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   Chapter 20 A Silver Lining

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Master Wu Na smiled, looked at Yun Shang, and said," It wasn't a cold. This illness is an accident written in Her Highness's predestined fate. Although the Princess is favored by the Buddha, this time, however, she leaked the design of God, for which she was punished. I've foreseen that, and I come here only to save her."

"An inexorable doom, you mean?" When Emperor Ning heard this, his face became very serious. His eyes scanned the faces of others present in the room, from Yun Shang to Master Wu Na. Then he asked," Is there any solution, Master?"

Wu Na nodded," The solution is simple, but Her Highness will have to endure some hardship. Her Highness needs to live in Ning'guo temple for a while. Our temple is a sacred place graced by Buddha, which will protect Her Highness from any disaster."

Startled, Yun Shang raised her eyes and took a quick glance at Master Wu Na, but she saw the expression on his face to be calm and solemn, and what he had said was not like a false statement. Yun Shang thought to herself, maybe this was the chance to sneak out of the Palace just as Lady Jin had mentioned.

But how did her mother get in contact with Master Wu Na? It took half a day to travel from Ning'guo temple to the Palace in a carriage, or two hours by horse. Perhaps Lady Jin had sent for Master Wu Na the night before her visit?

Master Wu Na continued," Her Highness' illness is more serious than it looks. If it is not cured in time, Her Highness will suffer from the lingering effects. After which Her Highness will never recover, I'm afraid. But if she can have some quiet cultivation in the temple, she still stands a chance to recover. "

Emperor Ning frowned and thought for a long time, then he asked," How long will it take?"

Master Wu Na thought for a while before answering," I am not sure now. To know that, I have to call the elders in the temple to do divination before Buddha. If there is a result, Your Majesty will be informed immediately. I will take good care of Her Highness. Besides, Mr. Yuanshan* and I are good friends, I wouldn't do any harm to Her Highness for his sake."

(*TN: Faraway mountains.)

Emperor Ning nodded," You have my trust, Master." The Emperor contemplated for a while, then turned to Yun Shang, who was looking at them in confusion. "Shang'er, what say you? Do you want to stay at the Ning'guo temple for some time?"

Yun Shang pouted," I will. Though I can't fully understand the conversation between father and Master Wu Na, but I know that you were talking about my illness, and I will have to stay at the temple for a couple of days to recover. I don't want to stay in bed the rest of my life, so I will go. But, father, I've heard that meat is not allowed in temples?"

Emperor Ning laughed," My Shang'er is such a foodie. Be assured, you have father's permission. If you ever want to eat meat, you can have your maid buy some for you from the outside. But only take one maid with you. The temple is a quiet place for cultivation, and it's not good to bring too many people."

Then he turned to Wu Na," When do you leave, Master?"

Master Wu Na chanted Amitabha Buddha before he spoke," The sooner the better. Her Highness can't afford any delay. Your Majesty can have people pack for Her Highness now. I'll wait outside."

Yun Shang quickly ordered," Lin, tell Qin Yi to pack my belongings. We can't keep Master Wu Na waiting."

With that, Lin hurried away. Yun Shang glanced at Qin Meng. The maid looked puzzled, as if this sud

den change had interrupted her plans, and she was at a loss.

Emperor Ning sighed," Shang'er, I don't want you to leave, but it's about your health. So I have to agree. You should behave when you live there. And when you live there, you can't be attended to as if you were living in your Palace. You will have to suffer a bit..."

Yun Shang lowered her eyes, and quietly spoke," I know, father. I am not afraid. If I have to do this all over again, I would still pray for rain for our people. Father, please take good care of yourself when I am away. Don't work too hard with the memorials*, make sure you eat and sleep on time."

(*TN: A memorial to the throne was an official communication to the Emperor of China. They were generally careful essays in Classical Chinese and their presentation was a formal affair directed by government officials.)

The Emperor nodded," I will."

Yun Shang smiled and nodded," Father, please take care of the affairs of the State. I don't want you to watch me leave, lest I will cry. I may be away for a while, but I will return."

Emperor Ning nodded, and turned to Master Wu Na," Master, we can wait in Qinzheng Hall while Shang'er is packing. I also have some other questions that need your opinion."

Then, the Emperor led Master Wu Na out.

After Emperor Ning left, Qin Meng straightened herself, and walked up to Yun Shang's bed," Your Highness! Take me with you to Ning'guo temple, please! It's so boring there. I can tell you many jokes and tales to relieve you from the boredom!"

Yun Shang smiled, and thought to herself, that Qin Meng was indeed quick-minded. She ordered," Life at Ning'guo temple must be plain. I don't want someone who could only talk with me there. I want someone who can cook delicacies for me, who can take good care of me. You are too young for that. You need to stay in the Palace. I'll take Qin Yi with me."

Qin Yi entered the chamber just as they were talking, and said," Your Highness, Lin has given me your orders. I'll start packing."

Yun Shang nodded," Father has told me to bring only one maid with me. Are you willing to come? The monastic life is poor and simple. And I want you to know that before you make your decision."

Qin Yi smiled," What are you talking about, Your Highness? I will follow you everywhere. I've already survived all kinds of hardship before I came to serve you, Your Highness. Be assured that I will be just fine at the temple."

"Good. Everyone hurry up. Let's not keep Master Wu Na waiting. Qin Meng, you and Lin will do the packing. Qin Yi, you stay here with me." Qin Meng dared not disobey Yun Shang. Even though she was unwilling, she had to quietly retreat.

"Qin Yi, did my mother send for Master Wu Na? I also heard the Master speak of a Mr. Yuanshan. Who is that?" Yun Shang drew her closer, and asked what had been bothering her.

Qin Yi smiled," I don't know whether Lady Jin sent for Master Wu Na. But I know Mr. Yuanshan. Your Highness, your grandfather's name is Xiao Yuanshan. Don't you remember?"

Yun Shang seemed confused a moment. Then she smiled. "I forgot that."

"By the way, Qin Yi, what about Lady Jin? Will something bad happen to her if I just go away like this? What if there's no one taking care of her?" Yun Shang hurriedly asked.

Qin Yi shook her head, and smiled," Your Highness, be assured. Her Highness isn't that weak. And someone is taking care of her secretly. Her Highness will be fine."

"I see." Yun Shang nodded," Then I am relieved."

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