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   Chapter 39 Doctor Recommended by Prince Jing

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After chatting for a while, Lady Shu left. Qin Yi walked in, and rolled her eyes.

"Where's Qin Meng?" Yun Shang asked.

"She has used lunch preparation as an excuse to sneak out. I assume she's passing on messages to her master now. By the way, Your Highness, why didn't you just tell Lady Shu that you want to meet the person helping her now that you have figured out his identity?" Qin Yi asked quietly.

Yun Shang smiled. "I can only make an educated guess. And no matter what information I have, it is only a guess. Though I'm quite confident about his identity, I cannot risk sharing important information. It would bring trouble if my guess is wrong. So, this is a more indirect and safer way. If the information from Ning Qian is accurate, we won't be waiting for too long."

"You have a thoughtful plan, Your Highness. Please allow me to leave for a moment so that I may carry it out accordingly." Then Qin Yi tucked Yun Shang into bed and left.

After a whole day of waiting, Qin Yi didn't see what Yun Shang expected to happen. She didn't dare be absent from Qingxin Palace for too long, so she went back to serve Yun Shang. Just when Yun Shang finished dinner and was about to take some rest, she heard a cry. "Hurry up! Get out of my way! Prince Jing is coming to the Palace and he wants the freshest mandarin fish. If any delay is caused you'll bear the consequences."

Qin Yi who was sitting by Yun Shang's bed, stood up immediately. Her eyes lit up. "Oh no. I just recalled that Lady Shu said that she prepared some nourishing soup and asked me to pick it up for you. I almost forgot."

Yun Shang was confused at first and then she nodded. "Why don't you go and get it now? Be careful and do not offend Lady Shu. Qin Meng will be here with me."

Qin Yi nodded and left Qingxin Palace promptly. Yun Shang rubbed her forehead with one hand and said, "The headache brought about by the cold is killing me. Qin Meng, come and massage me."

Qin Meng was still in a daze after watching Qin Yi leave. Woken up by Yun Shang's voice, she answered as she walked to the bed. "How about I make you some ginger

or Xue Yan to treat me at my Palace. Since Your Majesty is so concerned about Princess Hui Guo and the Princess is in poor heath, I'd like to suggest that the Princess spend some time in my Palace so that Doctor Xue Yan can take a look."

"Doctor Xue Yan?" Emperor Ning was shocked. "That Doctor Xue Yan who can allegedly only survive in a world of ice and snow?"

Prince Jing nodded. "I was lucky enough to survive my injuries. But I have been suffering from side effects of the injury. After deciding to settle down for in the Imperial City, I sent for Doctor Xue Yan. It was not easy, I have to say. I planned to see him in Changbai Mountain, but I have been too busy to go. Considering I'might leave for the frontier again soon, I sent for the Doctor. He's now staying in my underground ice-house."

"It is said that he is a great doctor who can cure any disease. Is it true?" Emperor Ning asked eagerly.

Prince Jing smiled. "Rumors might not always be true. Although he might not be able to cure all diseases or bring the dead back to life, as a well-known doctor, he is better skilled than other doctors. So perhaps, he can be of help."

Emperor Ning nodded. "That makes sense. If I send Yun Shang to your Palace, will you look after my Princess? If she can get better, I'll thank you in every way I can, brother."

Prince Jing hastened to nod. "It's my honor and due responsibility, Your Majesty."

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