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   Chapter 21 Family Reunion

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The carriage creaked and swayed. Yun Shang lay inside with her eyes closed. She was immersed in her thoughts. It had been nearly a month since she had been reborn as her younger self. With the help of her memories from her previous life, Yun Shang had struck and prevailed a few times. However, she had completely lost the last contest and had been forced to flee the Royal Palace.

She would have been dead by now if her mother hadn't come to her rescue.

'Steady on, now, ' Yun Shang sighed and thought to herself. She had been driven by nothing but hatred ever since her rebirth. She had jumped to her plan for vengeance without thinking things through. She had obviously forgotten that, at this point, she was not strong enough to fight back.

So far, she had neither a plan nor her own trusted men to support her. Under these circumstances, all her actions would be equivalent to committing suicide. Luckily, she had come to her senses just in time to make remedies. Now that her mother had tried all means to escort her out of the Royal Palace, she would seize the precious opportunity to get all the preparation work done.

'Empress Yuan Zhen and Princess Hua Jing, wait for me to return and take back everything you owe me.'

It had passed noon when the carriage finally stopped. Holding Qin Yi's hands for support, Yun Shang got off the carriage. Looking up, she saw stone steps leading to the front door of the Ning'guo Temple. Yun Shang then followed Master Wu Na into the temple.

Wu Na led the way and didn't stop until they saw a small yard located at the foot of the hills behind the Temple. He said to Yun Shang, "This is the residence that we prepared for Princes

at the man and couldn't help grinning as well. She felt so thrilled to be reunited with her grandfather.

Xiao Yuanshan stepped forward and lifted Yun Shang, "You've grown up. You were just a tiny little newborn baby last time I saw you."

He then turned to Wu Na and said, "I owe you a big one. How about I give you a three-pieces head start next time we play Go?"

Yun Shang looked back at Wu Na curiously, and was surprised when he answered calmly, "I have violated my precepts. I brought the Princess out of the Royal Palace by lying. And you want to make it up to me with only three pieces? That will be far too easy for you. Next time you come here, bring me a pot of refined peach blossom wine and we are even."

Xiao Yuanshan raised his eyebrow, "Depraved." He then carried Yun Shang into the yard while warning her, "Shang'er, let's pay no attention to him. There's no truth coming out of his mouth. I don't see how he could deceive so many people."

Leaning against Xiao Yuanshan's shoulder docilely, Yun Shang found the inner peace that she had long been searching for. So she muttered softly, "I know."

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