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   Chapter 66 The Secret That Wang Jinhuan Overheard

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"We were so frightened and thought we were gonna die. But suddenly a man in red jumped down from the roof, took their swords, and killed them all. We saw so much blood that we screamed. That's when the commoners came. We asked for their help in notifying the authorities." Qian Yin's face was full of fear. She trembled slightly as if the killing was so bloody that even thinking about it brought back the horror she had felt in that moment.

The Governor nodded and turned to face Wang Jinhuan, "Mr. Wang, can you tell me why you happened to be on that roof?"

Wang Jinhuan glanced at the Governor and sighed. "It's well-known in the Imperial City that I like good-looking girls. Today when I was wandering in the street, I saw Princess Hui Guo. I did not know who she was. I just thought she was the most beautiful girl that I had ever seen. So I followed her. I had thought about approaching her to ask her name and address. When she walked into that back alley and bumped into those killers, " he paused to shake his head. "I couldn't allow such things to happen under my watch. So I killed them. By the way, they were awful at Kung Fu..."

The Governor's mouth twitched slightly. He said to Hua Jing, "Now that I've gathered basic information, I'll go to the crime scene and take a closer look."

Hua Jing nodded, "Escort the Governor out."

After the Governor left, Hua Jing stood up as well. "I'll send someone for the details. You two stay here and look after her. If Princess Hui Guo wakes up, send someone to notify me."

Qian Yin and Qin Yi nodded. Hua Jing gazed at Yun Shang for a long time before turning around and walking out.

"Well, Your Highness, now you can wake up. Let's talk about it. How are you going to pay me for all this? My reputation will only get worse after today. I won't be able to get rid of this philandering image anymore." Wang Jinhuan sat on a chair. He crossed his legs and waited for the Princess to reply. His beautiful eyes reflected his dissatisfaction with the situation in which he found himself.

Yun Shang opened her eyes and turned her head to the person on the chair and frowned, "Qian Yin, this is my room. How can you let such a random man into my chamber? Ask him to leave."

Qian Yin sniggered. She walked up to Wang Jinhuan and bowed. "This random man?" Then she stood and pointed to the door. "Oh right, Mr. Wang. Her Highness needs to rest. You are not welcome here. Your presence will harm Her Highness's reputation."

Wang Jinhuan stared at Yun Shang with widened eyes. After everything he had done, he was being called a random man and asked to leave. He was furious. "How could you? I just helped you make up a lie, and now you turn against me? I'll shout in the street that Princess Hui Guo is a Kung Fu master and that she killed someone and denied it."

Yun Shang smiled gently. "I heard that you are good friends with my Uncle. I think I'll tell him that you're a stalker and that you stalked me all the way home. I wonder what my Uncle will think of you."

Wang Jinhuan was speechless. After he regained his composure, he muttered, "Cruel."

Then he glared at Yun Shang for a long time before standing.

When Wang left the Princess's room, he saw no one outside. When he had carried Yun Shang to the Palace, Qian Yin had shown him the way. He looked around and wondered whom he'd ask directions. Thinking about how massive the Princess Palace might be and how no one was around left him feeling on edge. Wang Jin

huan frowned and jumped on the roof.

From the roof, he could see the enclosing wall of the Princess Palace. Wang Jinhuan raised his eyebrows, "Well, such a small Palace cannot trap me."

Wang jumped and ran through several yards as he made his way towards the street. Suddenly he heard a faint noise. He heard Princess Hui Guo's name. Thinking about how she had mistreated him, Wang Jinhuan stopped and listened carefully.

"Didn't I send someone to follow Princess Hui Guo? Where's that guy? Princess Hui Guo has come back. Why is he still out there? Send someone for him!"

Wang Jinhuan was stunned. He identified the voice as Princess Hua Jing's. He remembered how she had looked surprised to see Yun Shang return. 'What did she say? That she sent someone to follow Princess Hui Guo? Was it the guy whose neck that he broke?'

Wang Jinhuan thought about the mid-morning's incident some more. Then he heard Hua Jing's voice again. "How could that bitch be so lucky? Every time, by some miracle, she is saved. Last time Prince Jing came to her rescue. This time Mr. Wang rescued her. I was this close to ending her life. So close." Her voice was full of chagrin.

'Could it be true that Princess Hua Jing sent the men who tried to assassinate Yun Shang?'

Then Hua Jing started talking again. "But I do not know who arranged this assassination. If I had known in advance, I would have done everything to help. It turns out I'm not the only one who wants that bitch dead. But this guy who planned the assassination was stupid. He only sent ten men, and that too poorly skilled in martial arts. And all of his men were killed by that young man."

"Your Highness, I just sent our secret signal to Mr. Seven* but no one answered. In my opinion, it's highly likely that he is dead."

(*TN: Mr. Seven, the guy in grey who was sent by Hua Jing to follow Yun Shang.) A low male voice announced to the Princess.

"Dead or alive, find him for me. As for the banquet, there will be no change of plans. It's not possible that the bitch gets lucky every time. Keep your eyes on every single detail. If anything goes wrong, you'll be responsible."

'The banquet?' Hearing her, Wang Jinhuan thought of the invitation sent to Prince Jing's mansion by Hua Jing. The Prince had also been invited to a banquet. 'Could she be talking about the same banquet? Was she going to harm Yun Shang at the same banquet to which she had invited the Prince?'

Wang Jinhuan thought for a while before hurrying outside the Princess Palace. He wanted to inform Prince Jing as soon as he could. However, as soon as he escaped the Palace, he stopped. Something struck him as strange. He thought about how cunning Princess Hui Guo had been and how she had treated him. Why should he help her?

Well, he then did the math. If he didn't tell Prince Jing about this and something happened to Princess Hui Guo later, he'll be damned. Wang shook his head in disbelief when he realized that he would be better off being mad at the Princess than being hated by Prince Jing. Just the thought of it made him tremble. "I'd better tell Prince Jing, " he mumbled. As for Princess Hui Guo, he'll have plenty of chances to get square.

Having thought things through, Wang Jinhuan hurried to Prince Jing's mansion. Once he reached, Wang jumped over the wall and dashed into the courtyard. As soon as he saw Prince Jing, he hurriedly said, "Luo Qingyan, Luo Qingyan, something is going to happen. Your Princess is in danger!"

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