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   Chapter 72 The Empress Is Pregnant

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The feast ended in discord, and Hua Jing left in a hurry with her servants. As the guests began dispersing, Yun Shang frowned. Her body felt very weak. Just as she was about to find a place to sit, a hand held her shoulder.

Yun Shang turned and saw a handsome face. The expression on the face, however, made her shiver.

"They are all gone. Are you all right? May I send you to Qingxin Palace? Or would you prefer to return to Xiping Princess Palace?" Prince Jing sounded cold as usual. Yun Shang narrowed her eyes when she realized that he didn't follow royal etiquette when speaking. Instead, he sounded genuinely concerned.

It took Yun Shang a while to react to his offer. She shook her head and said, "I have to find my maids. I wasn't paying attention. One minute they were behind me, and in the next, they had disappeared."

"Do you need help?" Prince Jing lowered his voice and asked.

"No, thank you." Yun Shang smiled faintly. She raised her hands, took out a little-finger-sized jade flute and blew it gently.

The mellow timbre of the flute echoed around the Tower. In a few minutes, three women rushed forward and knelt in front of Yun Shang. They spoke simultaneously, "Master."

Yun Shang nodded, "Ning Qian, it seems Qian Yin and Qin Yi are missing. Send some people to look for them. I will wait while you search."

The leader raised her head and looked at the Princess. "Yes, Master. I will arrange the search right away." Then she stood up and nodded at Prince Jing before supporting Yun Shang.

Yun Shang turned and smiled at Prince Jing, "Thank you Uncle. And thank you, Wang Jinhuan. No words can express my appreciation for your help. If you need my help later, just let me know." After that, she nodded to the two men before leaving with Ning Qian.

Wang Jinhuan's mouth had been open so long, a fine trickle of drool was pooling on his robe. "Luo Qingyan, pinch me. I need to know if I am dreaming. Pinch me now."

Prince Jing looked at Wang in disbelief. Although Wang had sobered down a little, he still couldn't help but exclaim with astonishment, "Luo Qingyan, the woman who addressed your little Princess as master just now is the most famous courtesan in the Imperial City. That was Qian Qian… My goodness. I left no stone unturned to see her but never got the opportunity. I didn't expect that I would meet her here. What surprised me the most was that she addressed your little Princess as master."

"Well, yes. You'd better hurry up and take a good look at her. You may not get the opportunity again." Prince Jing replied coldly.

Wang Jinghuan nodded seriously, "Yeah, you bet!" Then he disappeared.

Prince Jing paused for a moment and murmured with a frown, "Typical." However, in the blink of an eye, his expression became cold, and his words were even colder. "Jing Ying."

A woman in black appeared in front of him. She knelt before the Prince with an expressionless face. She greeted him respectfully.

Prince Jing sneered. "I remember I made it clear that you should protect Princess Hui Guo. Where were you when she was intoxicated by the floral scent? Where were you when she was facing this danger alone? Where were you when she needed help? You were nearby, but you just watched it happen without even letting me know. Jing Ying, you have been taking my orders less and less seriously. So you don't have to follow me anymore."

The woman in black bit her lip and lowered her head. After a moment of silence, she bent forward and said, "I'm sorry."

Prince Jing's gaze fell on her back. Although his stare was cold, it seeming to burn through her. After a long time, he said, "You are the only female in my Shadow Guards. I didn't want to keep you but you begged to stay. Do you remember what you promised at that time?"

Still looking down, Jing Ying nodded her head slowly after a long while, "I do."

"You do? I believe that you have completely forgotten. Tell me about it then." Prince Jing looked up to the pavilion shrouded in mist. His face was expressionless.

Jing Ying found herself unable to speak. After much hesitation, she whispered, "I promised that I would never have any affection for you and that under no circumstance would I violate your orders. If I broke my promise, I would withdraw from martial arts and retreat from the Shadow Guards."

"So you remember? I thought you had forgotten. Since you remember, you know what happened today shouldn't have happened. I will give you one more chance. If you violate my orders again, you will have to fulfill your commitments. Follow your new master. Later, if you are alive while she has an accident, you don't need to come back anymore."

Jing Ying nodded and whispered, "Yes." Then she disappeared.

