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   Chapter 43 The Empress' Scheme

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"Where's Her Majesty?" Xiu Xin asked as she entered Qiwu Palace. She seemed to be in a hurry.

"In the Buddhist Prayer Room, " answered a servant.

Hearing that, Xiu Xin nodded and went straight to the prayer room. A thread of smoke coiled around the room. The Empress knelt in front of a shrine as she mumbled sutras with her eyes closed.

Footsteps broke the silence of the room. But the Empress did not move, and continued tapping the Temple Block*.

(*TN: The temple block is a percussion instrument which is used in religious ceremonies.).

"Your Majesty, Princess Hui Guo returned to her Palace." blurted Xiu Xin.

At the news, the Empress missed a beat and the Block trembled off-tune. A heartbeat later, the Temple Block hummed again, rhythmically. "Didn't she leave for treatment? Why has she returned now? "

"I followed a eunuch from Qingxin Palace. Then I saw Qin Meng on a stretcher, " continued Xiu Xin. "Later, I heard that Prince Jing had her legs broken for being a trespasser."

A thump echoed off the walls before the Temple Block went silent. After a long pause, the Empress asked, "What? He broke her legs? "

"That is correct, Your Majesty. The servants at Qingxin Palace said so, " answered Xiu Xin.

"Damn it!" In her rage, the Empress threw the wooden mallet to the ground. Then she jumped up, and fulminated. "Get to the bottom of this incident! It took me so many years to arrange these things. How can my efforts be in vain?"

Xiu Xin nodded and left hurriedly.

Silence returned to the room. After a few minutes, the Empress thought aloud. "I have nothing against you, but you always spoil my plans. I won't tolerate you anymore."

At the Qingxin Palace, Imperial Physicians were busy in the maid's room. Yun Shang paced anxiously in the courtyard where Qin Meng lived. Seeing a physician came out, she asked him, "How are her legs?"

"I'm afraid they won't heal completely. Her bones are broken in too many places." The Imperial Physician shook his head and sighed. "We tried our best to set her bones. Perhaps she will walk after several months. I cannot be sure. Even if she does, your maid will always have a limp. Sadly, she will not be able to carry out her previous duties nor take long walks."

"It's my fault taking her to his mansion. Please try your best, doctor."

"Of course I will, " nodded the Imperial Physician.

Yun Shang walked past the physician and entered Qin Meng's room. The maid was unconscious. Yun Shang frowned at the massive bloodstain on her bed. She must be in a lot of pain, the Princess thought.

Yun Shang stood by the bed and looked at the maid for a long time before returning to the main hall.

At night, Yun Shang was woken up by loud noises

. She asked Qin Yi to find out what happened. "It is Qin Meng. She is crying for her broken legs." responded Qin Yi.

Yun Shang yawned, put on a cloak, and went to see Qin Meng. There were many people standing outside the room. When the Princess arrived, they made way for her. When she walked in, the maid was still crying.

Yun Shang walked to her bedside, and sat down. "I'm sorry that I failed to intercede with my uncle for you."

Qin Meng continued crying and didn't respond.

"You are my maid, and you will always be. Even if you are lame, I will never let you suffer any more injustice." continued Yun Shang with tears in her eyes.

After a long time, Qin Meng stopped crying. Then Yun Shang stood and told the maids to take good care of Qin Meng. Before she left, Yun Shang felt that Qin Meng was glaring at her. When she turned, the maid tried to hide her hatred by lowering her head. But the Princess saw it clearly enough.

She let out a cynical laugh before walking out.

After that day, Qin Meng stopped crying. On the surface, however, everything remained much as before.

Few days later, an interesting event occurred. Yun Shang had just woken when she was informed that Qin Meng was missing.

"Missing?" said Yun Shang in astonishment. "How could she disappear? Find her!" At that moment, a servant announced, "The Empress is coming!" Yun Shang was surprised, however, she quickly walked out to greet the Empress.

"Welcome! Your Majesty." Yun Shang said. Then she smiled for she saw a familiar face among the Empress' escorts.

"Aha? Isn't that Qin Meng? I was so worried when I heard you were missing. Where have you been?" asked Yun Shang.

She didn't answer, but the Empress spoke up. "Actually, this is what I wanted to talk about with you." She glanced at Yun Shang before sitting.

Yun Shang sat near the Empress. "You came to talk about...her?" asked the Princess.

"Yes, " nodded the Empress. "I was walking along the lake when I saw her trying to kill herself. I saved her, and then she told me what happened. She feels guilty as she got you into trouble. When she learned that she would never serve you because of her broken legs, she wanted to die."

Yun Shang was astonished. She went to Qin Meng, and held her hand. "I told you that I wouldn't give you up. Please don't worry."

A stream of tears rolled down Qin Meng's face. "It's all my fault. I'm too ashamed. How can I face you."

As Yun Shang shook her head, the Empress spoke up. "This maid is affectionate and faithful, but you need a working maid. I'll send you another girl. In the meanwhile, I will take Qin Meng back to Qiwu Palace, where I can give her something easier to do. And if she heals, I'll send her back."

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