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   Chapter 67 Hua Jing's Temptation

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Before his hands reached the hem of the Prince's gown, the Prince quickly stepped aside. Wang Jinhuan flew through the air. He caught a pillar to keep himself from falling to the ground.

Wang Jinhuan turned to Prince Jing with teary eyes. "Why are you so cruel to me?"

Prince Jing ignored him and turned. He spoke to the person standing behind him. "My apologies, Lord Wu. Wang has lost his mind."

Upon hearing those words, Wang Jinhuan looked around the Prince and spotted a middle-aged man. Since Prince Jing had addressed him as Lord Wu, Wang wondered if he was a bachelor from the Imperial Hanlin Academy. Embarrassed, Wang Jinhuan wailed. He had intended to inform Prince Jing about Princess Yun Shang's troubles, but instead, he had just lost face in front of a high-ranked noble*. He turned towards Lord Wu and grinned before jumping on the roof and disappearing.

(*TN: to lose one's face is to suffer a loss of respect; to be humiliated.)

The bachelor was stunned and took a long time to recover.

Prince Jing smiled and said to him, "As for what you suggested earlier, I'll think it over."

Lord Wu nodded and smiled, "Now you are the only Prince who can stand up to them at the court. I really don't want this country to be destroyed by them. At the moment, however, you seem to have other things that need your attention. And so I'll leave."

Prince Jing nodded, "Be well."

Lord Wu bowed to Prince Jing, turned and left. When Lord Wu disappeared, Prince Jing stopped smiling and said in a cold voice, "Show yourself, coward."

A red figure fell into the courtyard. Wang Jinhuan said bitterly, "What have I done to deserve this? First, I suffered at the hands of Princess Hui Guo. Then I make a fool of myself here. What am I going to do? Grrrr!"

"What did you say just now? What's gonna happen to my Princess? And how did you suffer because of her?" Prince Jing ignored Wang Jinhuan's wail. He raised his hand and flattened the crease on his sleeves casually as he spoke.

Wang Jinhuan moved closer to the Prince. "You don't know how evil your little Princess is. I went shopping earlier and came across her by accident. You've mentioned her a lot recently. Curious, I followed her. And then I saw her being chased by some assailants. There were at least a dozen of them.

I was just about to help her, but she killed them all. I didn't even have the chance to show off. Then she spotted me and made me her scapegoat. She insisted that I killed those men and then she pretended to faint."

"What then? Was she hurt?" Prince Jing said calmly.

"Hurt? You must be kidding. They didn't even touch the hem of her clothes." Wang Jinhuan got angrier, "The point is, to add merit to her lie, I had to tell the Governor that I was following her because I covet her beauty."

Prince Jing cast a cold look at Wang Jinhuan. The man in red felt as if a cold wind had blown in from somewhere. He trembled and looked around and decided it was only an illusion. He added, "But I did overhear a secret on my way back. Her sister is a monster. She is planning on setting up your Princess at the upcoming banquet."

Prince Jing turned his face to Wang Jinhuan. "Really? How is she going to do that?"

Wang Jinhuan shook his head, "I don't know. Princess Hua Jing didn't elaborate on the details. I heard her ask the servant t

d all the men in black, he spotted another man hiding behind the wall near me. That guy wore no mask, but I didn't have the chance to see what he looked like."

"Another man?" Hua Jing pondered for a moment and then asked, "Perhaps that man had something to do with whoever sent the killers? Did Mr. Wang find out anything?"

"I don't think so. I'm not sure. I remember Mr. Wang leaping on the roof in a single bound and catching the man hiding there. He broke the man's neck before he started to speak. Then I don't remember anything." Yun Shang stuck out her tongue in an innocent way.

So Hua Jing turned her head to the two maids. Qian Yin quickly added, "Of course Her Highness doesn't remember. She just shouted and passed out. Then lots of commoners ran in, so Mr. Wang asked them to help him report the case. We were afraid of what had happened to Her Highness, so we hurried to bring her back."

"Is that so?" Hua Jing looked at the three women for a while, then stood up and said, "Shang'er, it has been a tiring day for you. You should rest early today." Then she turned and left the room.

Qian Yin tiptoed to the door and peeped out. Seeing Hua Jing was no longer around, she turned to Yun Shang and said, "Your Highness, please rest early. I'll get some water for you to wash." Then she left, too.

Qin Yi walked to Yun Shang's bed and helped her undress. She asked in a gentle voice, "What is Princess Hua Jing planning?"

Yun Shang kept silent for a moment before answering. "That man must work for Hua Jing. As for the assailants, there are two possibilities. The first is that the assassins didn't work for Hua Jing, which is why she came to ask us for details. The other possibility is that the assassins did work for her, and Hua Jing came here to find out whether I had noticed anything."

"But the assassins had brought nothing with them. We couldn't identify them. Where should we start our investigation?" Qin Yi frowned and looked at Yun Shang with concern.

Yun Shang closed her eyes. Her mind was clear. "It doesn't matter. A fox will always show its tail. No matter who this person is, if he really wants to kill me, he'll find another chance. I do believe that I will eventually catch him."

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