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   Chapter 75 Lady Jin Visits

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"Xiu Xin..." Hearing the Empress call her softly, Xiu Xin put the lit storax that she was holding into the censer and hurried into the bedroom. The Empress was leaning on her pillow, frowning. "It's getting colder.I just wanted to take a nap, but as soon as I lay down, I didn't want to get up."

Xiu Xin took the Phoenix robe and began helping the Empress to dress. When she heard the Empress say this, she smiled and said, "It doesn't matter, Your Majesty. You get up early every day. You've often said that it is beneath your dignity to get up late. You work the hardest besides His Majesty. Now you should take advantage of this opportunity and rest. Sleep and eat whenever you want."

The Empress touched her flat belly and allowed?herself?a?wry?smile. "Yes, I am now pregnant with the most noble child in Ning'guo. I should rest, but... The power struggles in the Imperial household will not allow me to rest. There's no telling what mischief the concubines will get up to if I become inattentive for even a little bit."

Following the eyes of the Empress, Xiu Xin also looked at the Empress' belly. Her eyes flashed as she helped the Empress to dress.

"Pregnant concubines are allowed to call their families to visit them at the Imperial Household. I have not seen my father and mother for a long time. Will you tell them to come tomorrow?" The Empress stood up, spread her arms, and closed her eyes. Xiu Xin slipped on the Empress' robe. After that, the Empress walked to the dressing table.

Xiu Xin responded, but the Empress shook her head in a hurry. "Forget it, just inform my mother... You don't have to inform my father..."

Xiu Xin was slightly stunned. She bowed her head and answered, "OK."

The Empress looked at herself in the mirror and raised her hand to caress her face. Her fingers lingered at the corner of her eye. Then she sighed and said to Xiu Xin, "I seem to be... getting old. You see these wrinkles?"

Xiu Xin looked carefully at the Empress' face and smiled. "You are not old at all, Your Majesty. I don't think any of the new concubines that have come into the Imperial Household over the years can compare with you."

The Empress smiled slightly. "Only you will comfort me... I remember that I entered the Palace almost the same year as Lady Jin. It is only now when she is living in Qiwu Palace that I realize I look as if I am ten years older than her. She had been living in the Cold Palace all these years, but sometimes it's also a good place because there is no intrigue. Although I am the Empress, I have many annoyances every day. Besides, who would have thought that I am a pawn in the hands of others."

Xiu Xin did not respond as she was busy styling the Empress' hair.

"Lady Jin plays her cards well indeed. Although I seemed to be the winner when she left for the Cold Palace a decade ago, I have not been able to do her the slightest harm in all these years, and I even had to help raise her daughter. Concubines that are sent to the Cold Palace only come out when they die. But Lady Jin didn't. His Majesty personally went to escort Lady Jin when she left the Cold Palace. What's more, as soon as she got out, she came to live in Qiwu Palace, a place I have been guarding for twenty years. I even have to take care of her!" The Empress touched her belly and sneered somewhat. "I believe I can beat her. This time, I must make her suffer."

Thinking of the calm and sanctimonious countenance of Lady Jin, the Empress secretly gnashed her teeth and could not help but clench her fists.

The tinkling sound of ornaments came from outside. The Empress frowned and raised her voice. "Who is it?"

The door curtain opened and the Empress saw Hua Jing's reflection in the mirror. She was wearing a bright red dress. When Hua Jing saw that the Empress was getting dressed, she smiled and came forward. "You are so beautiful today, Mother. People say that pregnant women are the most beautiful. It's true!"

The Empress became unhappy at Hua Jing's sycophancy. She frowned and glanced at Hua Jing. "Your husband is trapped and it's hard to tell whether he is alive or not. But you are dressed like this. What a scandal! If your behavior is seen by others, they will definitely gossip behind your back."

Hua Jing pouted and raised her voice. "Why should I care about other people's opinions? Mother, I am your daughter, and you are the Empress of our country. Besides, you are now pregnant with the future prince. Who dares to say..."

A loud sound interrupted Hua Jing. It was not until a moment later that Hua Jing said with a trembling voice, "Mother... Mother, why did you hit me?" Hua Jing looked at the white foundation on her dress. She couldn't believe that the Empress had thrown a box of foundation at her.

The Empress gnashed her teeth and sneered. "Why did I hit you? Because I think that you have no other qualities except arrogance. Go and change your clothes right now! From today on, as long as there is no news of the Emperor's Son-in-Law, you can only wear plain clothes."

Hua Jing bowed her head and tried not to let her tears run. She replied humbly, "OK..."

Hua Jing was ready to leave the bedroom when she suddenly thought of something.

evertheless, the Empress felt a tinge of excitement. She smiled. "Really?"

Lady Jin nodded and smiled in return. "Sister, please don't tell anyone that I have spilled the beans. Please pretend that you don't know anything. If Lady Shu says it's to congratulate you on your pregnancy, can you pretend to be very surprised? You won't give me away, right?"

The Empress smiled slightly and said, "Of course."

They continued to chat for a while before Lady Jin requested the Empress' permission to leave.

As soon as Lady Jin left, the Empress stopped pretending to be congenial.

"Your Majesty, since Lady Jin began living in Qiwu Palace, she had never behaved more than lukewarm towards His Majesty and you. But today, she came to greet you so affably and talked to you in such a gentle tone. Why is she so different today?" Xiu Xin looked at the door as she spoke. She seemed worried.

The Empress sneered. "You also found it odd, right? I was surprised by her behavior, too. We always mind our own business. In the time that she has lived in Qiwu Palace, we've never spoken as much as we did today. Now that she's willing to disguise herself, I will play her game."

Xiu Xin paused for a moment and said hesitatingly. "But... Your Majesty, was Lady Jin telling the truth? If the situation is really as urgent as Lady Jin says, then Princess Hua Jing... Do I need to go to the Princess Palace?"

The Empress snorted coldly. "Her story was full of loopholes. How can we believe her? That day, I heard His Majesty say that he would send Prince Jing to the frontier only to rescue the Emperor's Son-in-Law, but she said that he is going to fight against the Yelang army. It a small country. How can they send out an army of more than 2, 00, 000 soldiers? She said this just to prevent Hua Jing from going to the frontier. Judging from the Imperial City's commoners' comments about Hua Jing, if she doesn't go to the frontier, she will be completely ruined by the reprimand of every commoner."

Xiu Xin nodded. "You are so intelligent, Your Majesty. Lady Jin is really too..."

The Empress sat in the chair, lost in thought. She murmured, "But she said that Lady Shu is going to hold a banquet in the Palace. What does she want to express?"

Xiu Xin also frowned. They thought for a long time, but couldn't come up with anything. The Empress raised her head, and said to Xiu Xin, "You should investigate. Is Lady Shu going to hold a banquet or not? Does His Majesty really know about this? Who did she invite? When and where will the banquet be held? The more details the better..."

Xiu Xin nodded at once. "OK, I'll do it right away."

The Empress nodded and said, "Don't forget to invite my mother to the Imperial household tomorrow. By the way, tell my mother that I want to eat the hibiscus cake made by my old housemaid."

Xiu Xin responded, "I will keep that in mind. Do you have any other instructions, Your Majesty?"

"Go to the Imperial Household Department later, and ask the Master to send me more pots with flowers and plants."

"Flowers and plants?" Xiu Xin was stunned for a while and then asked, "Your Majesty, the flowers you love have withered away in this season. How about asking the Master of the Imperial Household Department to send us some daffodils?"

The Empress shook her head. "No, I don't want daffodils. Tell the Master of the Imperial Household Department that I want to put them in my bedroom. I want big flowerpots, more dirt..."

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