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   Chapter 58 Hua Jing’s Worries

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Lady Zhao smiled and stood up with Yun Shang's support. She said, "I am a distant elder of yours. However, you are the Princess with the highest rank entitled by the Emperor, while I am only a lower-ranked titled lady. Although higher ranked than Princes Hua Jing, I am still inferior to you. Certainly, I should bow to you. Otherwise, people will consider it a breach of etiquette."

Yun Shang didn't understand what she meant at first. She had understood that the lengthy explanation had been a taunt. However, when seeing Hua Jing clench her fists quietly, she realized Lady Zhao's intention.

Hua Jing walked in front of Yun Shang and said to Lady Zhao with a smile, "Mother, aren't you supposed to be sleeping right now? How come you are here? I invited Shang'er. My mother said that Shang'er would get married sooner or later, and she needed to know about affairs after marriage so that her mother-in-law wouldn't be unhappy with her. What's more, your birthday is coming. I thought I'd surprise you."

Lady Zhao glanced at her and sneered, "Really? It seems that Princess Hua Jing didn't learn these things before getting married either."

Seeing that Hua Jing was getting angry, Yun Shang smiled and interrupted, "I heard of you many times before I came here. When I was in Yuman Tower, Prince Jing said that all members of the Zhao family, no matter men or women, were true heroes on the battlefield. I wanted Hua Jing to bring me to visit you upon our arrival, but she said that you were resting. We didn't come earlier as we were afraid that we might disturb you. I am deeply sorry for any offense."

Lady Zhao smiled slightly, "It's all right. Anyway, the Princess Palace is not my territory. You are kind and polite, which I appreciate. I have nothing to do but copy scriptures and pray to Buddha every day since my son is not here. I heard that you stayed in Ning'guo Temple for many years. You must have a profound understanding of Buddhism. If you have time, you may as well come around."

Yun Shang nodded in approval. Then Lady Zhao turned around and left.

When Lady Zhao disappeared around a corner, Hua Jing smiled ironically, "My mother-in-law is becoming weirder and weirde

n though they've never met before."

Hua Jing sneered, "For sure you are confused. Don't underestimate that old woman. Even my mother said that she is cunning. I was negligent. It seems that there is someone unfaithful to me here, which is strange. I selected every servant in this Palace myself and investigated their ancestry as well. How can that old woman still turn against me on everything?"

"Don't be angry, Your Highness."

Hua Jing snorted. "I don't get it. As a Princess, I was married into this impoverished family. She should thank me. But why does she despise me so much? That Zhao Zhongyi is a reckless man who only knows how to fight. I don't know why my father likes him! Even my mother agreed to this marriage!"

The maid knelt down and whispered, "Your Highness, the Empress said that Zhao Zhongyi is a military officer while members of the Li Family can only be civil officials for generations to come. However, in this country, military officers have more power. If it's possible to win over Zhao's family and share in their military power, the foundation of Li family will be unshakable."

Hua Jing's eyes turned cold. "Li Family. But my surname is Ning."

"Your Highness, Bing'er is back." A deep voice came from outside. Hua Jing let out a sigh, checked her emotions and said with a low voice, "Come in."

After Bing'er entered the inner Palace, she said hurriedly, "Your Highness, I asked the owner. Prince Jing arrived before us."

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