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   Chapter 33 The Embroidery

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Puzzled, Yun Shang looked at the Empress, "Can I do this? But wouldn't I be lying in that case? Master Wu Na always told me that there are certain monastic disciples I should never violate. I cannot lie."

"My child, but you are not one of them. Eventually you have to marry someone. It's only a matter of time. Now think about this. Every noble lord and lady will attend the ceremony. How can you expect them to accept you willingly, even though you are a Royal Princess, if they find out that you couldn't do a simple thing such as an embroidery? Besides, your maids will take over the job after you marry into your husband's family. You don't have to embroider anything, and thus you don't have to worry about it at all. I can assure you that the secret will be well kept. But still, you are just a girl. Know this. For us women, the most important thing through our life is to always be fully prepared, and, when the time comes, marry into a decent clan. That's what really matters."

Eyes fixed on the ground, Yun Shang remained silent for a while before finally answering determinedly, "I'll do whatever mother says."

Empress Yuan Zhen nodded with satisfaction, "There is hardly half a month before your Coming-of-age Ceremony. You'd better get started and choose a pattern so that Jing'er will have enough time to finish the work for you."

Yun Shang consented. Empress Yuan Zhen then asked a few more questions before finally permitting Yun Shang to leave. Yun Shang returned to the Qingxin Palace with Qin Yi.

"Princess..." Qin Yi was about to say something when Yun Shang signaled to her to stop talking. She waved her hand at Qin Yi to come closer and then whispered in her ear. Soon after they had returned to Qingxin Palace, Yun Shang left again with Qin Yi. This time, she headed to the Imperial Treasure House.

The Imperial Treasure House was a depository allocated for the storage of invaluable treasures, including numerous gems, famous paintings, and calligraphy works. As soon as they arrived at the Imperial Treasure House, Yun Shang noticed that the front door was locked. Having no other option, Yun Shang sent Qin Yi to have a word with the eunuchs who were sweeping the floor.

Qin Yi returned and reported to Yun Shang, "Princess, they said the director is not here. In fact, he hardly comes here, unless its a special occasion. They also said that all the paintings and calligraphy works collected in the House are not for circulation. Not without His Majesty's dictation..."

Yun Shang sighed heavily, "Never mind. We don't have to bother my father, not with such trifles." Disappointed, they headed back to Qingxin Palace. Qin Meng was making Yun Shang's bed when they entered. Opposite the bed stood a chair. Yun Shang sank into the chair and sighed melodramatically.

"Princess, I remember that you brought back plenty of paintings and calligraphy works from Ning'guo Temple. Didn't you? And some of them are said to be masterpieces. Though they might not be as exquisite as those from the Imperial Treasure House, they are from the collections of someone as particular as Master Wu Na. I bet they must be stunning as well. Why don't you pick one from them for Princess Hua Jing?" Qin Yi hurried to console Yun Shang.

Listlessly, Yun Shang nodded and said, "Fine, there's nothing we can do f

can't take all the credit for such a fine piece, which, I must say, is mainly because you gave me such a fabulous painting as the pattern. I dare say there is no other soul than you in the entire Imperial City who could have painted such delicate lotuses as you have done. Not even those so-called gifted ones. Trust me, all they are capable of is nothing other than vulgar and boring stuff."

"I don't really know how to judge a painting. What is good and what is not. I just chose this one because I don't have any other." Slowly and gently, Yun Shang caressed the beautiful embroidered lotus and smiled sweetly.

"Well, I'm so glad that you like it. Now, I'll leave you to your business. I also happen to have something to deal with." Hua Jing rose from the chair and smoothened down her dress. Then she bid Yun Shang good-bye with a smile and turned to leave.

"I'll walk you out." Yun Shang hurried to follow Hua Jing. She walked with her sister till the front door.

When Yun Shang went back inside, Qin Yi was standing beside the bed, motionlessly. She held a small embroidered sachet in her hands. She stared at the sachet thoughtfully until she heard Yun Shang's footsteps, and then she turned to Yun Shang and asked, "Princess, this is not yours. Why would it be found on your bed? I swear it was not there earlier. And look at the craftsmanship, I bet it belongs to Princess Hua Jing..."

Curiously, Yun Shang took the sachet, and turned it back and forth for a while. Then she put it away and smiled, "The two of them have been bullying me for quite some time, and I have done nothing except avoid them. But not anymore. I'm done hiding from them and I'll strike first for once. I'm afraid I must officially declare war on the Empress and Princess Hua Jing at my Coming-of-age Ceremony. Just wait and see,. It will definitely be a day to live for. I can hardly wait for it."

Qin Yi couldn't help wondering, "Princess, what do you plan to do?"

"You'll know when the day comes." With cruel determination sparkling in her narrowed eyes, Yun Shang said, "I'll take everything from them, bit by bit. My Coming-of-age Ceremony will only be the beginning. I won't stop until they crawl and beg for mercy."

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