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   Chapter 24 Gossip

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Qin Meng couldn't suppress her emotions. "Your Highness, you were cruel to have left me in the Palace. Since you left for Ning'guo temple, I have been longing for your return. It has been seven years!"

Yun Shang chuckled. When she opened her mouth, she couldn't stop coughing. Qin Yi hurried to help her to breathe. Seeing this, Qin Meng sobbed loudly, "Your Highness, you were fine when you left. When did you become so weak? Your Highness, please rest. I'll take good care of you."

Yun Shang's brow was glistening with sweat as she coughed. Qin Yi helped by wiping her perspiration. Yun Shang raised her head and said, "Silly girl. I am fine now. See? I'm a bit tired. Take me to Qinxin Hall."

As Qin Yi lifted her from bed, Yun Shang noticed that Hua Jing and Qin Meng exchanged looks before the maid hurriedly took a step to support Yun Shang. "Your Highness, let me help you."

Hua Jing nodded with satisfaction and said, "Shang'er, I have a gift for you. I made these osmanthus cakes myself. Mother says they taste sweet. I remember that they're one of your favorite dishes. Please accept them."

Yun Shang smiled and said, "Thank you, sister Jing." Qin Yi graciously accepted the cakes and handed them to a maid standing behind Qin Meng. Then she took Yun Shang's arm and guided her outside.

The Emperor Ning had ordered the preparation of a sedan chair for Yun Shang. She sat in the chair and was carried to Qinxin Hall.

Just as The Empress had said, Qinxin Hall hadn't changed at all; neither the servants nor the furnishings. Yun Shang and Qin Yi led the way. As soon as they drew back the curtain, a sound of meowing was followed by a fuzzy staff member that rushed at Yun Shang.

"Ah..." Yun Shang screamed and passed out.

"Your Highness, Your Highness..." The servants foll

th silence. For a long moment, she heard nothing. Then Yun Shang heard footsteps moving forward and stopping outside her door.

"You must be Lord Zheng. Come in please." Yun Shang smiled and said.

Lord Zheng open the door and entered. "Your Highness. His Majesty received a rare warm jade pendant which is said to be good for health. His Majesty commanded me to bring it to you..." With a quick bow, he gave a jade pendant to Yun Shang.

Yun Shang smiled and accepted the gift, "Thank you, Lord Zheng..."

Lord Zheng nodded and smiled, "Please rest well, Your Highness. I will leave now as I have other matters to attend to." After a short pause, he lowered his voice, "Your Highness, you are the only master in Qinxin Hall. Even though you have been gone for seven years, you can punish any servants who dares to offend you. If you don't, they will not respect you."

Yun Shang was surprised. It was unexpected that Lord Zheng would exhort her like that. After thinking on his advise, she smiled and spoke, "I know. But I'm too weak to manage them now. I'd like to rest for a few days before making rules for them.

Lord Zheng assented and said, "Her Highness, then I will excuse myself."

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