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   Chapter 55 Yun Shang Is Missing

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Just after 7 a.m, Hua Jing arrived. "I was wondering if you had woken. I didn't expect that you would be in the middle of breakfast. Before your stay at Ning'guo Temple, you loved to stay in bed in the morning."

Yun Shang's mouth curved into a smile. "Stop making fun of me, sister. I don't have that habit anymore. I'm living a much better life and am getting up pretty early these days."

Hua Jing nodded, "That's good. Let's go. You seldom leave the Palace. I've reserved the best restaurant in the Imperial City for you. Let's have our lunch at noon. The cooks there are so good that even our Imperial cook is not comparable. We don't need to hurry. We can even go for a walk in the Imperial City after the meal."

Yun Shang put on her pink cloak and pulled it close. "I'm happy to do whatever you have arranged for me."

Hua Jing walked out of Qingxin Palace with Yun Shang. The two Princesses were followed by Yun Shang's maid. At the Palace gate, a carriage awaited the Princesses. Their long journey began once the women had stepped into the carriage. When the carriage finally stopped, Hua Jing announced, "Sister, we have arrived."

The curtain of the carriage was lifted, and Yun Shang stepped out. She saw a two-story building in ancient and traditional style. Looking up, she saw a plaque on the second floor. It was decorated minimally and yet, tastefully. Yuman Tower had been neatly engraved in the center the plaque.

"Don't look down upon this place. It seems ordinary but the food is really delicious." Seeing Yun Shang measuring the building, Hua Jing smiled while explaining.

Yun Shang nodded, and proceeded to walk forward. "It is indeed ancient and traditional. But I trust your recommendation."

"That's for sure." Hua Jing smiled, turned around, and walked in.

Yun Shang was about to follow when she paused. On impulse, she raised her eyes to look up to the second floor before quickly looking down. Her brows furrowed as she wondered whether she had imagined someone staring at her from above.

"Ladies, the tables are full. Would you like to sit down for a moment?" The waiter spoke respectfully.

Hua Jing frowned. "We have already reserved a room on the second floor."

The waiter stared at Hua Jing and thought of something, "Oh! My apologies. Please forgive me. I'll show you the way now." Then he walked two steps forward, stood on the stairs with a big smile on his face, and gestured for the women to follow.

Yun Shang let Hua Jing walk upstairs first. Once on the second floor, Yun Shang noticed a rather large lobby. There were no tables for guests here. A woman sat in front of the only table in the lobby. She played the Qin. The woman was dressed in white and the music was melodious.

There were several private rooms on both sides of the lobby. The waiter walked past many rooms. He topped at the third last room, and opened the door. "Dear guests, this is your room. Please sit down. I will go down and bring your dishes."

Hua Jing nodded and walked in. The room had been decorated elegantly. There was a table, chairs and a screen. Fine mahogany with gold etchings glimmered in the afternoon sun. The room was not ostentatious, but it indicated wealth and elegance. Next to the window stood a few pots of bamboo, which helped create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that complimented the furniture design.

"The food here is delicious, but it's always served very slowly. The owner said good food takes time to cook. I didn't know how hungry you'd be. So I ordered their specials in advance. If there's any dish that you like, just add it to our menu."

Yun Shang smiled as she sat down. She nodded at Hua Jing's explanation.

Maybe it was because they had ordered in advance, their meal was served quickly. After a short while, the whole table was full with tantalizing food. There were seven or eight dishes, each of which was very delicate. In front of Yun Shang, the waiter had placed West Lake Sweet and Sour Fried Fish. The fried fish looked very delectable. the sweet and sour juice glimmered in the light.

"The Dragon Beard Beef*, West Lake Sweet and Sour Fried Fish, Buddha Jumping Over the Wall* are very popular here. Have a try." Hua Jing smiled and said.

