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   Chapter 26 Ill Intention

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"Poisoned?" The crowd standing in the Hall looked at one other and couldn't believe it. The Palace maid suddenly knelt to the ground and said, "Your Imperial Highness, I had no part to play in this. It was Qin Yi who had asked me to fetch a cushion. That's when I entered the room and saw that the cat had no breath and lay still on the ground. I was so shocked that I screamed. And later, I thought since the other Palace maids, and I had adopted the cat, the blame would fall on us. I was afraid, and I wanted to throw it out of the window first and intended to deal with it later. However, to my surprise, this cat had been poisoned..."

Yun Shang gave her a brief glance. "I can't figure out who is to blame, but I am sure this officer will give me a sensible explanation…"

The Supervisory Office Manager quickly lowered his head, "Yes. It's my job and my duty. Attempting to murder Your Imperial Highness is a huge crime. I request your permission to report this incident to The Emperor."

"Yes." Yun Shang agreed, "But I think that your assistants have many things to deal with here. So perhaps I can let my two private Palace maids inform my father instead." The Manager was about to say something, but Yun Shang sighed, "How vexing to encounter such a terrible thing especially since I have only just returned. You must find who is trying to kill me, or I won't be able to live here peacefully." "Qin Yi, go inform my father."

Qin Yi nodded and left. Yun Shang continued, "Although there was no death this time, the poison was put in my medicine bowl. If I had drunk it, I wouldn't be alive right now. No matter who the murderer is, they must still be in the Qinxin Hall. Officer, can you lock down Qinxin Hall to stop the murderer from escaping?"

The Supervisory Office Manager nodded repeatedly. "You are right, Your Highness. I will do as you have asked."

Yun Shang nodded and then leaned against the bed pillar. She coughed slightly. Then closed her eyes and pretended to rest. Her face was still pale as though she were weak.

"Your Imperial Highness, your medicine was spilled. Should I make another bowl?" Yun Shang heard Qin Meng murmur. Yun Shang waved her hand, "Never mind. I don't want the medicine now. I was not harmed since I didn't drink the poison

maid Yan'er left to find a cushion for our Princess…" From the events, I can see that Qin Yi the medicine maker, Qin Meng the medicine server, the maid Yan'er, and the cutlery keeper, Qing Xin are all suspects. Lord Cui gave a bow to Emperor Ning and said, "I beg your permission to search their rooms and bodies, Your Majesty."

Emperor Ning nodded and replied, "You have my permission."

"Let a wet-nurse search the maid's bodies please. They are women and shouldn't be touched by the guards." Yun Shang reminded in a low voice.

Emperor Ning agreed, "Yes." Lord Cui took them away. Soon, he returned with two paper bags. "Your Majesty and Your Imperial Highness, I found these medicine bags on Qing Xin and under Yan'er's pillow."

Emperor Ning slammed his teacup on the table. "Bring them forward!"

Lord Cui waved his hand, and an assistant ran out. Soon all the Palace maids were brought into the Hall. Emperor Ning shouted, "There's no need to interrogate anyone any further. You are all Palace maids. You spend the whole day around The Princess. How dare you keep such vile stuff near her? Take them out and kill them all!"

The Emperor had just passed his punishment when the two maids kneeling began screaming. The one in pink pleaded, "Your Majesty, I'm innocent. It's just licorice powder in the bag. I have had a bad cough lately, so I went to the Imperial Hospital for some licorice. Since I was so busy with my kitchen duties, I asked them to grind the licorice so that I could mix it in water."

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