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   Chapter 51 Qin Meng Receives a Title

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What? The Emperor?

Everybody was astonished. Just as they were about to move forward to look, they heard a deep voice, "Who do you refer to as the adulterers?"

The familiar voice filled the Empress with bewilderment and shock. When she came to her sense, she hastily knelt down and said, "I didn't know it was you, Your Majesty. Please pardon my offense."

Emperor Ning shouted, "Get out! Don't bother Shu Jin and me."

The Empress waved at the consorts crowding behind her. Then she stood, turned and began walking out of the Palace. A thought dawned on her. The Empress stopped and asked, "Shu Jin?"

She turned around and said with confusion, "Your Majesty, the girl next to you is not Lady Shu. She's Qin Meng, a maid from my Palace."

Emperor Ning was about to rebuke the Empress but then decided to look at the woman in his arms. Stunned with the discovery, he became speechless. After a long while, he pushed away Qin Meng and asked, "Who is this? Where is my Shu Jin?"

Qin Meng, who was dressed in a belly band, woke up and screamed. It seemed that she didn't understand the situation in front of her. She just whispered, "It hurts." When she identified the people standing in front of her, she turned pale. She knelt down to greet the Emperor, Empress, and Princess Yun Shang.

Emperor Ning stared at Qin Meng with a murderous look. "How could it be you? I remember clearly that it was Shu Jin…"

Tears streamed down Qin Meng's face when she heard that, and she replied, "I hurt my legs a few days ago, and I couldn't serve the Princess anymore, so the Empress sent me to Qiwu Palace. I appreciated her generous treatment, but I felt despondent as I had become useless. Therefore, I snuck out of the Palace when nobody noticed and tried to kill myself. However, I didn't expect that I would meet your Majesty on my way. You came to me and held me. You kept calling me Shu Jin. I kept saying that I was not Shu Jin but still…" Kowtowing at t

of tea for Yun Shang, and said, "Your Highness, you asked me to investigate Lin and I have found the truth. Even better? I found Lin too! He is doing odds and ends such as carrying water and making washing bats at Huanyi Bureau. Since you didn't mention it, I didn't dare to speak with him. I only heard that he was sent there by Qin Meng seven years ago after you left."

"It seems that Lin indeed doesn't work for the Empress. It must have been difficult for him these years. However, this Huanyi Bureau…" Yun Shang contemplated for a while before adding, "Arrange a meeting for us as soon as possible."

Qin Yi nodded, "I will arrange it right away." And then she left.

After Qin Yi left, Qian Yin looked at the Princess. "When Qin Yi and I were on our way back, I heard that the Empress had been grounded. I do not think that she will let us go so easily. What should I say if she asks any questions?"

"Just tell her that you didn't notice anything unusual about me. And tell her that you subtly questioned me several times, only to find that I seemed not to know about Qin Meng. You can add that I have often asked about wanting to visit Doctor Xue Yan at Prince Jing's mansion to see if he could help Qin Meng."

"Understood, Your Highness." Qian Yin smiled as a new plan formed in her mind.

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