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   Chapter 92 Lady Fu

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When the soldiers finished beating the early morning drum, Prince Jing returned to his camp and put on his armor. Then he went to the training ground.

Luo Ding ran to Yun Shang and asked, "Mister Xiao, several soldiers were asking me about the people that you caught yesterday. What do I tell them?"

Yun Shang smiled at him. "Just tell the soldiers that they are the thieves who stole our Map of Army Distribution. And tell them that the map has been found." Then Yun Shang walked into the tent. Zhao Yingjie and his mother were no longer in the Prince's tent. Since Yun Shang didn't bring many things when she came, there was not much for her to pack. So she just looked around for a while. Then she walked to the table and wrote something on a parchment. After that, she left the tent.

"Bring my horse here." Yun Shang said to Luo Ding.

Luo Ding nodded. "Mister Xiao, are you leaving the camp? I'll fetch your horse for you."

After a while, Luo Ding led the horse to her. Yun Shang smiled at Luo Ding and mounted. "Tell the Prince that I'm leaving." Then she raised her whip and dropped it fiercely. The horse neighed and took Yun Shang far away from the tent.

Luo Ding frowned. "Isn't he just going out of the camp? Is it necessary to tell His Highness about that?"

When Prince Jing returned from the training ground, Luo Ding decided to tell him about Yun Shang's leave, even though he was still confused about why he needed to do that. "Your Highness, Mister Xiao asked me to tell you that he left..."

As soon as Luo Ding finished his sentence, he saw Prince Jing's face change. Prince Jing quickly mounted the horse that was nearest to him and galloped to the gate of the camp with his armor still on.

However, it was already late. Even at the horse's fastest speed, Prince Jing could only see Yun Shang's silhouette from the mountain behind Xiyi Town. Yun Shang rode with several servants. Prince Jing grit his teeth in frustration. He squinted when he thought the girl on the mountain turned around to look at him.

Then his mouth curved into a smile. Ning Yun Shang, this is the last time that I let you get away from me.

Prince Jing's eyes darkened. He stood there and kept watching the figures until they disappeared. Then he slowly rode back to the camp.

"Of the Heaven's will and by His Majesty's command, to bring peace to the country after the accident on the day of the Winter Solstice, Princess Hui Guo went to Ning'guo Temple to pray and bring back their holy treasure. Now that Princess Hui Guo has returned with the White Conch, she has shown her sincerity. His Majesty is grateful for what she has done. The Princess will be rewarded with ten bolts of the finest brocade, three pearls from the South Sea, and a pair of jade ruyi*." The shrill voice of the eunuch rang through the Palace. Yun Shang led her maids to kneel and kowtow three times before respectfully accepting the Imperial Edict from the eunuch. "Long live His Majesty."

(TN* Ruyi is a long S-shaped handle with a head fashioned like a fist, cloud, or lingzhi mushroom. It is a talisman that symbolizes power and good fortune.)

Then Qin Yi helped Yun Shang stand. Yun Shang smiled and put a golden bead into the eunuch's hand. "Thank you for your trouble."

The eunuch's eyes widened. He smiled and said, "No trouble. No trouble at all. Congratulations to Your Highness. His Majesty treasures the White Conch very much. He even mentioned holding a grand ceremony for it and letting the Masters from the Temple give their blessings."

Yun Shang smiled. "The blessed object deserves to be treated respectfully."

After the eunuch left, Yun Shang handed the Imperial Edict to Qin Yi and smiled. "After the excitement at the frontier, it is a little hard for me to adjust to the boring life here. Qin Yi, tell me what has been going on in the Palace all these days."

Qin Yi smiled. She took the tea from another maid and put it on the table beside Yun Shang. "Nothing special. The Empress is still in recovery. Although His Majesty withdrew the guards outside Qiwu Palace, the Empress still isolates herself. Some ladies went to pay their respects but none managed an audience with the Empress. So no one visits the Empress anymore. But even so, the ladies in the imperial household still have something to do. They were busy ingratiating themselves with Lady Ming. What's more, Grand Councilor Li sent a girl to the Palace earlier. Now the girl has become His Majesty's favorite Lady.

"Oh?" Yun Shang was surprised and turned to Qin Yi, "A girl sent by Grand Councilor Li? What's her name?"

Qin Yi smiled and answered, "Her name seems to be Li Fuyi. I've heard that she's the Grand Councilor's youngest daughter..."

