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   Chapter 47 Qin Meng Seeks Help

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"Princess, is Qin Meng really coming?" Qian Yin looked at Yun Shang somewhat suspiciously.

Qin Yi smiled, put a plate on the table, and said, "Princess, try some of the fresh passion fruit that the Emperor just sent you." Having said this, Qin Yi turned her head to Qian Yin and spoke, "Don't worry. If the Princess says Qin Meng is coming, then she must be coming. I know Qin Meng quite well, and I understand her temper. If she has heard the things that you deliberately wanted her to hear, she will definitely come to the Princess for help."

Qian Yin nodded slightly, "Right. A wise person would not be sitting idly, awaiting one's doom. From my observation, Qin Meng could make for half a wise person. But it's been two days since I passed on the message. Why hasn't anything happened yet?"

Yun Shang picked up a piece of passion fruit and beamed, "She's only waiting for an opportunity."

"An opportunity? What opportunity?" Qian Yin was confused.

Yun Shang didn't answer her. Instead, she ordered Qin Yi, "Go find out where the Emperor is staying for the night."

Qin Yi nodded and made her exit.

Soon, Qin Yi returned and reported, "Your Highness, today the Emperor is resting at Qiwu Palace. I heard that the Empress went to Qinzheng hall to invite the Emperor."

"The Empress invited the Emperor? Could it be that the Empress has found someone who can help her keep the Emperor there?" Hearing this, Qian Yin's eyes widened in surprise. She looked at Qin Yi with curiosity.

Yun Shang smiled and said, "For two months in a row, father visited every other concubine's Palace. He hasn't been to Qiwu Palace. How can the Empress not be anxious? A drowning man will clutch at any straw. However, this is great news for us, because Qin Meng's opportunity has finally come. We shall be ready tonight."

Qian Yin was still very curious, but she did not ask again, and hurried to make preparations.

It was just past nine o'clock and the palace gradually quieted down as its occupants turned in for the night. It was one of those caliginous nights when the moon sulked behind clouds. Suddenly, a few knocks came from the Palace gate. As soon as Qian Yin heard the sound, she stretched her neck and looked outside, "Princess, someone's knocking on the gate."

Yun Shang took a cup of tea and nodded, "OK." She didn't give any other response. Instead, she took her


(*TN The Huanyi Bureau is the department of laundry service in the imperial court.)

"Go ahead." Qin Yi smiled, and Qian Yin walked out of the Hall.

Qin Meng clenched her fist and hurried into the inner Hall. Upon seeing Yun Shang, she dropped to her knees and kowtowed, "Princess, I need to tell you something really important. It concerns your life. Please have someone trustworthy guard the door so that no one can enter or exit the Hall. Otherwise, I'm afraid that something terrible might happen..."

"It concerns my life?" Yun Shang's brows knitted, "How can anything happen to me when I'm safe in Qingxin Palace?"

"I swear on my life that I tell nothing but the truth. Please trust me and lock the doors, and forbid anyone to enter or leave the Palace." Qin Meng kowtowed a few more times.

Yun Shang hesitated for a moment before she nodded and said to Qin Yi, "Go and ask Qian Yin to guard door."

When Qin Meng heard this, she hastened to add, "Princess, not Qian Yin. It must not be her."

Qin Yi halted at these words and stared at Qin Meng for a long time, and then she said, "Princess, let me guard the door."

Yun Shang agreed and Qin Yi turned to leave for the door. Qin Meng also turned around and repeatedly urged, "Please, Qin Yi, do not let anyone out..."

Having received Qin Yi's reassurance, Qin Meng turned around again and knelt on the ground. She spoke with a trembling voice, "Princess, the Empress is trying to hurt you. I was sent to you by her and my task was to gain your trust and then find a way to kill you without anyone noticing."

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