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   Chapter 84 Conspire With The Devil

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After leaving the camp, Yun Shang finally had the chance to check the landscape. They were surrounded by mountains on both sides, but there was a wide flat area in between, where the army of Prince Jing and that of Yelang were encamped.

Judging from the noise, the soldiers were facing off quite a distance away. Yun Shang mounted her horse and followed Prince Jing toward the noise.

As she approached, Yun Shang was shocked at the scene before her. She had never seen such an astounding spectacle in her previous life. Even though she had learned about military formations from her grandfather in this life, her knowledge was restricted to strategies and ideas. This was her first experience with a real military confrontation. The flat ground was crowded with tens of thousands of soldiers. That along with the deafening war drum, charged Yun Shang.

"Prince Jing is here. Prince Jing is here..." Prince Jing's presence was noticed by the soldiers. They made way for Prince Jing and Yun Shang so that they could reach the front. On the opposite side, Yun Shang could see the Yelang soldiers lined up. A man in black armor was standing on the chariot in front of the soldiers. Yun Shang couldn't see him clearly because of the distance. Beside him stood a young woman in bright red. Her face had been covered with a white handkerchief.

Yun Shang recognized her identity immediately. It was Hua Jing.

"Not surprising." Yun Shang smiled.

Prince Jing turned and glanced at Yun Shang. He spoke, "Princess Hua Jing is disgracing you by using your name, and you don't care?"

Before Yun Shang could answer, the Yelang soldiers stopped beating their drums. They heard a man saying, "Prince Jing, I have Princess Hui Guo here. Surrender now or I'll kill her."

Prince Jing laughed and spoke equally loudly. "Do think you can fool me with just any masked woman? Kill her if you want. Please, show no mercy. If you can't hurt this young lady, I could do you a favor." Prince Jing reached for the bow and arrow being held by his servant. He aimed at the woman on the chariot.

"But Prince Jing, your brother will blame you!" Prince Qingsu was stunned.

Prince Jing sneered. "I just got a carrier pigeon from my agent yesterday and according to the message, Princess Hui Guo is safe at the Imperial City. Now that Prince Qingsu doesn't want to get rid of this fake Princess, I don't mind giving you a hand..." Then he let go of the arrow, which flew directly toward the woman.

When the arrow was only a meter away from Hua Jing, Prince Qingsu swung his broadsword and blocked the arrow.

"Oh, you seem quite nervous, Prince Qingsu. Is she your lover?" Prince Jing laughed as he threw the bow to the servant.

Prince Qingsu did not reply to Prince Jing. Instead, he lifted Hua Jing's head and said something to her. Yun Shang smiled, "Why does she use my name?"

Prince Jing put on a grim smile. "She must think that if she does something undesirable, she could always shift the responsibility to you. In her mind, your reputation is worth nothing."

Then he said loudly to the soldiers. "This woman poses as our Princess Hui Guo. What should we do?"

The soldiers shouted, "Kill her! Kill her! Kill her!"

"And the country of Yelang slanders Princess Hui Guo. What about that?"

"Fight! Fight! Fight!"

The Yelang soldiers were in a dilemma. After some time, Prince Jing heard Hua Jing's voice. Because of the distance, her words could barely be heard. "Uncle, help! It's me. Help..."

Prince Jing said flatly, "You don't sound like Princess Hui Guo at all. Prince Qingsu, if you wanted to find a counterfeit, you should have done some homework. Soldiers, line up!"

A huge cloud of dust rose as thousands of soldiers ran to make their formation. Soldiers on both sides of Prince Jing lined up as two wings, enveloping the enemy.

"Now, you have seen everything. Go back to the camp." Prince Jing turned and said to Yun Shang. "There are too many people. I'm afraid I won't be able to take care of you."

Yun Shang knew she would be of little help in battle. Moreover, Prince Jing might be distracted by her. So, she nodded and returned to camp.

Qian Yin was pacing restlessly at the gate of the camp when she saw Yun Shang. Qian Yin rushed to Yun Shang, "Your Highness. Finally you have returned. I was so worried when I heard the drum beats. I thought they had started fighting."

Yun Shang smiled. "Maybe we are too weak and this is too brutal a scene for us."

Back at the tent, Yun Shang took time to observe her surroundings. The tent was bare to make packing and moving on short notice easier. In the middle of the tent stood a table with a map on it. Three chairs surrounded the table. Yun Shang assumed they were for officers during military meetings. There was a bed and a bathing tub behind the folding screen.

