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   Chapter 59 A Gift From Yun Shang

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"What? You mean Prince Jing had been in Yuman Tower before we got there?" Hua Jing stood up so abruptly that she spilled the tea on her hand. Fortunately it was not hot. Hua Jing waved to dry her hand before stretching it out towards the maid by her side.

Her mind was racing in all directions all at once. "So Prince Jing lied to us at Yuman Tower? He had no reason to lie to us if nothing had happened. Is it possible that he heard us?"

"Your Imperial Highness, what should we do?" Bing'er was getting nervous. "It seems that Prince Jing and Princess Hui Guo are on close terms. Is it possible that Princess Hui Guo knew about all this?"

Hua Jing withdrew her hand, and considered her maid's question. Then she shook her head, "No, it seems not. Had Yun Shang been aware of our plans, she wouldn't have come to my Palace."

Hua Jing sat on a chair and pondered. She frowned as she thought of something else. "Have your met with Brother Bai. What did he say?"

Bing'er shook her head. She looked uneasy. "Your Imperial Highness, I haven't seen Brother Bai even though I have asked everybody for his whereabouts. I ran into one of his underlyings who told me that Brother Bai, after learning of the failed plan, escaped. He was fearful of being caught."

"What?" Hua Jing slammed the table in her fury, "That rogue! I should not have trusted him! I would not have had him in my service but for my prudence to keep His Majesty from getting wind of this matter! Send someone to find him and then eliminate him."

"Yes." Bing'er replied in haste.

Hua Jing sighed, "Brother Bai is just a nobody. It will not be a problem removing him. But Prince Jing... If Prince Jing is aware of this matter, I can go straight to him to negotiate some conditions. But I'm afraid of the consequences if he knows nothing and I tell him everything. We cannot be rash in this matter. I have to seek an opportunity to test him before I can make a decision. After all, Prince Jing is a person we cannot afford to offend."

Hua Jing winced and pondered for a little while. "We cannot tell this to mother. She already has enough to deal with now that the pregnant Lady Jin has asked to stay in Qiwu Palace for the sake of her pregnancy. I shall not make mother worry about me. I'll write an invitation later, which you should deliver to Prince Jing. You must tell Prince Jing that many talented youths and fair ladies in the Imperial City admire him. Since he is rarely seen in the Imperial City, they are longing for

servant was walking toward them as they stepped out of the courtyard. Hua Jing waved for him to approach, and then asked, "Where is Lady Zhao?"

The servant replied in a hurry, "Lady Zhao has been in the Buddhist Prayer Room since she returned this afternoon."

Hua Jing turned around to look at Yun Shang, and then said with a smile, "You are smart to prepare such a wonderful gift. My mother-in-law spends every minute of her free time in the Buddhist Prayer Room. But, Shang'er, after so many years at Ning'guo Temple, do you really think that the Buddha can help every prayer to become true? Somehow, I doubt it."

Yun Shang grinned, "It's not so magical. As far as I know, the Buddha is an ideal, something that allows people to acquire peace for their heart and soul. If you believe, it will manifest extraordinary powers, and if your don't, it will of course not."

Hua Jing nodded at Yun Shang before heading toward the Buddhist Prayer Room.

The humming of the Temple Block could been heard well before they reached the Buddhist Prayer Room. The two Princesses had a clear view of the interior from the doorway. In the middle of the hall stood a huge statue of Buddha. It must have been over 20 feet in height! Lady Zhao knelt before the statue. Her posture indicated that she was a woman who would not yield to anything.

"Mother." Hua Jing called out to the woman from the door of the Buddhist Prayer Room. She didn't show any inclination to enter the Room.

The woman inside kept silent. She was looking at the Temple Block and reciting Buddhist texts. After a moment she said, "This is rare. You seldom come to visit me. What happened today..."

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