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   Chapter 29 Invitation From The Royal Sister

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Yun Shang lowered her head more and exclaimed, "Mother! I'm not even fifteen years old. Isn't it be too early to talk about this?"

Empress Yuan Zhen smiled, but her eyes were filled with scorn. "Don't be shy. You'll be fifteen in less than a month. There are plenty of girls who got engaged before their Coming-of-age Ceremony. Your Royal Sister got married right after she turned fifteen. Besides, I just want you to meet more people and see if there's anyone you like. I'm not forcing you to get engaged now. The Emperor is the one to make final decisions regarding your marriage. But if you have someone in mind, it would be wonderful to marry that person."

Well, how thoughtful. Coldness filled Yun Shang's heart. This deceitful attitude is exactly what tricked her in her previous life. At that time, she truly believed that the Empress had prepared a banquet especially for her. She had gone for her Ceremony in delight, and had fallen in love with the most talkative man in the crowd. Yun Shang had found his stories to be enchanting. He had also been charming, sounded erudite and had a great sense of humor. She was so awed by him that she swore she would marry him. Who would have guessed that the man had also been part of the Empress's plan?

Two months after Yun Shang married him, the man showed his true colors. He paid regular visits to brothels and stayed there every night. Yun Shang, as a Princess, had never been treated like this by anyone. Feeling aggrieved, she fought with her husband day after day, month after month, but she only ended up feeling emptiness and loneliness, without anyone's help or attention.

"Mother will always arrange what's best for me." Yun Shang responded with a soft voice. Then she coughed, and lifted up her sleeves to cover her mouth. "It's just that I'm not in good health. I'm afraid there won't be too many people willing to marry me."

Empress Yuan Zhen's face darkened with anger, "How dare they! You are the esteemed Princess Hui Guo, and you are so pretty. The person marrying you should consider himself lucky. Now, you just rest and recuperate. Follow my advice and prepare some nice clothes and jewelry. I want you to dazzle everyone when you meet them."

Yun Shang lowered her head. She blushed. "Oh Mother! I'll follow your advice but stop teasing me."

Empress Yuan Zhen nodded with sati

go. He's in charge of settling the chaos there."

Yun Shang replied, "What a pity." But deep inside, Yun Shang was thinking about something else. If everything went the same was as in her previous, then next year the said-to-be immortal Emperor's son-in-law will be fatally shot by arrows. It was said that he had underestimated the enemy. As per the rumors, Hua Jing had kept a flock of lovers during her widowhood. Back then, Yun Shang never believed that her sister would do something like that. She felt sympathetic for her, and agreed to live with her. Who would have ever known that ......

Thinking of this, Yun Shang felt clear about what she should do.

"Yeah, it is a pity. By the way, I had a nightmare the other day that my husband got hurt. This dream made me uneasy. I'm thinking about going to Ning'guo Temple and pray for him. You've lived there for many years, and you are acquainted with the Master. Would you like to accompany me? I'd like the Master to tell me what my husband's future holds."

"What?" Yun Shang didn't expect that Hua Jing would come up with such a request. She paused for a while to regain her composure. She smiled as she spoke, "It would be nice. It's just that I'm not in good health. I'm afraid I'll be a burden on you."

Hua Jing returned her sister's smile. "It doesn't matter. We're going to visit. There's no need to hurry along the way. It would probably be better to rest at Ning'guo Temple for a day or two."

Yun Shang had to agree, "If my sister thinks this trip is for the best, then yes, I will accompany you."

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