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   Chapter 71 Strike Back

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Yun Shang rose unsteadily to her feet and sneered. The expression on her face would have frightened even the most battle hardened general. She said, "Uncle, you leave first. Hua Jing will get suspicious if she doesn't see you. I will join you soon."

Prince Jing studied Yun Shang. The idea of leaving her alone in her condition unsettled him. But he had agreed to follow Yun Shang's plan. So he walked to where Wang Jinhuan stood.

Before long, a scream rang through Qianxin Tower.

Hua Jing rushed forward with some guards. She saw a crowd had gathered around a rockery. On the floor lay scattered bits of clothing. Joy filled Hua Jing's eyes, but she pretended to be worried and asked, "What happened?"

"Eh? What's going on here? There are so many people. Luo Qingyan, come and have a look. Something happened here." Wang Jinhuan seemed happy to see the chaos. His cheery voice could he heard from afar.

Hua Jing stared at him with unconcealed disgust in her eyes, then looked to the rockery and asked, "What happened?"

The women gathered around seemed too embarrassed to speak of what they had seen. They simply stepped back to make way for the Princess. A man stepped forward and said, "What happened behind the rockery is really… not a pretty sight… Too ridiculous."

"Ridiculous?" Hua Jing frowned and waved her hand at a nearby servant, "Go, take a look at what happened behind the rockery."

A servant disappeared behind the rockery. Seconds later, he hurried out. He reported, "Your Highness, there are two people without clothes. It seems that they are both asleep."

Hua Jing pretended to be amazed and then changed her look to anger, "How dare they do such ridiculous things at my feast! Bring the shameless couple to me!"

Several guards rushed forward.

words, bad news, she exploded. She shouted at the servant, "What bad news? What are you raving about?"

She turned around and saw the servant stumbling towards her. The servant knelt down as soon as he saw Hua Jing and said with a pale face, "Your Highness. Something bad happened. The guards you sent to the front reported that the Emperor's Son-in-law had an accident on the battlefield. He was trapped in an empty city, and we lost contact with him. Lady Zhao fainted when she heard the news. What should we do about it?"

Hua Jing turned pale instantly. She turned and left with her servants in a hurry.

"I heard that a few days ago, Master Wu Na's disciple analyzed a character for Lady Zhao, the mother of the Emperor's son-in-law. He said that Princess Hua Jing was fated to mourn her husband's death and that the Emperor's son-in-law might be trapped in the battlefield. As a result, Princess Hua Jing threw the monk out. She even fought with Lady Zhao, who believed the monk."

"Really? It's a surprise that such a thing happened."

Yun Shang smiled as she watched Hua Jing rushing out. She muttered, "Hua Jing, you have set me up many times before. Now it's my turn…"

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