate my rivals, and I should, in return, help her. I know what to do next..."

Before Lady Gao could finish her words, Yun Shang saw Prince Shun Qing signaling to the guard standing nearby. The guard immediately pushed open the windows and rushed in. A scream was heard next. Yun Shang narrowed her eyes as she saw a figure in green dashing out from the room and disappearing in a trice.

Yun Shang stood still instead of entering the room. Although she was involved in the event, this was Prince Shun Qing's family affair and she was an outsider. She could not make things harder.

Yun Shang realized Prince Jing was staring at her. But she ignored him. She stood where she was and let her eyes settle on the distant long corridor.

"Prince Jing, Princess Yun Shang, please, come in." Prince Shun Qing's voice came from within. Yun Shang walked to the door and entered the room. She saw a lady had collapsed in a chair. It was a cold winter day, but her forehead was wet with perspiration. She was too frightened to utter a single word.

"My Prince, the servant girl knows better martial art

a Jing very much. When he thought of Yun Shang's miserable past, he began to hate the Empress even more.

Prince Shun Qing asked the butler to explain to the guests and serve them properly. Then, he left the house and headed directly for the Imperial Palace with his wife, daughter-in-law, Princess Yun Shang, and Prince Jing.

Prince Jing didn't ride a horse, instead, he sat in Yun Shang's carriage. Yun Shang had to ask Qin Yi and Qian Yin to take another carriage.

Only Yun Shang and Prince Jing were in the carriage. Prince Jing stared at Yun Shang for a long time before speaking, "Xiu Xin knows martial arts. But in Prince Shun Qing's Mansion right now, even Prince Shun Qing's guard was unable to catch her. I didn't think she was that capable."

Yun Shang stayed calm after hearing his words, "Are you talking to me, Uncle Jing? Does Xiu Xin know martial arts?" Yun Shang asked with a slight frown. She hesitated for a while and then said, "I've stayed at the Imperial Palace for so short a time, I wouldn't know if Xiu Xin knew martial arts."

Prince Jing didn't believe her at all, "An honest man says nothing deceitful. Was it you that arranged an imposter to pose as Xiu Xin? The imposter Xiu Xin seems to be have the same figure as Qian Qian."

Yun Shang's smile froze on her face as she muttered, "Really? Uncle Jing, you have such good eyesight."

Prince Jing didn't respond. Instead, he kept staring at her. Yun Shang felt guilty, but she knew he bore no ill will, otherwise he would have said all this in front of Prince Shun Qing and Lady Shun Qing, instead of talking to her privately. She sighed, "Qian Qian is very adept at disguising as someone else. Martial art is not her only talent."

Prince Jing seemed to be pleased with her words and nodded, "You have so many talented companions." Yun Shang was relieved as Prince Jing had no intention of making a detailed inquiry.

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