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   Chapter 105 Birthday Party At Prince Shun Qing's Mansion (Part Two)

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Yun Shang was surprised. She checked her eyebrows for stray hairs before washing her face. Then, she took the towel from Qian Yin, wiped her face and sat before the dresser.

Qin Yi walked over, picked up the comb, and tended to Yun Shang's hair.

Qian Yin hung out the used towel and continued, "Lady Shun Qing likes green and blue, so most of her clothes are green and blue. She hates others wearing clothes of the same colors as her. Today, you can't wear clothes in those two colors."

"I see." Yun Shang smiled faintly, "If others know that Lady Shun Qing favors those two colors, they will try to flatter her by wearing clothes in those colors. However, if I do the same, she might hate me. The Empress is considerate. She told the truth, but..."

Qin Yi combed Yun Shang's hair and picked up a simple hairband from the dresser. She made a bowknot on Yun Shang's hair and frowned, "Your Highness, did the Empress ask you to attend Lady Shun Qing's birthday party so that you will anger her by wearing clothes with the same colors as hers? Will her trickery fail if you wear clothes of other colors?"

Yun Shang glanced at the gift box and smiled, "Of course not."

"Your Highness, I hope you do not attend the party. The Empress is vengeful and evil. If something bad happens to you at the Prince Shun Qing's Mansion, she won't be blamed." Qin Yi felt unnerved. The Princess had a narrow escape a fews days ago. What's to be done if bad things happen to her again?

Yun Shang turned and grasped Qin Yi's hands, "I can't hide at Qingxin Palace and be a coward forever. I promise I will be careful. Come on, don't worry about me."

Qin Yi nodded, turned around, took a piece of rosy clothing and helped Yun Shang to put it on. Then she grabbed a cloak in the same color and tied it for the Princess. Then, she held the gift box and followed Yun Shang out of Qingxin Palace.

The carriage was already waiting for them as they stepped out of the Palace. Qian Yin helped Yun Shang climb in. After the two maids stepped into the carriage, the journey toward Prince Shun Qing's Mansion begun.

"Princess Hui Guo has arrived." Hearing the message of the herald, people present in the yard looked at the entrance.

A lady aged about thirty walked forward and laughed cheerfully, "I just said that I heard the twiddle of magpie in the morning and thought a respected noble would come to the party. Now, a Princess arrives."

Qian Yin followed Yun Shang and whispered, "This is Wen Ruxin, wife of the eldest son of Prince Shun Qing, and daughter of the Deputy Minister of Revenue."

Yun Shang raised her head, smiled and greeted, "Aunt, you don't need to be so polite and formal. I feel embarrassed."

The woman noticed that Yun Shang addressed her as Aunt. She was dumbstruck for a moment. However, she recovered quickly. The Lady walked toward Yun Shang and grasped her hands, "Look at you. I told the other ladies that although Princess Hui Guo is young, she is a real beauty. However, they doubted my words and said you are not as beautiful as Princess Hua Jing. In my opinion, you are more beautiful."

The guests standing nearby burst into laughter. Yun Shang looked around and recognized many people she had met in her previous life.

Yun Shang squinted. Ruxin might have a gentle appearance, but she had a firm and ruthless character. She would regret it if she became careless and reduced her vigilance. Yun Shang smiled and said, "You are flattering me. Although I live in the Imperial Palace and rarely go out, I know my sister is well-known to be the most beautiful woman. I'm too common-looking to be compared with her. Aunt, thank you for reassuring me. However, it's obvious that you are overly generous in your praise. I dislike that."

Ruxin roared with laughter before replying hastily, "I'm too timid to lie to a Princess. Lady Shun Qing is entertaining her guests in her yard. Please follow me and meet her. She will be pleased about your arrival."

Yun Shang nodded and smiled, "Thank you for leading the way."

Ruxin replied quickly, "You are welcome." Then, she walked out of the yard and Yun Shang followed.

