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   Chapter 74 Seeking Proof

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Yun Shang was shocked. What did Lady Shu mean by this? Whenever a concubine in the Palace got pregnant, Prince Jing would order Lady Shu to get rid of the unborn child? Yun Shang could only feel coldness spreading from the bottom of her heart.

Although Prince Jing was an adopted son of the late Emperor, he was still a Prince. It would be unwise to assume that he did not covet the throne. Moreover, Prince Jing was a valiant warrior. Most of the country's territory was either conquered or guarded by him. However, if the Emperor had a son, the throne would surely belong to his son. As Prince Jing desired the throne, the best option for him would be to prevent father from having a male child. Prince Jing was over twenty years younger than the Emperor. If father had no heir of his own, after father's death, the throne could only be Prince Jing's.

Yun Shang had been thinking that Prince Jing's biggest opponent in the Imperial court was the Li clan. She was expecting Prince Jing to take action in the court. On the contrary, he had carefully set up a plan with Lady Shu in the Imperial household. While Yun Shang had figured out the alliance between Lady Shu and the Prince, she hadn't managed to understand their plan. Now Yun Shang realized that Prince Jing was the wiliest person she knew. She could also see that he knew how to achieve his goal while maintaining his composure.

If this only concerned other people, Yun Shang would watch the fight from a distance. But now the situation was different, as Lady Jin was pregnant as well. In this Palace, if someone else, even the Empress, wanted to harm Lady Jin's child, Yun Shang felt sure that she could prevent it. But if she were up against Prince Jing, Yun Shang was unsure that she would be able to secure a complete victory.

Lady Shu and her maid walked further and further away. However, Yun Shang stood still for a long time. Her mind was registering what she had just heard, and she was thinking of how she would deal with it.

A long time passed before Yun Shang came out from behind the trees and returned to Qingxin Palace.

When Yun Shang went to Qiwu Palace to pay her respects to the Empress the next day, she saw that Hua Jing was there, too. Yun Shang paid her respects in a courteous manner and stood in front of the two. Perhaps because the Empress was pregnant, Hua Jing was in a great mood as well. She did not say anything about what happened at the banquet. Yun Shang stood there for a while before deciding that she needed to be elsewhere. Yun Shang had originally intended to return to Qingxin Palace, but when she was half way there, she changed her mind and headed for the Palace gate.

Having left the Palace, Yun Shang went straight to Prince Jing's mansion. When she arrived, the guards at the gate saw her and opened the gates to the mansion without asking any questions. However, it was only after entering Prince Jing's mansion that Yun Shang discovered that he had gone to drill the soldiers at the training ground outside the city.

"Princess, the Prince should be back soon. I'll serve Your Highness a cup of tea while you wait here." The butler said in a low voice, then turned around and ordered the attendants to make tea.

Yun Shang sat for about an hour before Prince Jing returned to the mansion. He was accompanied by Wang Jinhuan.

Yun Shang looked at the two men. Prince Jing was wearing black today, but Wang Jinhuan was wearing red as usual. Although she had seen them together several times, Yun Shang always felt surprised that two such different men could actually became friends.

"Oh, our young Princess is here? I heard that Lady Zhao took a letter written with her blood to the Palace yesterday to implore the Emperor to issue an order for Hua Jing to divorce the Emperor's Son-in-Law. How did that turn out? What a pity. I wasn't there. It must've been quite a display." As soon as Wang Jinhuan saw Yun Shang, he delightfully sat by her.

Prince Jing nodded to Yun Shang, "I'll change."

There was the "I" again, thought Yun Shang, distracted. Why had he done away with royal etiquette when speaking to her?

"Hey, hey, I asked you. How did it turn out?" Wang Jinhuan pulled at Yun Shang's arm.

Yun Shang's turned and smiled, "You really wish for pandemonium, don't you? The Empress was there, so how could she allow Lady Zhao to get what she wanted? However, even if it was only up to my father, he wouldn't have condoned it. After all, Lady Zhao had no proof. She could only lean on what the monk said. Yet, she wanted to place the blame for the Emperor's Son-in-Law's captivity entirely on Hua Jing. She had no evidence, so any person would find her plea ridiculous. Besides, Hua Jing is still the Emperor's daughter..."

