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   Chapter 28 Phoenix Hairpin

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"Why did Lady Shu steal the Queen's hairpin? She seems to have enough of her own." Yun Shang looked up at Qin Yi and Qin Meng with curiosity.

Qin Yi shook her head. "You may not be aware of this but the Phoenix is a symbol of the honored status of the Empress, which is why she wants to wear the Phoenix hairpin. If Lady Shu stole it, that means she wants to become the Empress. That is sacrilegious, " said Qin Meng with a smile.

"No, no, " said Yun Shang in wide-eyed amazement. "Lady Shu's position in the Imperial Household is unique. She is unlike any of the other women there. Aside from the Empress, Lady Shu is the Emperor's favorite. Why should she covet the Queenship?"

"Empress and concubine are not the same. No matter how much she is favored, she must kneel and salute the Empress." Qin Meng looked at Yun Shang with an air of complacency. "And above all, only the Empress' children can inherit the throne. Now the Emperor has no sons, but if the Empress and Lady Shu both had sons, things would be very different."

"Don't talk about the throne." Yun Shang frowned and rebuked gently. "I'll take it as I didn't hear you. But I'm afraid that even a Princess would not be able to save you if someone else heard what you said."

Qin Meng looked surprised and then knelt before the Princess and asked for pardon.

"I'm so sleepy now. You can leave." The princess nodded and yawned.

Qin Meng made a hasty bow and exited. Qin Yi stepped up to help the Princess prepare for bed. "Interesting." The Princess mumbled as she lay in bed and stared at the ceiling.

"Lady Shu is quite a lady. She's been loved by the Emperor for nearly ten years even though the Empress is quite intolerant, " said Qin Yi.

"Yes. Neither of them is weak, but it is hard to say who is stronger than the other, " said the Princess with a grin.

"But today, it seems that the Empress has won, " said Qin Yi.

The Empress? "I don't think so." Yun Shang shook her head. "W

Shang stood up and nodded. "Thank you. I'll be right there." Putting on her cloak, she called her servants and left for Qieu Palace.

When they arrived, the Empress greeted Yun Shang and asked her to sit down. "Shangyi Bureau gave me cloth in bright colors, such as rouge, crescent white, etc., but I'm not young enough to wear something so bright. Soon, it will be your Coming-of-age Ceremony, and after that, all the clothes you have now cannot be worn. That's why I asked you to come."

"Your Majesty, thank you very much. I must, however, add that you are still young and beautiful."

The Empress stared at her until Yun Shang blushed and lowered her head. "Aha, you blush. How time flies! It has been seven years since I saw you last. You used to be a little girl, and now you become a very beautiful lady, and I am really happy for you, " the Empress laughed and said.

"I'm flattered. I met my brothers and sisters yesterday, and I don't feel I have achieved as much as they have." responded Yun Shang softly, her head still bowed.

The Empress nodded with satisfaction. "After the Coming-of-age Ceremony, you will be old enough to marry. I'm going to have a party to invite eminent men in the Imperial City. And you can choose from them. I've been wondering who would be so lucky as to marry you."

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