Ning Qian helped Yun Shang out of Qianxin Tower. They walked through an alley and entered a courtyard for common people. The yard was small and contained several rooms.

Ning Qian took Yun Shang's pulse. Assured that nothing else was wrong with the Princess, she let go of her hand. She said softly, "You are all right. It was only a kind of flower that excites people and makes them hallucinate. You got through it, and the medicine you took was good. So you are okay now, only a little weak because your body struggled to resist the drug."

Yun Shang nodded. "That's good. I thought I was immune to all kinds of poison. However, it seems I still got intoxicated."

Ning Qian smiled. "You are only immune to some common poisons. This is not a poison. However, you have better resistance to these things than ordinary people. You have been back at the Palace for many days. If you didn't give me orders occasionally, I would think that you forgot about me."

Yun Shang saw Ning Q

ng doesn't leave Yingjie, he will continue to suffer from disasters. Your Majesty, my family members have been generals for generations. We sweat and shed blood to protect our homes and defend our country. We even sacrifice ourselves. I don't want my son to suffer because of a woman."

The Emperor Ning sounded exhausted, "I have decreed that Prince Jing will lead the cavalry to save him. But I don't agree that he was trapped because of Hua Jing."

"I don't agree either!" The Empress stepped into Qinzheng Hall and spoke with contempt in her voice. "We know that the Zhao family has contributed to our country, and I thought you were upright and noble as you unflaggingly raised your son after General Zhao died on the battlefield. What's more, Zhao Yingjie is a real man. Otherwise, I wouldn't have agreed to this marriage. Moreover, you didn't disagree either when they got married. However, after Hua Jing married your son, you tried everything to pick on her. Now you want her to divorce your son for a random excuse? You said this is good for your son. Did you stop and wonder what people will think of Hua Jing if she gets divorced? She is my daughter and a Princess.

With a stubborn look, Lady Zhao knelt and said, "I am ignorant. I only know that while reputation is important, human life is more valuable."

The Empress sat down next to the throne. She looked at Lady Zhao sharply and raised her voice, "You said that it's because of Hua Jing that your son was trapped. But Hua Jing never stepped out of the Imperial City. It's obvious that your son was defeated due to his incapability. How dare you shirk responsibility and shift the blame onto a weak woman!"

The Emperor frowned. "Enough. Stop quarreling. Is this a good time to argue?"

Then he said to Lady Zhao, "I am not quibbling, but I have done everything I can and have sent people to the frontier to save him. Also, your reasons for asking Hua Jing to divorce Yingjie are unfounded. Zhao Yingjie did nothing wrong. Why should Hua Jing divorce him? Let's both make a concession. Just go back and wait for the message."

Lazy Zhao stayed on the floor. She spoke loudly, "Since you don't agree, I will not beg anymore. I also don't expect you to send people to save my son. I will go myself. I could fight with my husband twenty years ago, and today, I can go to the frontier for my son. As for Hua Jing, " Lady Zhao stopped to snicker before continuing, "I will not say much about your daughter. You should know by now. She holds feasts and has fun with her fair-weather friends. She never cared about me. She is hard on the servants and doesn't keep the virtues of a woman. I don't want to mention these, and only ask that you let Hua Jing divorce my son. I have tried my best to save your dignity and that of the Princess. I will say nothing more if you don't agree. However, I will not admit that Hua Jing is my daughter-in-law anymore. I will leave now." After finishing, Lady Zhao stood up and left the Hall.

Yun Shang thought that even though Lady Zhao's reasons were farfetched, her last words were very strong and powerful. When she was contemplating, she heard a maid scream, "Ahh. The Empress fainted, "

In a daze, Yun Shang turned to see. "What is going on?"

Although she was confused, she pretended to be worried and followed the maid. She saw the maids help the Empress lie down on a bed in the side Hall behind Qinzheng Hall.

Before long, the Imperial Physician arrived and checked the Empress's pulse. After a while, he knelt in front of Emperor Ning with a joyful look.

Yun Shang frowned. She had a bad feeling because of the Physician's expression. Before she could figure out why the Physician was smiling, she heard him announce, "Congratulations, Your Majesty and Your Highness. The Empress is pregnant."

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