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   Chapter 46 The gambit

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"Watch out, Your Highness." Qian Yin was standing near Yun Shang. She shouted, rushed towards the Princess, and pushed her away from the lake bank. In doing so, she slipped and fell into the lake.

"Someone has fallen in the water."

When Yun Shang realized what happened, she saw Qian Yin being swept away by the current. Yun Shang squinted and raised her voice, "What are you waiting for? Save her."

The eunuchs who were following the women jumped into the lake and swam towards Qian Yin.

"Are you all right, Your Highness?" Qin Yi quickly walked to Yun Shang and asked. She sounded anxious and concerned. Yun Shang shook her head. "I'm OK, yes. Qian Yin pushed me away in time. But Qian Yin..."

Yun Shang frowned. Worry spread across her face.

"Don't worry, my daughter. We have so many people here. Your maid will be saved before any further harm comes to her. The maid looks young and healthy. I'm sure she will be fine. She saved you at a crucial time." The Empress walked to Yun Shang and patted her hands as she spoke gently.

Yun Shang nodded, "Yes..."

Seeing that Yun Shang couldn't remove her gaze from the water, and the worry on her face, the Empress felt satisfied that the Princess' concern was genuine. She said no more.

"We got her. We got her, Your Highness." The eunuchs who had jumped in after Qian Yin, brought the maid ashore. Yun Shang rushed to her maid. Qian Yin spat out water and looked weak. Seeing her like this, Yun Shang crouched near her and asked with concern, "Qian Yin, how do you feel now?"

Qian Yin looked at Yun Shang and shook her head, "I'm OK, as long as you're OK."

Then she fainted.

"What are you waiting for? Bring the Imperial Physician here." The Empress's voice came from behind, She sounded genuinely sincere. Yun Shang noticed that Qian Yin's hand moved a bit. She lowered her head and smiled.

After the accident, it took a while for Qingxin Palace to quiet down. Yun Shang went to the bed and sat down. She spoke softly, "They are all gone now. Drop the act."

The maid first opened one eye, looked at Yun Shang, then slowly opened her other eye. Yun Shang found her funny, but pretended to be angry. "Did the Empress set this up?"

Qian Yin nodded, "The Empress sent her orders through a young eunuch who is in charge of delivering food. It was urgent, and I didn't know whether anyone was eavesdropping on us. That's why I didn't tell you. But I t

xin Palace, that's why she brought her here. A cripple. When Qian Yin secures her place in Qingxin Palace, I guess that is the day Meng will disappear."

"You're not wrong. I heard that Qian Yin saved Princess Hui Guo in the Imperial Garden the other day. Your Highness was so grateful. Qian Yin has gained her trust."

"Right. Forget about this crap. Leave her alone. It doesn't matter if she's dead or not. By the way, I heard that the Empress was very angry yesterday. Do you know why?"

"His Majesty hasn't came to Qiwu Palace in a long time. Her Majesty wanted to choose a maid to send to him to keep his heart. But she couldn't find a satisfactory one. She was annoyed."

"Shh, that's a big deal. Be careful..."

Their voices gradually disappeared. Neither maid had guessed that behind the door, Qin Meng's whole body was shaking. She clenched her teeth as tears slid from her eyes. "Scrap, I have become useless scrap." She mumbled to no one in particular.

After all these years in the Palace, Qin Meng knew exactly what fate awaited abandoned scrap. It was because she knew this that she was particularly afraid. She felt like the tip of a knife was pricking her throat.

Qin Meng gnashed her teeth. No, she didn't want to die.

But, what could she do?

Qin Meng dragged her aching legs back to the bed and sat down. Now the Empress regard her as scrap, and there was a new maid in Qingxin Palace. Who in this Palace would help her?

Qin Meng thought for a long time, then slowly raised her head. Determination reflected in her eyes. She knew she need a chance, a chance to change her destiny.

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