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   Chapter 104 Birthday Party At Prince Shun Qing's Mansion (Part One)

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Emperor Ning stared at Yun Shang for a moment. Then he stood up and pushed the window open. He looked out of the window at the white lands covered with heavy snow and sighed, "It's a pity that you are a girl."

Yun Shang was dumbstruck and had no idea why her father said this to her. At the sight of her father lost in thought, she lowered her head and repressed her impulse to ask the question.

"I'm well informed of this situation. And your investigation is over. As for the dead maid, is she named Bi Luo? Later, I will issue a decree and expound on this case. Bi Luo hated Lady Jin and deliberately threw the moss from the well on the ground. Consequently, Lady Jin fell. Afterward, Bi Luo was afraid that her plot might come to light, so she jumped into the well and committed suicide. The sense of helplessness was evident in Emperor Ning's voice.

Yun Shang kept silent for a moment. Then, she bowed her head and replied obediently, "I understand."

Emperor Ning turned and looked at Yun Shang as she gently shook her head in resignation. "Why didn't you ask me why I did this?"

Yun Shang thought for a moment and replied, "Your Majesty is the Emperor of a great country, while I'm just a woman without much knowledge. Therefore, my thinking is certainly not as comprehensive as yours. Although I have no idea why you made such a decision, I know that you care about my mother. However, so many people and families are involved in this case, including Lady Ming, Lady Yingying, my sister, and others yet unknown to us. Pull one hair and the whole body is affected. If a thorough investigation is done, it's likely that my pregnant mother might be hurt in the process."

Hearing her explanation, Emperor Ning's appraisal of Yun Shang moved up another notch. Previously he thought of his daughter as weak, frail, and quiet. However, it turns out that she was smart.

"It's good that you understand that. Today is not the time..." Emperor Ning sighed. Coldness and cruelty flashed in his eyes.

Yun Shang bowed her head. She was aware that this wasn't a good time to take revenge on the Grand Councilor's family. For this reason, she had decided to tell the truth to nobody but her father. There were too many people and powers involved in the Grand Councilor's family. However, she would take them out one by one in the future. As said by her father, today wasn't the right time. If inadequate actions were taken against Lady Ming and Lady Yingying, Grand Councilor Li would undoubtedly retaliate.

"Father, although it's well known that my mother miscarried, if some people working in the Palaces ask around, they will learn the truth. That would put my mother in greater danger. Because you have a temporary Imperial Palace in Phoenix City, I think it's better that my mother stay there and await her delivery. Besides, Phoenix City is near Ning'guo Temple, and my grandfather lives there in seclusion. I'm sure my mother would be well taken care of. Although the Imperial Palace is heavily guarded, women's trickeries and plots can't be prohibited."

Emperor Ning stare

's so big and certainly expensive. Lady Shun Qing will love it. Thank you, Your Majesty."

The Empress laughed elegantly and replied, "That is correct. Lady Shun Qing is a decent and renowned lady in the Royal City. Yun Shang, remember this. You must find ways to win her favor. If she regards you with special attention, other ladies will follow suit, respect and love you more."

Yun Shang nodded and said, "I will behave well. However, I have never met Lady Shun Qing before. I have no idea what she likes and dislikes."

The Empress laughed, "Lady Shun Qing is old, and seeks peace. She likes simple colors, especially green and blue. Clovershrub is her favorite tea, and the Phoenix-shaped Shark Fin is her favorite food. Don't forget what I said."

Yun Shang listened carefully and nodded, "I will remember."

After talking some more about the other likes and dislikes of Lady Shun Qing, the Empress allowed Yun Shang to leave. Yun Shang took the peach-shaped carving to Qingxin Palace and studied it carefully against the bright lights. "It's really a unique piece of treasure. Both its color and craftsmanship are wonderful. I love it."

However, Qin Yi was a bit worried, "Your Highness, It didn't seem right that the Empress kindly asked you to attend Lady Shun Qing's birthday party."

Yun Shang smiled, "Of course, it's weird. How could she suddenly become so kind and considerate as to tell me Lady Shun Qing's likes and dislikes?"

Yun Shang waved to Qian Yin and said, "Send a message for me. Let our people ask around about Lady's Shun Qing's likes and dislikes. It can't be too detailed."

As ordered, Qian Yin turned and walked out.

Yun Shang's glance once again fell over the jadeite. The corners of her mouth twisted.

Lady Shun Qing's 50th birthday party was to be held on the fifth day of the first lunar month. Yun Shang got up earlier than usual and found that Qian Yin had already fetched a basin of water for her. "Your Highness, I have some news. The Empress didn't lie about Lady Shun Qing's likes and dislikes."

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