In spite of the roll of drums and loud shouts, Yun Shang felt very exhausted. She had been on the road for over ten days without good rest. Yun Shang thought it would take Prince Jing some time to get away from the fight. So, she took off shoes and lay on the bed.

When Prince Jing returned, he didn't see Yun Shang. So, he asked the guard who told him that the young gentleman never stepped out the tent and that his servant had gone out to fetch water.

Prince Jing paused to think before re-entering the tent. He found Yun Shang napping behind the folding screen. Her long hair was spread over the pillow casually and her eyelashes quivered slightly. Prince Jing stared at her for a long time before leaving.

Outside the tent, a few generals were talking loudly as they approached Prince Jing's tent. "Your Highness, when can we have a serious fight with Yelang? Today, we only yelled across the battlefield. We are so bored."

Prince Jing frowned. "Let's talk in General Yang's tent." Then he walked away.

General Yang looked puzzled. "But we are all here, Your Highness. Why can't we just discuss this in your tent?"

A cunning middle-aged man suddenly realized and said, "Have you seen that good-looking young man? Maybe he is in the tent..."

Prince Jing frowned. "Quiet. Don't talk so loudly here. Let's move."

They all looked at each other in astonishment. "And, he must be sleeping..."

Having figured out the story, they laughed and followed Prince Jing. They waited for Prince Jing's confession. "Your Highness, you have never let anyone sleep in your bed and we haven't seen you with any girl. Are you..."

"Of a different sexual orientation?" They asked Prince Jing in unison.

Prince Jing turned back and gave them a cold stare. "Even if I am, you are not my type."

"So it's true?" They followed up curiously.

Compared to the joyful atmosphere at Prince Jing's encampment, the Yelang marshal tent was freezing. Cangjue Qingsu, the third prince of Yelang looked very displeased. He sneered. "You told me you were Princess Hui Guo of Ning, and I believed you. But you deceived me. Who are you?"

Hua Jing was trembling. "I am Princess Hui Guo! You have seen my token. It's authorized by my father, Emperor Ning."

Qingsu sat down lazily and put one leg on another chair. "You are a beautiful woman, but

it seems that Prince Jing doesn't care about your life. What about you?"

Hua Jing nodded hurriedly.

Qingsu smiled scornfully and beckoned her over.

Hua Jing was at a loss as she found Qingsu to be extremely intimidating. She collected herself and walked slowly toward him. He grabbed her all of a sudden. Unprepared, Hua Jing tumbled onto Qingsu. When she realized what had happened, she panicked and struggled to free herself. But she failed to do so because he was holding her tightly.

"Prince Qingsu, what are you doing?" Hua Jing asked in a tremulous voice.

Qingsu laughed. "What do you think? You do have a beautiful face. Now that Prince Jing doesn't find you worth saving, you are of no use to me. However, if you want to save yourself, there's only one way. That is to please me in bed."

Hua Jing cried out. "No! No..."

Qingsu ignored her shouts and smiled. "Look at you. You have an attractive body as well. I expect you to perform." Then he untied Hua Jing's waistband.

Hua Jing was terrified at his sudden move. But remembering the Empress's teaching, she forced herself to stay calm and think about possible solutions. She said sadly, "Prince Qingsu, though Prince Jing showed a ruthless disregard for my life, it won't change the fact that I'm the Princess of Ning. You can write to Father about my situation, and I believe His Majesty will agree to sheathe the sword. Besides, I know Prince Qingsu is a person of great ambition. If you really hope to have intimate relations with me, you can seek a marriage alliance from His Majesty. That will benefit the country of Yelang as well."

"Yeah?" Qingsu stopped and laughed. "You are smarter than I thought, Princess. Marriage alliance? That sounds good. I will write to Emperor Ning. But, if you are going to marry me anyway, it won't hurt to make love to my future wife. Moreover, even if Emperor Ning doesn't want to agree, he will have to because you will already be mine."

Qingsu tore off Hua Jing's clothes, took off his own pants, and entered her violently.

"Ah..." Though married, Hua Jing hadn't experienced sex for a long time as her husband was often in the command of troops. She had thought of finding a substitute, but had not dared to put that thought into practice. Unaccustomed to lovemaking, Hua Jing cried out in pain.

Qingsu paused and looked at Hua Jing disdainfully. "You are not a virgin. No wonder you suggested I propose marriage. It's for your own good, right? Don't worry. A promise is a promise. I will not go back on my words."

