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   Chapter 60 Presenting the Gift in the Buddhist Prayer Room

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Hua Jing interrupted Lady Zhao before she could finish. "Mother, Yun Shang heard that you are a pious Buddhist. She has brought several rolls of Buddhist texts for you."

"Oh?" The old lady in the Buddhist Prayer Room didn't return her head, and her reply sounded neither friendly nor unfriendly.

Yun Shang took a step forward and spoke softly, "I spent eight years at the Ning'guo Temple, and was lucky enough to transcribe some Buddhist texts for Master Wu Na. Master Wu Na once told me that some of the Buddhist texts at the Ning'guo Temple are the last of their kind in the world. I cannot take those texts out of the Ning'guo Temple, but I have brought with me some Buddhist texts I transcribed with my own hands. I've heard that Lady Zhao is very pious, and those treasured Buddhist texts are in need of a owner who can appreciate them. It is my hope that you will accept my gift."

"Hum..." Lady Zhao laughed. Her laughter showed no sign of joy or anger. Then Lady Zhao continued, "You are so interesting, Your Imperial Highness. It sounds like Master Wu Na from the Ning'guo Temple treated you nicely during your stay there. As Your Imperial Highness has spent so many years at the Ning'guo Temple, why not Your Imperial Highness and I have a chat about the doctrines of Buddhism?" She paused for a moment before adding, "You can leave, Hua Jing. I heard that you have banquet preparations to finish. I can imagine how busy you must be. You don't have to be here."

Hua Jing was about to cross the threshold but checked herself at Lady Zhao's words. She gritted her teeth, and lifted her eyes to look at the maids standing by Lady Zhao's side. Then she said, "All right. Since mother and Yun Shang are friends now, sister, please linger a while longer to converse with mother. I'll return to my chamber."

Yun Shang nodded, "I will, sister."

Hua Jing turned around to wink at Qing'er. Then the maid stepped inside in the Prayer room with the Buddhist texts. Yun Shang stayed outside until Hua Jing left. She knelt on the kneeling cushion behind Lady Zhao, and kowtowed before the statue of Buddha. Having paid her respects, she stood and turned towards Qing'er. Yun Shang slowly lifted the texts from the maids arms and stretched them towards Lady Zhao. "These are the Buddhist texts I transcribed..."

Lady Zhao put down the mallet*, and glanced at Yun Shang. She picked up one of the scrolls from Yun Shang's hand, and thumbed through it casually. To her surprise, the text was unlike those she had read before. She could not remove her eyes from the text, and almost finished her

ough. This place is too quiet and no nice talks can be held."

Yun Shang was surprised. Did Lady Zhao said that this place was too quiet that no nice talks could be held? Silently mulling over the Lady's words, Yun Shang soon understood what she wanted to imply. She must mean that she was also under Hua Jing's supervision, which was why nobody would come to talk to her. Hence, this place was too quiet.

Yun Shang looked at Lady Zhao with a smile. Lady Zhao raised her hand, and, after patting Yun Shang's hands on the table, stood up. "I'm old and ailing. I should rest. If you will excuse me, Your Imperial Highness."

Yun Shang waved at Lady Zhao before setting leaving the courtyard. Qing'er walked next to Yun Shang. "Let me lead the way for Your Imperial Highness."

Yun Shang shot a glance at Qing'er, before nodding her approval.

"Your Imperial Highness, Princess Hua Jing will hold a small banquet at Qianxin Tower. Princess Hua Jing said as Your Imperial Highness is staying here, it's a good opportunity for Your Imperial Highness to learn something about the procedures and preparations for a banquet. So, Princess Hua Jing asked me to inform Your Imperial Highness that she will bring Madam Xi to visit Your Imperial Highness tomorrow morning." Qing'er spoke gently while walking alongside Yun Shang.

"Really? That's very nice of her. I will ensure that I wake early." Yun Shang continued excitedly, "I wonder who has been invited for that banquet."

Qing'er grinned, "Many people have been invited, Your Highness. All noble young masters and ladies who are well known in the Imperial City have received the invitation. Princess Hua Jing has sent an invitation to Prince Jing today..."

Prince Jing?

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