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   Chapter 36 Prince Jing

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At the mention of Hunan embroidery, everyone knew the woman was implicating the Princess. Hua Jing rushed forward and grabbed the sachet. "This is mine! Why do you have it?"

"What?" Mo Jingran looked astonished and pale. "No, no... doesn't it belong to Princess Yun Shang?" mumbled Jingran.

"Mine? Of course not. I don't even know how to embroider." Yun Shang was surprised that Mo Jingran thought the sachet belonged to her. "I used to live in a Temple. I don't use sachets anymore."

"What's going on?" The Emperor frowned and asked.

Mo Jingran and Hua Jing knelt down simultaneously. "I lost my sachet a few days ago, and I had no idea where it was."

Mo Jingran kowtowed. "How could it... ..."

"How did you get it?" asked Emperor Ning.

"I found it by accident, " explained Jingran.

"Found?" repeated the Emperor cooly. "Jing'er mentioned you at the last banquet. I thought you're just acquainted with each other. But it seems that the truth is far more than that. What audacity!"

"Your Majesty, I'm telling the truth!" explained Hua Jing hurriedly.

"Enough! Go!" continued the Emperor. "No more parties. Stay at home and study the Four Arts." "And Mo Jingran, you deserve to be flogged, " added the Emperor. He was furious.

"My love, she may be telling the truth...don't punish her..." the Empress frowned as she spoke.

Hearing her, Emperor Ning got angrier. "You brought her up. Isn't her behavior also your fault?"

His word embarrassed the Empress. "As you see fit, " answered the Empress. Anger smoldered in her eyes. With little else left to say, the Empress left.

Hua Jing remained on the ground. She stared at the Emperor. Terror reflected in her eyes. After a while, she said, "Yes, Your Majesty." Then she stood up, and walked out.

The c

ge. "Do you think you can kill me?" laughed the Prince. "Aha, no, are not strong enough."

She lowered her head and gnashed her teeth. "You've misunderstood. How could I possibly hurt you?" smiled Yun Shang.

"Your mother is wise. She knows how to stay safe in the Imperial Household. It may not be a wise decision to confront her in a fierce fight." Rather than continuing that topic, the Prince chose to speak of other topics.

"My mother?" asked Yun Shang uneasily. She felt overwhelmed, as though she was being seen through. It seemed that he knew everything about her, while she knew nothing about him.

After she calmed down, she spoke up. "It doesn't matter whether she is wise or not. What matters is that she has suffered countless unfair accusations during these years. Living in the Cold Palace for such a long time has been a harsh punishment. I want her to be loved, and to be happy."

Yun Shang looked at the pavilion, and smiled. "I just gave her the opportunity. It all comes down to what she will choose."

The Prince paused for a moment and turned to the young Princess. "It's too windy. Go home, and get some rest." He left the tower after saying that.

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