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   Chapter 68 Marriage Arranged By Emperor Ning

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"You are finally here, Your Highness. His Majesty has been pacing Qinzheng Hall restlessly since last night. I guess it's because His Majesty worries a lot about Your Highness, but he couldn't tell Lady Jin anything. When His Majesty went to the Empress's Palace, he didn't mention a word to Lady Jin. His Majesty would be relieved to see Your Highness here." Master Zheng was excited to see Yun Shang. A bright smile bloomed on his wrinkled face.

Yun Shang smiled. "Thank you, Master Zheng. I'll meet His Majesty right away." Then she hurried into the Hall.

Emperor Ning was at his desk. Although he held his writing brush, he was in a daze. He wasn't writing at all. Yun Shang walked up to him quietly and called. "Father..."

The brush fell from Emperor Ning's hand. He wasn't angry at being disturbed. Instead, he looked up at Yun Shang. "Shang'er?"

Yun Shang bowed to Emperor Ning. "It's my fault that you were worried, father."

"Are you all right, Shang'er?" Emperor Ning stood and checked his daughter. He felt relieved when he didn't see any injuries. "I was worried about you. But I couldn't come to see you or your mother would find out. She's pregnant now and we don't want to worry her. It's reassuring to see that you are all right."

Yun Shang smiled. "How is mother? Does she look more pregnant these days?"

"It has been only three months, Shang'er. It won't be obvious this early in the pregnancy. But your mother is having terrible morning sickness, which has brought her noticeable weight loss. It wasn't that bad when she carried you. Your little sister or brother is quite the trouble-maker." Emperor Ning sounded as though he was scolding the unborn child, however, he was smiling heartily.

Yun Shang noticed his real mood, and so she teased him mischievously. "Father, are you jealous of the baby because mother is paying it too much attention?"

Emperor Ning was speechless for a moment and then he laughed. "Naughty girl." He said after a pause. "I heard that it was Minister Wang's son, Wang Jinhuan who saved you yesterday. Is that correct? I have seen that man before. He's quite a decent young man although it might seem the other way around sometimes. Now that he has saved you, I have to reward him."

Yun Shang nodded. "He deserves your reward, father."

"Since you are here, I'll summon Wang Jinhuan to the Palace. You can thank him in person." Emperor Ning walked to the door and gave orders to Master Zheng.

Yun Shang sensed something usual, but she didn't stop Emperor Ning.

After a while, Master Zheng returned. "Your Majesty, the banquet is ready in the pavilion beside the Imperial Garden. And Mr. Wang just arrived with Prince Jing."

Emperor Ning remembered the Prince's friendship with Wang Jinhuan then. "Prince Jing knows Wang Jinhuan. Well, I haven't seen Prince Jing for two days. He came just in time. We'll have a drink together. Let's go, Shang'er."

Yun Shang was stunned. Banquet? Wasn't it too formal? Why didn't His Majesty just issue an imperial edict and reward him with something? Yun Shang didn't say anything when she noticed Emperor Ning's enthusiasm. She followed him to the Imperial Garden, where Wang Jinhuan and Prince Jing were waiting. After exchanging greetings, Emperor Ning asked them to have a seat. Yun Shang looked around and realized that though Master Zheng had called it a banquet, there were only four guests.

"I have heard from the Governor of the Imperial City that Jinhuan saved Shang yesterday. To

shook head as if it was a great pity. "But he's married already. Oh, and he is His Majesty, my father."

They were surprised at first, but after a moment, they laughed out. "Now you are just teasing us, Your Highness."

While cheerful laughter filled Yun Shang's carriage, Prince Jing's carriage was shrouded in silence. Not even his breathing could be heard.

"We've arrived, Your Highness." Prince Jing looked at the open door coldly. He paused before climbing out. Looking up, he found the plaque that said Prince Jing's Mansion. It was quite gloomy even in bright sunshine.

Prince Jing went to his study.

Wang Shunlai whispered to the servant, "What's wrong? What happened to His Highness? Did something go wrong? Why is His Highness acting like this after visiting the Palace?"

"I have no idea. Just a moment ago, Mr. Wang was kicked out of the carriage. Could it be something Mr. Wang did that irritated His Highness?" The servant whispered back.

Prince Jing picked up his writing brush but didn't write. "Eighteen... Still... Three more years..."

When Wang Shunlai walked into the study with tea, he heard Prince Jing mumbling these words again and again. Wang Shunlai frowned. Eighteen? Three years?

What was His Highness talking about?

"Your Highness, the tea is ready. I wanted to discuss something with you and thought you'd be here. So I brought your tea here." Wang Shunlai cleared his throat and said.

Prince Jing didn't respond. Wang Shunlai scratched his nose while he waited. When he didn't get a response, he put the tea on the desk and stood back. He observed the Prince and felt that His Highness was not going to talk to him any time soon. So he decided to leave Prince Jing alone.

Before he could make it to the door, Wang Shunlai heard Prince Jing ask. "Wang Shunlai, how old am I?"

Wang Shunlai didn't know why Prince Jing wanted to know his age all of a sudden. But he turned around and answered honestly. "Your Highness is 27 years old. The best age to be if I may say so."

Prince Jing frowned and sighed. "Twenty-seven. After three years, I would be thirty."

"After three years? Yes, Your Highness would be thirty then." Wang Shunlai didn't know where this conversation was going, but he answered accordingly.

Thirty... Would he be a bit too old? Prince Jing wondered.

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