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   Chapter 54 Let The Empress Take Care Of Lady Jin

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Hearing that, Yun Shang felt relieved. She had been thinking about how to suggest that the Emperor ask Lady Jin to move into Qinzheng Hall. To her, it seemed to be the only way to keep Lady Jin from the Empress. Though the Empress was capable of many horrendous things, she wouldn't be able to cause trouble in Qinzheng Hall. But if she said that to the Emperor, Lady Jin would surely become a target.

However, Lady Jin had thought about moving into Qiwu Palace and letting the Empress take care of her. Even though the Empress would want to get rid of the baby, she wouldn't be able to do so while Lady Jin remained her guest. If anything happened to the unborn baby, the Empress would be the first suspect. As a result, the Empress would not only have to care for the baby; she would also need to take responsibility for any untoward events.

"Well, the Empress?" Emperor Ning pressed his lips together as he thought.

Lady Jin smiled, "Before I entered the Imperial Household, the Empress and I were good friends. That's why I felt relieved when she was tasked with caring for Yun Shang. Don't worry, Your Majesty. The Empress is a kind woman and she will surely keep me and my baby safe."

After staring at Lady Jin for a long time, Emperor Ning finally nodded, "In that case, I'll let Master Zheng call the Empress for us. I need to tell her this in person."

Lady Jin nodded, "Your Majesty's kindness and care will always be remembered by me." Then she loooked at Yun Shang, "Aren't you going to Princess Hua Jing's Palace? It's getting late now. Go back to Qingxin Palace and pack your belongings. You are not in good health. You need time to rest."

Yun Shang knew that Lady Jin didn't want the Empress to see her at Qinzheng Hall. So she nodded. "I will take my leave now."

Emperor Ning was focused on Lady Jin. He couldn't think of anything else at that moment. He nodded.

Lady Jin and Emperor Ning talked more. Emperor Ning kept asking Lady Jin how she felt, and she smiled and answered every question he asked. After a while, the Empress arrived. Lady Jin quickly stood up and bowed to the Empress. Before the Empress said anything, Emperor Ning put his arms around Lady Jin and said, "Look at you. You don't know how to take care of your body. From now on, I will not allow you to bow before anyone."

The Empress clenched her hands

hood. Lady Jin's father was the Emperor's Grand Tutor, so they were very close at that time. The Emperor promised very early to marry her and let her be his wife, and then the Empress. Later, however, the Grand Councilor Li gained power, so the Emperor's father asked him to marry Li's daughter and let her be the Empress after he ascended the throne. He hinted that if the Emperor did not comply, he would make Prince Jing the Emperor. Since Prince Jing is only an adopted son, the Emperor couldn't allow that to happen. So after many struggles, he finally compromised and married the Empress."

Qin Yi sighed, "The master was reluctant to leave the Emperor after all these years of love. So she ignored the Grand Tutor's advice and came to the Palace to be the Lady Jin. The Emperor promised to love her only, but soon, the Empress became pregnant. The master was furious. She fought with the Emperor, and finally forgave him. A few years later, the number of concubines in the Palace grew. When the master was giving birth to Your Highness, the Emperor was drunk in another concubine's Palace and didn't even go to visit her. The master was completely disappointed with him and offered to move to the Cold Palace. When the Emperor threatened her with Your Highness, the master felt more disappointed. That's why she entrusted the Empress to take care of you..."

"No wonder..." Yun Shang thought of what happened in her previous life and sighed, "Turns out mother and I are both victims of fate..." But in this life, she wanted her mother to get her own happiness...

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