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   Chapter 106 Lotus In Blossom (Part One)

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All the girls were puzzled. Prince Jing walked closer. He was dressed in a dark purple robe. He was handsome with a roman nose and thin lips. His angular eyes lent him a dignified air. A man dressed in red walked behind him. He had a boyish charm. He wore a mischievous smile and his eyes moved constantly from Yun Shang to Prince Jing.

Yun Shang frowned and wondered whether Wenxi would dislike her now because of Prince Jing's statement. The young girls standing behind Yun Shang gawked at Prince Jing. Noticing this, Yun Shang understood why they would accompany the older ladies rather than enjoy themselves in the garden prepared for female guests. They were waiting for Prince Jing.

Lady Shun Qing had asked Yun Shang to show them around. Some of the girls might have been unwilling but they had to follow her. On the one hand, they dared not offend Yun Shang because she was a Princess. On the other hand, they wanted to take this opportunity to see what Prince Jing's fiancee was like.

"Luo Qingyan, when did you fall in love with Princess Yun Shang? You are not being honest with me. I was surprised when you said that you must marry her. Several of the younger girls looked at Wang Jinhuan. Despite the fact that he had exaggerated his facial expression, they marveled at his fine features.

Yun Shang looked pensive. She smiled, "I don't know either. Uncle, when did you fall in love with me so deeply? Weren't you worried that Mister Wang would tease you? You have overacted." Not waiting for Prince Jing's response, Yun Shang turned and said to the young girls, "Let's head to the garden in front." Yun Shang bypassed Prince Jing and Wang Jinhuan as she led the way to the door.

As she walked past Wang Jinhuan, she covertly flicked a needle in front of him. As expected, Wang Jinhuan's foot was hurt when he stepped on it. He fell on Prince Jing and melodramatically yelled, "Luo Qingyan, are you playing tricks on me again?"

When Yun Shang and the young girls turned, they saw Wang Jinhuan had embraced Prince Jing with an aggrieved expression.

The young girls blushed and followed Yun Shang in a hurry.

Only Prince Jing and Wang Jinhuan were left in the garden. Wang Jinhuan was puzzled about the embarrassing scene. He didn't want to attract attention in such an awkward way. For fear of being ridiculed, he had intentionally fallen on Prince Jing. But with no one around, the two men looked a bit awkward.

Prince Jing found the needle on the ground and concealed it.

"Aren't you going to congratulate Lady Shun Qing on her birthday? Hurry, go in!" Prince Jing said coolly.

Wang Jinhuan curled his lips and stood straight. He walked toward the house and said in high voice, "Lady Shun Qing, I'm coming to visit you! Did you miss me?..."

Yun Shang lowered her head and thought about investigating Wang Jinhuan. It was doubtful that an son of the Defense Minister, who spent the best part of his day doing nothing, should have such a close relationship with Prince Jing.

"So that's it? Your Highness, please don't be sad..." Wenxi was trying to console Yun Shang. But her words seemed to imply that she was gloating over the Princess.

Yun Shang sighed slightly, "It doesn't matter. Prince Jing and Wang Jinhuan have a close relationship. I understand that Prince Jing would want to protect Mister Wang from being the target of gossip. Since I have always been in poor health, marrying me was a good alternative." But I hope that all of you can forget what you heard and saw just now. As Prince Jing is bad-tempered and thinks highly of Mister Wang, if you don't take my advice, Prince Jing may not forgive you."

All the girls nodded except the girl who pleaded against Wenxi. She gazed at Yun Shang curiously.

"She is Ruyu, Lady Ruxin's young sister. Though the daughter of a concubine, the Deputy Minister of Revenue and his wife favor her very much. She is not easy to get along with." Qian Yin whispered.

Yun Shang nodded and smiled at Ruyu, "Ruyu, you are the most beautiful lady I have ever seen."

Ruyu arrogantl

y looked away without responding.

Wenxi concealed her hatefulness toward Ruyu behind an innocent smile, "Ruyu is really a beauty and she is favored in her family though she is the daughter of a concubine. The quality of her jewelry isn't lower than ours. Lady Wen always takes her to banquets. Ruyu is more likely to marry a high-positioned man. So she disdains to be our friend. Your Highness needn't be angry with her."

Yun Shang smiled slightly. Wenxi couldn't win Ruyu, but she wasn't as innocent as she pretended to be. She had pointed out that Ruyu's jewelry was incompatible with her identity. So the other girls would hate Ruyu for the privileges afforded to her. Ruyu was beautiful. Her parents introduced her to many masters from noble families. She dared to ignore Princess Yun Shang because she aimed to marry a member of the Imperial Court. It meant that Ruyu had a strong desire to be one of the Emperor's concubines. Wenxi meant to irritate Yun Shang in order to hinder Ruyu's plan.

Yun Shang smiled and said, "Ruyu is straightforward." She didn't say anymore and continued toward the garden for female guests.

Wenxi thought that Yun Shang would be angry with Ruyu. So she gladly followed Yun Shang.

Yun Shang had known most of the female guests in her previous lifetime, but she had not met them since her rebirth. So she couldn't chat with them rashly. She seated herself on a chair. No one came to talk with her except Wenxi who spoke about the clothes and jewelry in fashion in the Imperial City and her family members. Yun Shang didn't respond.

A few moments passed and it was time for dinner. Prince Shun Qing's daughter-in-law invited everyone to the main hall.

The seats for the hosts were placed on the second floor. In the middle sat Prince and Lady Shun Qing. Prince Jing sat beside Prince Shun Qing. Wang Jinhuan had been seated next to Lady Shun Qing.

As Prince Jing caught sight of Yun Shang, he stood and headed downstairs. He approached her with a smile, "Why did you come so late? Let's go upstairs. My uncle wants to see you."

Prince Shun Qing was Prince Jing's uncle.

Yun Shang lowered her head and followed him. She greeted Prince and Lady Shun Qing, "Prince Shun Qing, Lady Shun Qing, I'm honored to attend the birthday party."

Prince Shun Qing laughed, "We are pleased to see you as well. On New Year's Eve, we didn't get a chance to talk. The last time I saw you, you were only a child. Now, you have grown up. Qingyan has been single for so many years. I thought he didn't want to get married. You must be a good girl if he has taken a fancy to you."

Prince Jing smiled, "Uncle, I didn't mean to stay single. But no girl caught my attention before Yun Shang. I'm lucky to have met her."

It sounded so corny. Yun Shang concealed her feelings. Just as she opened her mouth to reply, she heard Prince Jing, "Anyway, we are partners. Moreover, I have helped you many times..."

Prince Jing didn't elaborate further. Yun Shang knew that he was subtly implying that she keep up the pretense. So she smiled gently and responded, "I am lucky to have him."

"Where's Lin'an?" Lady Shun Qing asked softly.

Yun Shang lowered her head as she sipped her tea. Lin'an was Prince Shun Qing's eldest son.

Prince Shun Qing smiled and said softly, "It's said that he is organizing the performance. I let him supervise the rehearsal to assure that everything goes well."

Lady Shun Qing nodded.

Yun Shang looked around and spotted a high platform. It had been decorated with a red cloth. The cloth was embroidered with a Chinese character, Shou*.

(TN* The Chinese character shou means happy birthday.) Sitting on the second floor, she could see the show clearly.

A woman dressed in red walked onto the platform. Her face was concealed with a white silk veil. She carried a Chinese zither to the platform. Her enchanting eyes captured the attention of all guests.

Wang Jinhuan jumped to his feet. "Oh my god, that's Qian Qian..." He looked at Yun Shang, "Your... Your Highness... That's Qian Qian..."

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