(*TN: Dragon Beard Beef is a dish in which beef is sliced and made in the shape of dragon beard. Buddha jumping over the wall was a complicated dish that required over ten kinds of ingredients such as abal

one, sea cucumber, fish lip, yak skin glue, mushrooms, cuttlefish, scallops, and quail eggs. They say it smells so good that Buddha would jump over the wall for it.)

Yun Shang nodded, picked up her chopsticks, and selected a small piece of sweet and sour fish. She placed it in her mouth and paused to let the juices tingle her taste buds. Then she chewed and swallowed. "Sweet but not greasy. The sour taste is very refreshing. It's a good dish." Then she picked up a piece of beef.

Hua Jing smiled when Yun Shang began eating. Then she picked up her chopsticks, and spoke, "Before I came to Yuman Tower, I thought our Imperial cooks had the most exquisite workmanship. After eating the food here, I finally learnt about gourmet food." Then she also put a piece of Dragon Beard Beef in her mouth.

After a few minutes, Yun Shang frowned and pressed her hands on her belly. Then she raised her head and smiled at Hua Jing. "Staying at the Palace for so long has given me a weak stomach. I suddenly feel some pain. Forgive me, my sister. I need to use the bathroom."

Hua Jing put down her chopsticks and asked, "Are you all right?"

"I'm sure I'll be fine. I'll come back soon." Yun Shang smiled as she stood to leave. She let Qian Yin and Qin Yi support her as she walked out of the room.

"Your Highness..." Qian Yin was about to say something, but Yun Shang pulled her hand and shook her head. Just as they reached the stairs, a door of the innermost room opened and a man stepped out.

Inside their room, Hua Jing took a leisurely bite of the dish, put down her chopsticks and said to the maid behind her, "Go tell Brother Bai that the goods are here."

The maid nodded, opened the door, and left to carry out the Princess's instructions. She looked around the door for a moment. Then she stepped in front of the adjoining door, knocked, and went in.

"Your Highness, Brother Bai said he got it. He's on his way to pick up the goods." After a short while the maid came back and reported to Princess Hua jing.

Hua Jing nodded, before picking up a piece of food from the dish, Buddha Jumping Over the Wall.

"Ah..." A woman shrieked outside. Hua Jing paused and waved her hand. Then the maid, who had been standing behind her, hurried out again.

A moment later, the door was pushed open, "Your Highness, Brother Bai said he has picked up the goods. The guests downstairs were all talking about a female guest who had been knocked unconscious and taken away by several robbers when she was in the bathroom."

When Hua Jing heard this, her eyes flashed with excitement, "It's done?" Then she put down her chopsticks and took the brocade handkerchief which the maid had given her and wiped her mouth.

She smiled, "Ning Yun Shang, I'm afraid you can't escape even if you had three heads and six arms. I will let you know what losing one's reputation feels like."

"Your Highness..."

Hua Jing smiled and turned to the maid, "Call the waiter. I need to ask him why my sister still hasn't show up. All she did was go to the bathroom after eating."

A moment later, the waiter entered in a hurry. "Miss, you say your sister never came back after she went to the bathroom?"

Hua Jing nodded, "I heard that something went wrong with a female guest in the restaurant, and my sister just went out to the bathroom because of a stomachache. She still hasn't come back yet."

The waiter wiped the sweat collecting on his brow. He said, "Don't worry, miss. There was a female guest who was knocked unconscious and taken away. The restaurant owner has notified the authority and they are coming soon. Look..."

The sound of several hurried footsteps came from outside before the door of the room flew open. A man who looked like the owner of the restaurant entered with several officers. "Sir, it is this guest who claims her sister went missing."

The officer who was walking in the front of the owner took a look at Hua Jing and said in a rough voice, "You said your sister is missing. What does your sister look like?"

"Impertinent!" The maid standing behind Hua Jing shouted angrily. She took out a token from her waist and showed it to the officer.

The official carefully examined the token, and then fell to his knees, "Princess Hua Jing! Your Highness..."

Hua Jing frowned and was not happy, "The missing guest is Princess Hui Guo. Go look for her. If anything happens to Princess Hui Guo, you'll all be dead."

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