Prince Shun Qing's Mansion wasn't ostentatiously decorated. However, its elegance was evident. Besides, its pa

vilions and houses were built according to parks and gardens in regions south of the Yangtze River, which seemed to be graceful and restrained. Yun Shang acknowledged its beauty verbally, which pleased Ruxin. She giggled and said, "Prince Shun Qing personally designed the mansion. Because Lady Shun Qing was born south of the Yangtze River, and the Prince was afraid his wife was unaccustomed to the environment here, he deliberately asked the craftsmen to build his mansion this way."

"Uh?" Yun Shang turned to look at Ruxin, and said, "The Prince really loves his wife. I envy them."

Ruxin heard this and laughed, "I think you are expecting to marry your chosen husband soon. I heard from my father that the Emperor granted the marriage between you and Prince Jing. Many girls in the Imperial City consider Prince Jing to be perfect. Your Highness, you are very lucky as well."

Yun Shang followed Ruxin as she walked through several yards. She finally entered a yard that was built near a lake and boasted of a thick bamboo forest. A two-story house stood inside. The construction and landscaping here as well, were similar to what was followed by people living south of the Yangtze River.

"Your Highness, please come inside. Lady Shun Qing is waiting for you." Ruxin smiled as she led Yun Shang inside the house.

Yun Shang saw several senior ladies and girls inside. An amiable old woman dressed in a dark bluish skirt adorned with bamboo patterns sat on a rosewood chair. The old woman looked a bit stern as her eyebrows were furrowed.

"Mother, Princess Hui Guo is here to offer you birthday wishes. Ruxin smiled and stood aside.

Yun Shang walked forward and congratulated the old woman, "I wish that you live a life of several hundred years in ease and comfort." Qin Yi hurried to hand over the sandalwood box. Yun Shang opened it and said, "I had no unique gift for you. So, I asked the Empress to give me this peach-shaped carving made of jadeite, and now present it to you."

Lady Shun Qing stared at Yun Shang intensively before smiling and speaking, "Your arrival is the best birthday gift for me."

A voice interrupted the two women. "This peach-shaped carving is highly qualified. Look at the jadeite. It's beyond compare and almost transparent. It looks as natural as a real peach."

Lady Shun Qing smiled and asked a servant to take the box. She said, "I like it. I haven't seen such a beautiful and unique jadeite before. Princess Hui Guo, you are so kind and considerate." Then, Lady Shun Qing and Yun Shang spoke amiably for a few minutes before Lady Shun Qing said, "I have some senior women here talking about boring things. You can take these young ladies to the yard and have some fun. They must feel bored and embarrassed at having to listen to our nonsense."

The older women heard this and giggled. They said to the younger women, "If that is the case, you can go and play with the Princess."

Yun Shang smiled and led the younger ladies out. A pretty young girl approached Yun Shang and said with a broad smile, "Your Highness, you are so beautiful. Xi'er has never seen such a beautiful lady."

Yun Shang heard Qin Yi whisper, "She is Wenxi, daughter of the officer of Taichang Temple*."

(*TN: An agency responsible for imperial ceremonies)

Yun Shang was about to say something, however, a sarcastic voice interrupted her. "Wenxi, you are a bitch. Isn't your love for Prince Jing well known in the Imperial City? The Emperor granted the marriage between Prince Jing and Princess Hui Guo. Listen to me and don't play tricks. Can it be that you are fawning over the Princess with the hopes that one day, she will talk Prince Jing into marrying you as a concubine? You are so naive."

Yun Shang didn't know this secret. She turned, refrained from smiling, and looked at the woman who had spoken. She had a beautiful face, so much so that despite her malicious expression, she was still attractive. However, her words were hurtful.

Wenxi ground her teeth and ignored that woman. She frowned as though wronged and said to Yun Shang, "You Highness, she is telling lies."

Yun Shang smiled and was about to comfort her when she heard a familiar cold voice, "You will get nothing. I will only marry Yun Shang."

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