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   Chapter 53 Lady Jin Was Pregnant

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"Your Highness? Your Highness?" Hearing Qian Yin's call, Yun Shang suddenly came to her senses. She looked up at Qian Yin.

"What's wrong?"

Qian Yin frowned and asked in confusion. "Are you alright, Your Highness? I was calling you, but you seemed distracted."

Yun Shang shook her head and sighed. "I don't know. I just have this strange feeling, as if something is about to happen. Never mind. What were you trying to say?"

Qian Yin looked at Yun Shang searchingly. "Your Highness, I was saying that our people in the Imperial Hospital reported that Xiu Xin came to the Hospital with some dregs of a decoction before dinnertime. She asked an Imperial Physician about the function of its materials. And hearing it was for prevention of miscarriage, her expression abruptly changed. Your Highness just sent me to fill the prescription this morning, so our people paid special attention to this incident. They came to report after Xiu Xin left."

"For prevention of miscarriage..." Realization dawned on Yun Shang's face. "Oh no! Could it be that mother didn't properly dispose of the dregs after decocting?"

Qian Yin took a gauze bag of dregs from her sleeve and passed it to Yun Shang. "They kept an eye on it and secretly got us some of the dregs. Please take a look, Your Highness. Is this the prescription you made for Lady Jin?"

Yun Shang opened the bag, smelled and nodded. "Yes it is. There's something special about this prescription. I could tell the difference from other medicine for miscarriage prevention simply by smelling. No wonder Hua Jing came here and invited me to stay at her Palace today. Now this explains her visit. The Empress is afraid I might get in the way of her plan. She wants to get rid of mother's child."

"What should we do, Your Highness? Should I inform Ning Qian and ask her to send more people to protect Lady Jin?"

Qian Yin asked with worry.

Yun Shang shook her head. "People often die under mysterious circumstances in the Imperial Household." Yun Shang stood up and called. "Qin Yi. Qin Yi..."

Qin Yi hurried in with a look of surprise. "Yes, Your Highness. What happened?"

Yun Shang answered, "Do whatever you can to inform mother that the Empress knows about her pregnancy and it may bring danger to her and the child. I'll have to tell His Majesty this news. I'm afraid we can't hide it anymore."

Qin Yi was shocked at the unexpected situation. She nodded. "I'll do as you bid, Your Highness."

Soon afterwards, Yun Shang left Qingxin Palace. She intended to search for her father at Qinzheng Hall.

At Qinzheng Palace, Yun Shang was stopped at the gate by Master Zheng. He reported that Emperor Ning was in the middle of discussions with the Grand Councilor and should not be disturbed. Yun Shang waited patiently until Li Jingyan left. Then she followed Master Zheng into Qinzheng Palace.

"What brings you here, Shang?" Emperor Ning was reading official documents at his desk. He put down the writing brush when he saw Yun Shang.

"Father..." Yun Shang was just about to explain her visit when an eunuch spoke. "Lady Jin is here to see Your Majesty."

Neither Emperor Ning or Yun Shang expected her arrival. Emperor Ning was both surprised and delighted. He looked at his hands and sighed. "Let her in."

Yun Shang turned around and watched Lady Jin enter. Dressed in ivory with an unspeakable beauty in her deportment, Lady Jin astounded Yun Shang.

Lady Jin didn't cast a glance at Yun Shang. Instead, she bowed to Emperor Ning. "Your Majesty."

Emperor Ning nodded without looking up. He said softly, "I haven't seen you in Qinzheng Palace in quite a while Lady Jin. You are here today for..."

Smiling, Lady Jin took a look at Yun Shang before answering gently. "Yes, I'm here to tell Your Majesty that I am pregnant."

Yun Shang was stunned. Did Lady Jin come to Qinzheng Hall for her? Mother didn't want others to

know that they had been in touch. Is that why she chose to tell the Emperor herself? So that Yun Shang would not be involved?

Before Yun Shang could collect her thoughts, she heard something falling to the ground. Yun Shang looked up and found Emperor Ning looking stupefied. The ink-stone had turned over, and ink was pouring all over his hand. It took him some time to overcome his surprise. But when he did, he walked to Lady Jin in a hurry. With an amazed look, he asked. "Shu Jin, what did you just say? What was that? Can you please say that again for me?"

Lady Jin smiled. "I'm pregnant, Your Majesty."

"Pregnant? Pregnant! We are having another child, Shu Jin!" Emperor Ning caught Lady Jin's sleeves and laughed. "My Shu Jin is pregnant!"

Yun Shang couldn't help smiling. "Father, the ink on your hands is now all over mo... Lady Jin's clothes."

Emperor Ning looked at his hands. He looked up and noticed the stains on Lady Jin's ivory dress. His face reddened. "I am so happy. Way too happy to notice these details!"

Lady Jin looked at the man before her and realized that she now had no special feelings towards him. Perhaps, on occasion, she reminisced. But there was nothing else that she felt for the Emperor. She put on a faint smile. " The news has just been confirmed, Your Majesty. Madam Zheng has some medical skills, as Your Majesty knows. I have been feeling drowsy for a while now. Madam Zheng felt my pulse and said I might be pregnant. I was afraid to inform you then as I didn't want to raise Your Majesty's hopes. So I decided to wait. Madam Zheng tested me again today and confirmed that I am indeed pregnant."

"Master Zheng, send for the Imperial Physicians." Emperor Ning ordered. Then he helped Lady Jin get seated on a chair. "You have suffered a lot these years and your health condition is worrying. Let the Imperial Physician prescribe some medicine for you and the baby."

Lady Jin nodded and looked at Yun Shang as if she still couldn't hide how much she missed her daughter, Which reminded Emperor Ning of Yun Shang's presence. He turned around and looked at both of them for a while. "Well, what were you trying to tell me, Shang?"

Yun Shang smiled. "Not a big deal, father. It's just sister invited me to stay in her Palace for a few days. I will leave tomorrow. I thought of informing you. And I was most fortunate to hear such great news during my visit here. Congratulations, father and Lady Jin."

Emperor Ning frowned. "She's your mother, Yun Shang. You shouldn't call her Lady Jin."

Before Yun Shang could explain for herself, Lady Jin said. "It's not her fault, Your Majesty. Shang was brought up by the Empress. It's natural that she's not close to me." There were tears in Lady Jin's eyes. "It's all my fault."

A long silence followed Lady Jin's words. Master Zheng stepped into the Hall and reported. "The Imperial Physician is here, Your Majesty."

Emperor Ning said promptly. "Let him in, now."

The physician took Lady Jin's pulse and knelt. "Congratulations, Your Majesty, Lady Jin is pregnant."

Emperor Ning was even more delighted. He ordered loudly, "Reward him."

After the physician left with Master Zheng, Lady Jin looked at Yun Shang and said, "Although I am far from being a good mother, I am very grateful for this child. I do enjoy the quietness of where I stay now, but it might not be fair to the unborn child."

Emperor Ning agreed. "Where would you like to live?"

Lady Jin shook her head and smiled. "I'm content with where I live, but I might have to move for the baby's sake. I was thinking now that the Empress has been looking after Shang for me and her own daughter, Hua Jing Princess, is wise and talented, the Empress must have some experience in bringing up children. So I hope to stay in the side chamber of the Empress's Palace so that I can seek her advice. What do you think, Your Majesty?"

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