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   Chapter 73 Before The Storm

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The Empress? Pregnant?

Yun Shang was so taken aback that she was at a loss for a while. Then she heard the courtiers congratulating His Majesty in chorus, "Congratulations to Your Majesty. Congratulations!" Yun Shang was still pondering over the news she had just heard. What? The Empress is pregnant? Yun Shang turned around to look at Emperor Ning, who also looked astonished. Yun Shang stared at Emperor Ning for a long time before speaking, "Your... Your Majesty..."

Emperor Ning turned to Yun Shang with a perplexed stare. Yun Shang felt her hands trembling in her sleeves. She bit her lip to steady herself, "Congratulations to Your Majesty. Soon I will have one more younger brother or sister."

It seemed Emperor Ning was still flabbergasted. He breathed out an "oh" after a long while before sinking into another trance.

The Imperial Physician kneeling on the ground waited patiently for a response from the Emperor, who, however, stayed silent. So the Imperial Physician spoke, "Your Majesty, the Empress has been pregnant for about a month. Her Majesty is very well. But Her Majesty got quite excited just now and that is not good for the baby. However, please don't worry, Your Majesty. Her Majesty will be fine after resting."

Emperor Ning nodded speechlessly. After a moment, he turned and rushed out of the Hall. Lord Zheng hastily followed the Emperor. Watching the Emperor's fading figure, Yun Shang felt at a loss for what to do. She frowned, but after noticing that everyone was staring at her, she realized that she was the only composed master in the Hall. So she waved and said, "This is a great and happy event. Rise to your feet. There will be awards from His Majesty."

Everyone stood up at Yun Shang's words. The Princess turned to look at the Imperial Physician, and smiled, "Though the Empress is physically well, Her Majesty still needs particular attention for her pregnancy. When you return to the Imperial Hospital, please prepare some medicines conducive to Her Majesty's pregnancy and send them to Qiwu Palace."

The Imperial Physician nodded and withdrew. Then Yun Shang had time to think this over. What happened? How could the Empress be pregnant at this moment? In her previous life, Hua Jing was the Empress's only child. She hadn't given birth to another one. Why? And pregnant at this moment...

Yun Shang thought about the differences in events from her previous life and her present life. Lady Jin had spent her days at the Cold Palace and had been trapped there until the end of her life. However, in this life, her mother had not only been released from the Cold Palace, but she was pregnant as well. Was it possible that everything would change in this life?

In her contemplation, Yun Shang heard a groan. She turned and caught a glimpse of the Empress who had awoken from her faint. She ran to the Empress and inquired eagerly, "Your Majesty..."

The Empress winced and raised one of her hands to prop up her forehead. It seemed that she was experiencing some discomfort. Yun Shang stepped nearer, "Your Majesty, are you feeling well?"

The Empress lifted her eyes to glance at Yun Shang. Then she said weakly, "Why am I here? I remembered I was in Qinzheng Hall. I remember..."

Yun Shang said hastily "You passed out in Qinzheng Hall a little while ago. When the Imperial Physician checked you, he said that you are pregnant. Your Majesty, congratulations to you."

"Pregnant?" The Empress looked confused. It took a moment for Yun Shang's words to register. "Pregnant? You mean I am pregnant?"

Yun Shang nodded as she tried to squeeze out a smile. "Yes. You are pregnant, Your Majesty."

The Empress flashed a brilliant smile at Yun Shang's words. "That is really wonderful. In recent years, no one in the imperial household has been lucky enough to bear your father a child. I was quite worried about the decline of your father's bloodline. I was even considering selecting some fair ladies to marry your father and bear him more children. It was completely unexpected that Lady Jin would get pregnant. And now, so am I."

Yun Shang grinned, "His Majesty is blessed by Buddha."

The Empress seemed ecstatic, "Reward. Everyone will get a reward." Then she summoned Xiu Xin. "I'm uncomfortable here. I'm afraid I might hurt the baby. Escort me back to Qiwu Palace."

Xiu Xin nodded before helping the Empress to stand. Then the maid assisted the Empress leave the Hall.

A bitter smile emerged on Yun Shang's lips as she stood in the Hall and watched them leave. Was it true that the Heavenly God reserves shocking surprises for unsuspecting believers? The Empress. How could it be possible that she is pregnant at this critical moment?

"Your Imperial Highness..." Yun Shang had been lost in her thoughts till she heard Qian Yin call to her. She nodded at Qian Yin, "Let's go back to Qingxin Palace."

Yun Shang sank into serious consideration while lying


Qin Yi nodded in response, "Lady..." She paused for a moment and then continued, "Today, when His Majesty heard from the Imperial Physician that the Empress is pregnant, he ran out of the Hall in a hurry, right? I heard that His Majesty had come to Qiwu Palace. The Empress was in the side hall at Qinzheng Hall at that time. But His Majesty went to Qiwu Palace instead. It is obvious that His Majesty came to Qiwu Palace for Lady Jin. It seems that His Majesty cares more about the Lady than the Empress."

Yun Shang hummed before sinking into silence.

The news of the Empress' pregnancy had triggered a stir in the imperial household. The Imperial Palace only quietened after all the concubines had left after extending their congratulations to the Empress. Yun Shang was terribly upset. Without informing Qin Yi and Qian Yin, she walked out of Qingxin Palace after Qiwu Palace became quiet.

After walking along the lake for a while, the Princess leaned against a tree to rest. At that moment, she heard someone speaking in the distance.

"Lady, how could it be possible that the Empress is pregnant? We all know that His Majesty hasn't spent a night at Qiwu Palace in a long time." The tone, indicating a touch of suspect, sounded like a court maid serving in a certain Palace.

Then, the voice of another woman disturbed the silence, "On the fifteenth of last month, His Majesty stayed in the Empress' Palace for one night."

That voice was familiar. After combing her mind for its master, Yun Shang was quite sure that it was Lady Shu.

"But, Lady Jin is also dwelling in Qiwu Palace. I have heard from maids at Qiwu Palace that every time His Majesty visited Qiwu Palace in this past month, His Majesty went to see Lady Jin..."

Yun Shang heard a sigh from Lady Shu, in which a trace of contempt could be felt. "Hem, only the Heavenly God knows whether or not that old witch employed any tricks to allure His Majesty into her bed. She went as far as to present her maid as a gift to His Majesty. What else is she not capable of?"

The maid lowered her voice, "Lady, do you think the Lord is going to allow her to keep the baby?"

The Lord? Yun Shang was taken aback. What did that maid mean? What did she mean by is the Lord going to allow her to keep the baby? Yun Shang felt a sharp throb in her heart. She focused on the conversation.

Lady Shu kept silent for a moment. Then she said, "I don't know. Over a decade ago, I had been chosen to marry His Majesty and became a member of the imperial household. I would receive an order from the Lord whenever a lady was pregnant. I was ordered to cause an inconspicuous miscarriage. And I did a good job. I almost failed in killing Lady Ying's baby and exposed myself. But I managed to devise a plan to set up the Empress instead, and Lady Ying believed it. But there has been no order from the Lord since the announcement of Lady Jin's pregnancy. Now, the Empress is also pregnant. I don't know whether the Lord is going to order me to do something. But, there are many people in the imperial household who will not wish to see that baby be born. Lady Ying would be the first to make that wish come true. I don't think I need to be involved. It is doubtful that this baby will get a chance to see the world..."

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