"She looks quite timid and weak as if she could fall over with the wind? And does she love to wear white clothes? Does she have a mole under her eye?" Yun Shang looked up and asked.

Qin Yi was more than surprised. She smiled and said, "Exactly. How do you know that?"

Yun Shang reached for her cup. How couldn't she know? In her previous life, Li Fuyi also came to the Palace. But she had been sent just a little later than now. Yun Shang remembered that the Empress picked Li Fuyi for the Emperor. It was said that Li Fuyi was sent as a maid to chat with the Empress to keep her from feeling bored. After a few days, however, she gained the Emperor's favor and became Lady Fu. Then, with the Empress's help, Lady Fu moved up to higher positions. Within a year, she had become the second most Royal Lady in the Palace.

Yun Shang sneered. Li Fuyi, what a lovely name. But deep inside Fuyi was more vicious than a black widow. She was even

r delivers her child smoothly, then I'll let the Empress out. But if anything happens to her or her baby, I'll deprive the Empress of her royal title."

Yun Shang was shocked. Emperor Ning was a smart person. He knew that Lady Jin had become the biggest threat to everyone in the Palace. All attention would be on her and her unborn baby. She was getting in the way of many. With Emperor Ning's arrangement, the Empress would do her best to protect Lady Jin and her baby.

Equally, the Empress will feel a growing resentment toward Lady Jin. After the child is born, the Empress would surely start her schemes. The Empress and Lady Jin had been incompatible since before Yun Shang was born. Father's arrangement wouldn't change anything.

Emperor Ning talked with Yun Shang for some time before leaving. After Emperor Ning left, a maid came to tell Yun Shang that Lady Meng asked to see her. Lady Meng? Yun Shang was confused and looked to Qin Yi for an explanation. Qin Yi curled her lips and said, "It's Qin Meng. She has gained His Majesty's favor these past few days, so she was entitled Lady Meng earlier."

Lady Meng, Lady Meng...... As Yun Shang secretly repeated the title twice, the door opened. Qin Meng entered and bowed to Yun Shang. "Your Highness."

She stopped acting humble...Yun Shang smiled scornfully.

"There's no need to be so polite, Lady Meng. You look much better than before. I believe that you are leading a good life now."

Qin Meng quickly kneeled. "All of my glory and achievement were given by Your Highness. No matter what position I'm in, Your Highness will always be my master."

"Your master?" Yun Shang smiled. "But I don't need a useless servant." Coldness flashed in Yun Shang's eyes. "I'm sure you've heard that Li Fuyi just visited me. I've heard that she is one of father's favorites now. You are favored by the Emperor too. You should talk to her and make friends with her. She is far more popular than you now. When you climb to a higher position than her, you can come back and call me your master."

Qin Meng's eyes darkened. She hesitated for a while and then whispered. "But Lady Fu is the Empress's younger sister, and she's also Lady Ming's niece. How can I compete with her..."

Yun Shang lowered her head and whispered in Qin Meng's ear. "I'll tell you a secret. Li Fuyi is one of the youngest daughters in the Li mansion. She was bullied by many. The Empress was among her tormentors. You've worked for the Empress, and you know her the best. I'm sure you and Li Fuyi can find a lot to talk about."

Qin Meng bit her lip. She looked hesitant. Yun Shang continued, "If I were you, I would cry out loud and weep in front of Li Fuyi. I would claim that I am sorry for what I've done to the Empress and wanted to apologize to her. I would mention that the Empress is in her recovery in the Palace so no one can see her. Then, I would beg Lady Fu to say something nice about me in front of the Empress, given that she and the Empress are sisters and they must be really close. Well, of course I wouldn't go there right after leaving Qingxin Palace. I would wander around Qiwu Palace for a couple of days and then bump into Lady Fu by accident..."

Qin Meng's eyes brightened. She kowtowed before Yun Shang and said, "I know what to do now. I will accomplish the mission."

Yun Shang smiled and leaned back on the couch. She squinted at Qin Meng. "Mission? When did I give you a mission?"

Qin Meng nodded repeatedly. "Your Highness is right. You have never given me any mission......" Then she kowtowed again and took her leave.

Yun Shang squinted her eyes. It seemed like Hua Jing hadn't returned yet. It made Yun Shang wonder what was going on with her sister...This Palace will soon become a stage for upcoming shows...

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