Hua Jing frowned. She couldn't ignore how he entered her. But after the discomfort in the beginning, she felt pleasure. If Qingsu kept his promise, Yun Shang would have to marry him and live in this poor country, Hua Jing thought. The idea put her mind at ease, so she twisted her body to a more comfortable position and breathed a sigh of relief.

Qingsu noticed her change and smiled. "Oh, be patient, young lady. Let me satisfy you." Then he turned and pushed Hua Jing on a chair. He entered her again. His rhythmic movements made Hua Jing gasp and cry.

Gradually, moans of pleasure could be heard in the tent.

After about half an hour, the sounds ceased. Qingsu stood up and cleaned himself with Hua Jing's ripped clothes. "I'm impressed. You are quite good. Now that Prince Jing doesn't care to save you, why don't you just stay here? Oh, about your clothes, you don't need them anymore."

Hua Jing was shivering, partly from the sex and partly because she was naked in cold winter although there was heating in the tent. Hua Jing trembled from the cold and mumbled. "I'm cold."

Qingsu smiled, lifted her with one arm, and threw her onto the bed. Hua Jing hastened to cover herself with the quilt, but she still couldn't help quivering.

"Remember, from now on, you will be prepared to serve me at any time. Please me with whatever you've got, and you will stay alive." Qingsu patted her face and walked to the desk. "Come in."

A soldier walked in and at the sight of the torn clothes, he paused and lowered his head. "What can I do for you, Your Highness?"

"Clean it up." While talking, Qingsu wrote something on a parchment.

Then he put it in an envelope and gave it to the soldier. "Send this to Emperor Ning."

Hearing Qingsu's order, Hua Jing sneered. "Yun Shang, I prepared this special gift for you. I hope you will like it. I've scarified a lot after all." She felt much better thinking so.

She didn't know that the person she was setting up was now in Prince Jing's encampment and they had just met.

When Qian Yin came in with a basin of hot water, Yun Shang had awoken. Qian Yin stepped forward and helped her sit up. "Luckily, it's warmer here than in the Imperial City. But my legs still feel cold. I prepared some hot water to warm your feet, Your Highness."

Still a little confused, Yun Shang nodded and placed her feet in the water. However, the water was so hot that she shivered at the sudden warmth. After a while, she sighed. "It feels good."

Now, Yun Shang was finally wide awake and she smiled. "Don't call me Your Highness. Others could hear you. Just call me Master."

Qian Yin nodded. "Yes, Master."

"Master, I sent a message to Ning Qian. She replied saying that she is now in Xiyi town with the Emperor's Son-in-Law. She wanted to take him back to the Imperial City, but because of the war, inspection posts are very strict. She's waiting for Your Highness's order."

Yun Shang nodded. "It's alright. Let him stay here then. Just remember to make sure it looks like he is being held by the army of Yelang. Maybe he will be useful to us one day."

"Mister Xiao, I'm Prince Jing's servant. His Highness asked me to send some food to you. May I come in?" Someone asked cautiously from outside the tent.

Yun Shang wiped the water off her feet and put them on the bed. "Yes, please."

A man in military uniform entered. Yun Shang could vaguely see his figure through the screen. He put something on the table and bowed to Yun Shang. "My name is Luo Ding. If Mister Xiao has any need, please feel free to call me. Now, please excuse me, Mister Xiao."

After Luo Ding left, Yun Shang asked. "Is Prince Jing back? How was the battle this afternoon?"

Qian Yin smiled. "Yes, Prince Jing returned a while ago. But, he is in the middle of a meeting in General Yang's tent. As for this afternoon, Prince Qingsu of Yelang withdrew the troops before they even started to fight."

Yun Shang nodded. "Prince Qingsu thought he had Princess Hui Guo, and that Prince Jing would agree to save his niece. So, he didn't want to fight today. But he didn't expect that Prince Jing wouldn't care about his hostage at all, and even wanted to kill her. He wasn't prepared, so he had to withdraw. I wonder what he will do to Hua Jing."

"Your.. Master, I heard that Prince Qingsu is a fierce person. If Princess Hua Jing is of no use now, he might kill her." Qian Yin answered.

"I don't think so. Hua Jing will not give up like that. After all, she was able to persuade Prince Qingsu to believe that she was Princess Hui Guo. Maybe she will find a way out. I'm so looking forward to her next move."

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