"Hm, what a bore. All this commotion and yet that cruel Princess is not being overthrown. Did you know? That time I escorted you to the Princess Palace, I got lost when you asked me to leave. I wanted to jump out of the Princess Palace with my Qinggong*. That's when I heard Princess Hua Jing discuss how to hurt you at the banquet." Wang Jinhuan grimaced and said hatefully, "What's with the grudges between you and Princess Hua Jing? You are sisters, even though not by the same mother, but you are still sisters..."

(*TN: A Chinese martial arts technique that supposedly helps one lift and travel in the air.)

Hearing this, Yun Shang turned to look at Wang Jinhuan, "Huh? You heard that?"

Wang Jinhuan quickly nodded, "Yes, you didn't k


"Luo Qingyan, you're good. Just you wait, I'll go to the young Princess to expose you..." There was quite some pain in Wang Jinhuan's voice, "My God! My arm! My arm is almost broken. Luo Qingyan, send for a physician..."

When Yun Shang returned to Qingxin Palace, Qin Yi and Qian Yin were eagerly waiting in front of the gate. As soon as they spotted Yun Shang, relief flooded the maids. They hurriedly stepped forward, "Princess, where has Your Highness been? Earlier, Your Highness left to greet the Empress without taking us along. We waited for Your Highness to return and yet, Your Highness didn't come back. We searched everywhere for you. We were so anxious!"

Yun Shang smiled, "No matter. Earlier on my way back from greeting the Empress, I suddenly remembered that I left in such a hurry that I didn't get to thank my Uncle for all his help. That's why I went to Prince Jing's mansion. But when I got there, Uncle was still at the training ground outside the city, so I had to wait a bit longer."

Yun Shang then shared with Qin Yi and Qian Yin the events of the previous night. The two maids were so riled up that they cursed Hua Jing for the rest of the night. They also became quite grateful to Prince Jing. Having heard Yun Shang's story, Qin Yi nodded and said, "It's only right to thank Prince Jing. Recently there have been multiple incidents, and Prince Jing has helped Your Highness every time. Speaking of, Prince Jing is Your Highness' lucky star."

Hearing this, Yun Shang remembered what Prince Jing whispered as she left. "It is probably because of you..." Yun Shang thought about it while walking back. She couldn't understand why Prince Jing would say that all of a sudden.

"Your Highness, Your Highness..." Qin Yi called out to Yun Shang who abruptly recovered from her daydreams. Yun Shang was surprised at herself. She found herself lost in thoughts related to Prince Jing more and more frequently these days. The idea gave her heart a shiver, "Huh?"

Qin Yi stared at Yun Shang for a moment and said, "Why does Your Highness seem so distracted recently?" Following the complaint, she then said, "Princess, I heard from master Zheng that Lady Zhao has really set off for the frontier on her own..."

Yun Shang nodded, "Lady Zhao is not a bad person, albeit eccentric. She is loving towards her son."

Qian Yin joined the conversation, "Every time I saw Hua Jing losing an argument to Lady Zhao, I couldn't help but feel great. It is surprising to see that there are people in this world who are completely unimpressed by Hua Jing. Even better though is that they can ensure that Hua Jing can't fight back in public."

Yun Shang smiled as well, "Qian Yin, have some people ask around about how things are going with Zhao Yingjie."

Qian Yin nodded, "I will send a letter in a moment."

Yun Shang agreed and sat on her soft bed. She picked up a random book, "Right, today after I left, did anything happen with the Empress?"

Qian Yin covered Yun Shang with a blanket and said, "It will be time for the winter solstice soon. I heard that the Empress and Hua Jing were planning to announce Her Majesty's pregnancy at the winter solstice celebration..."

Yun Shang chuckled, "She does know how to draw the most attention."

Speaking of the winter solstice celebration, Yun Shang remembered something that she ordered long time ago, "The things I asked to be prepared, are they ready? They're for... The winter solstice celebration..."

Hearing this, Qian Yin seemed very pleased with herself, "Yes, Your Highness. Everything is all set. On the day of the winter solstice, I shall deliver to the Empress a grand gift."

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