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   Chapter 107 Lotus In Blossom (Part Two)

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Yun Shang frowned and kicked Wang Jinhuan. But no one saw that as their table was covered with a large red tablecloth. Wang Jinhuan grimaced in pain. Yun Shang withdrew her foot. Her eyebrows shot up when she found another pair of feet near hers.

Yun Shang frowned and looked at Prince Jing. He was looking at her mischievously.

"Qian Qian? Who is she? Why does she look like a temptress?" Lady Shun Qing frowned and muttered. She no longer watched the woman on the platform.

Wang Jinhuan put on a saccharine smile and said, "Lady Shun Qing, she is the most popular beauty in the Imperial City. Even though I spent a lot of money, I haven't gotten a chance to see her. It's great that I can meet her here today..."

Lady Shun Qing knew about Wang Jinhuan's reputation as a womanizer. So she knew what he meant. She frowned, "So, she is a prostitute?"

"Oh my! Lady Shun Qing, you can't say that. You shouldn't judge her by her job. Qian Qian is not only beautiful but also highly skilled in the Four Arts. No other person can compare with her favorably within the Imperial City. Lady Shun Qing, please just listen to the music." Wang Jinhuan exclaimed and spoke well of Qian Qian.

Lady Shun Qing shook her head, "You are too naughty. I have warned you not go to such shady places. But you seldom obey. Prince Jing is mature. You should learn from him."

It seemed that Lady Shun Qing favored Wang Jinhuan. Yun Shang thought deeply, but she failed to recall any memories of Lady Shun Qing and Wang Jinhuan from her previous life.

Prince Jing whispered, "Lady Shun Qing has a close relationship with Wang Jinhuan's grandmother."

No wonder, Yun Shang thought to herself.

As the music started, everyone's attention was fixed on the platform. The song's name was, Ode to Plum Blossoms. The music was airy and ethereal. Gradually, the melody became exciting. It allowed the audience to imagine a plum tree blossoming on a snowy

n. She said that the carving could be Master Jing'an's handicraft. I have admired Master Jing'an for a long time. The carving is also well-known. It was said that the carving was kept in the State of Xia and protected by guards. It is unexpected that Princess Hui Guo acquired it. Please forgive my imprudence, but I'm eager to take a look at it."

"Yes?" Prince Shun Qing said and raised his brows. From his mood, Yun Shang knew what was in his mind. He might think that the peach-shaped carving was a counterfeit.

Yun Shang smiled and said softly, "I didn't know the legendary story of the carving. Her Majesty requested me to gift it to Lady Shun Qing. I don't know how Her Majesty acquired it."

Prince Shun Qing nodded and said to Lady Shun Qing, "It might be a tribute. Your Highness, where did you keep it? I will order the servants to fetch it."

Lady Shun Qing smiled, "It is said that the carving is invaluable, so I put it in a concealed cabinet. Let Madam Chen fetch it." Then she beckoned to Madam Chen and ordered her to fetch the carving.

A few moments later, a box made from sandalwood was brought to the table. Lady Shun Qing took out the carving. But she frowned when she looked at it. "What's the matter with it? It seems there are bloodstains inside the carving."

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