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   Chapter 65 The Interrogation

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Several commoners appeared in the alley. Seeing so many corpses, they screamed and turned to run. Yun Shang hurriedly said, "Please don't go. I'm Princess Hui Guo, and these men tried to assassinate me. Thanks to this hero, I was saved. Please help me notify the authorities. My legs are weak, and I cannot walk."

The commoners stopped when they heard the Princess's explanation and turned around. They saw that Yun Shang's eyes were full of tears. Her face looked pale as if she were about to faint at any moment. As expected, Yun Shang forced a smile before falling to the ground like she couldn't stand anymore.

"Your Highness, Your Highness..." Qian Yin shouted and dashed towards her. She held Yun Shang in her arms. She said to the hesitant people, "Be quick to notify the authorities. You'll be well rewarded."

After hearing the maid, the commoners rushed outside. Qian Yin turned around and looked at the man in red who still couldn't believe what had happened. She thought for a while and decided to trust him since the Princess didn't hurt him. She yelled at him, "Hey, come and help us take the Princess back to Xiping Princess Palace."

The man was even more surprised than before. "Your master was so unkind to me that I was on the edge of fury. Now you, a little girl, dare to yell at me too?"

"Will you help us or not? Your Highness is..." Qian Yin stopped as she felt the Princess move. The maid stared at Wang Jinhuan while he seemed to think about her request. The man seemed frustrated. He thought about how Prince Jing behaved when he mentioned Princess Hui Guo. Now if he went against the Princess, he would undoubtedly face the Prince's wrath.

Wang Jinhuan couldn't help but look at the sky and silently curse himself. 'You asked for it. You saw Princess Yun Shang kill someone and your curiosity led you to follow her. And then you saw what you shouldn't have seen. You should have stopped there, but you didn't. You called her to show off. You deserve it, really.'

"Fine..." Wang Jinhuan sighed. He jumped down from the roof and lifted Princess Yun Shang in his arms. Then he headed towards Xiping Princess Palace.

A servant standing at the door instantly spotted the three women. Qian Yin quickly stepped forward, "Hurry up. Find a physician. Your Highness was hurt."

The servant recognized Qian Yin as the maid of Princess Hui Guo. When he heard her instructions, his heart seemed to stop for a fraction of a second. When the news sunk in, he hurriedly said, "All right, I'm on my way." As he turned, a thought struck him. He turned around and spoke to another servant, "Go inform Princess Hua Jing that Princess Hui Guo was hurt."

After watching the two servants leave, Qian Yin waved at Wang Jinhuan, "Let's go."

"It's such a waste. The three of you should perform on stage, " said Wang Jinhuan in a sulky tone.

Qian Yin led Wang Jinhuan to Yun Shang's chamber and instructed him to put the Princess on the bed. As soon as he had laid the Princess down, Hua Jing entered the room accompanied by a maid. She pushed the man aside and shouted, "What happened? Why was Shang'er carried here? Was she hurt?" Still shouting, she walked to the edge of Yun Shang's bed.

Qian Yin said quickly, "Your Highness, we were walking on the streets, and Her Highness didn't know the way. We accidentally entered a back alley. When we were about to find a place to eat, a group of men in black surrounded us and tried to kill us. Fortunately, someone suddenly appeared and saved Her Highness, otherwise..." Qian Yin raised her hands and wiped her eyes as if she were very sad.

"So was she hurt o

r not? Why does she look so pale? Is she in a coma?" Hua Jing asked again.

Qin Yi approached with a handkerchief in her hand and responded gently, "Her Highness was not hurt. She is just frightened."

Hua Jing seemed surprised at this answer. She cast her eyes on Yun Shang's pale face and frowned. After a long time, she gnashed her teeth and said, "Luckily she was not hurt. What fortune."

"True. It was really dangerous at that moment. If it weren't for Mr. Wang, Her Highness would have been hurt." Qian Yin hurriedly said.

Hearing her, Hua Jing turned around and stared at Wang Jinhuan for a long while. Wang shifted under Hua Jing's glare. She said, "If I'm not wrong, you are the son of Minister Wang, right?"

Wang Jinhuan glanced at the Princess and nodded perfunctorily. He was still in a gloomy mood.

"I heard that Mr. Wang is good at martial arts. The impression I got was that you would be taller and stronger. But you look so weak. I guess one never truly knows what another person is capable of. Thank you for your assistance today." There was a smile on Hua Jing's face, but she seemed a bit grumpy.

While they were talking, a servant walked in, "Your Highness, the physician has arrived. And a group of officers have come as well. The Governor of the Imperial City was leading them. He is here to speak with Princess Hui Guo about what happened today."

"Call the physician, and the Governor too." Hua Jing sat on a chair across from the bed.

The physician entered the room first. He carried a medicine kit on his back. He bowed to Princess Hua Jing before stepping up to Yun Shang's bed. He quickly lifted her hand and measured her pulse. The Governor entered next, accompanied by four officers. Seeing that the room was full, they had no choice but to bow, and stand outside.

Several tense minutes passed before the physician let go of the Princess's hand. He stood up, turned and bowed to Hua Jing. "There's nothing wrong with Princess Hui Guo. She is unconscious because she was frightened. Her Highness will be fine after some time. There's no need to worry, Your Highness."

Hua Jing nodded and said, "Reward him."

After the servant showed the physician out, the Governor of the Imperial City said, "Your Highness, there has been a murder in Luoying Lane in the city today. A number of men in black have died. According to the people who reported this, the men in black had tried to assassinate Princess Hui Guo. That's why we are here to ask for more details."

Hua Jing frowned. "Princess Hui Guo has not yet awakened from her shock, but you can ask her maids. They always follow her. Oh and speak with this mister as well. He is the son of the Minister of Defense and War. It was he who saved the Princess."

The Governor nodded and turned to the people Hua Jing mentioned. "Let's start with the maids. Tell me what happened."

Qian Yin and Qin Yi looked at each other. Qian Yin stepped forward and said, "I'll tell you. Earlier today, Princess Hui Guo wanted to go shopping. She said she hadn't walked in the Imperial City for many years, and she wanted to see what had changed. We followed her around the streets as she shopped. Then, Her Highness thought about the upcoming banquet at Princess Hua Jing's Palace and desired new clothes. She found a clothing store and stepped in to get a dress tailored. After we came out, she continued to wander around for a while. Somehow we took a wrong turn and walked into that alley. The Princess was talking about finding a restaurant to have lunch when a dozen men in black suddenly showed up. They were threatening Her Highness..."

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